Vikram Betaal 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhadrakaal’s lie and Betaal’s truth come infront of Vikram

Vikram Betaal 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhadrakaal attacking Vishnugupt to get his Aatma Tatwa and says such friends are of use after death. He stabs him with his trishul and gets happy seeing his blood. He puts him in fire. Vishnugupt gets burnt. He thinks my Anushthan is successful, I will get Aatma tatwa just as it comes out of fire, and thinks I will rule on this world. Vishnugupt comes out of fire as Betaal, the ghost. Bhadrakaal says how can this happen, I have tied your aatma. Vishnugupt says I am a good soul and my soul can’t be captured. Bhadrakaal says how can I do this mistake? Vishnugupt tells him that he is not good person now and has chosen this life after death, to give you death. Bhadrakaal tells him that Panch Tatwa is in his control and he is Amar/immortal. Betaal says if you can’t die then

I won’t let you live. He witnesses the sky and all the good souls and curses Bhadrakaal to stay lifeless until anyone aims Rohini and Pushyap Nakshatra with an arrow together. He says you know this is impossible even for the devta. Bhadrakaal says nothing can happen, as I am Bhadrakaal. Betaal says you wanted to get Aatma Tatwa, but you will be ruined. Bhadrakaal shouts Vishnuhupt. Bhadrakaal becomes as soil. Betaal says nobody can hit Rohini and Pushyap Nakshatra and you will be like this here. He goes.

Betaal tells Vikram that this was his story and says you have broken my curse and hit the nakshatras together. He says I will not ask you any questions, or will not ask you to say, if you want to take me to Bhadrakaal then I am ready to come. Vikram says I will take you to Bhadrakaal with my wish and says if your story is truth or false will be known in future and asks him to return to Pret ghaati. Betaal goes. Vikram thinks he will question Bhadrakaal. He comes out of crematorium ground and blames Bhadrakaal from hiding truth from him. Bhadrakaal asks if Betaal told you fake story etc. Vikram asks him to tell the truth and asks him to says what is hiding behind his attire. He asks if you are a coward.

Bhadrakaal comes to his devil look with snaky legs. Vikram says I have a doubt on you and says your avatar is not good for this world. Bhadrakaal says who can know better than you. Vikram says I have understood that you are planning to do something wrong using Betaal. Bhadrakaal asks what you will do? Vikram says will end you. Bhadrakaal says today you will know my powers. Vikram says you will see my strength and says you can scare ordinary men, but not me. Bhadrakaal and Vikram have a fight. Bhadrakaal says you are an ordinary man and will be ordinary only. And I am Bhadrakaal, more big than Kaal and Maha Kaal. Vikram says you don’t know ordinary man’s strength. He fights with Bhadrakaal and gets his trishul like weapon. Bhadrakaal asks him to kill him. Vikram says you gave me life once and I am giving you life once. He says I will fulfill my promise, but you have to tell me what you plan to do with Betaal. He walks away. Bhadrakaal thinks I don’t know how courageous you are?

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