Bigg Boss 12 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Somi, Rohit, KV nominated

Bigg Boss 12 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 85
Dipika hugs Shoaib and cries, she gives him halwa and says I made it for you, he eats it. Dipika asks to hug Surbhi. Shoaib kisses her forehead and hugs her. Dipika brings him to bedroom, Dipika says they sent you last. Shoaib says hero enters in last, he sits on knees and gives her gift. He says fans love you. Dipika says to Shoaib that Sree scolds me a lot, he says I know. BB pause Dipika and asks Shoaib to come out of house. Shoaib hugs Dipika and says dont cry, he gives her his jacket and asks her to remain happy. Shoaib says people will recognize for who you are, Sree love you, he leaves. BB says play. Dipika cries, all hug her. Deepak says she is crying as he will take Somi on date, all laugh.

Sree asks Dipika if she is happy? Deepak says he talks so well.
Surbhi says he was respecting Sree so much and asking me what I lost? they are all discriminating, nobody is saying anything to big man, all curse here but only I am bad, they give feedback after seeing status, I am commoner afterall.

Romil says to Deepak that dont contact me 6 months, I wont come out of house till then. Somi says you are stretching this thing. Deepak says your wife would be angry if that was the case. Somi says I dont like this topic and leaves. Deepak says to Romil that she was happy to see you, she didnt say anything to you. He goes behind Somi.
Deepak brings blanket to Somi and says sorry. She says leave. Deepak says she is smiling and overacting.

Day 86
Inmates wake up to song khoon chusne. They all dance and enjoy.

Deepak says it something about blood, Rohit says we will suck each others blood.
Dipika says Romil is feeling bad. Dipika says we are doing this for family, when Romil’s wife didnt come, he was like I dont care if they dont come. Sree says he didnt even cry, Dipika says he was like its only 3 weeks apart, we are doing all this for family. Sree says he was not feeling emotions for his kid too.

KV asks where is BB owner? Surbhi says cleaning bathroom. Romil is cleaning bathroom. Somi says dont talk like this about my brother, KV laughs.

Somi says to Surbhi that I feel awkward to even talk to him. Surbhi says his wife called you sister, Somi says she questioned if we are sister and brother? Surbhi says she would have clarfied openly. Somi says I got closer when he sacrificed his video.

In task, there is a magic jar in activity area, inmates will go one by one and they will have to make others sacrifice their things, if they want to save themselves then they have to convince others and fulfill challenge given by genie. Deepak asks Dipika to save him. He says to KV that I will save you.

Sree says it must between relations, dont know who will be against KV, all laugh. Surbhi laughs. Sree says I am ready for nominations.

Surbhi sees Romil smiling and says you are showing dimple? Romil says you are a dentist? Surbhi says dont go on profession. Sree says you go on thing like that. Surbhi says dont cross the line. Sree says they talked about dog. Surbhi says dont cross it.

Bigg Boss calls Deepak in activity area. Dipika asks Sree to not sacrifice for others, they dont care.

Deepak runs magic jar. Genie says you are nominated for awaking me but you can get saved if KV destroys his daughter’s pink stuffed toy and then give it to me. Deepak tells this to KV. KV says I need 5 minutes. Surbhi says to KV that I know this is emotional for you but Deepak is your kid here too. KV cries and says I am sorry but I really like Deepak, she brought this, sorry Bella, we will bring more toys for her.
Sree says to Rohit that we can talk to KV. KV brings toy and says only for Deepak. He puts toy in colors and gives it to Deepak, Deepak throws in jar. Genie says I am happy now.
Deepak comes to KV and hugs him, Surbhi says you did a strong thing.

Somi comes in activity area, genie says you can get saved if you make Rohit agree to get nominated for whole season. Somi says its difficult but I will try. She tells Rohit and says not possible, Somi says think. Romil says its your call, think about it. Somi say take time, he says no. Romil says we never know what you will get later. Somi says he is not listening so genie nominates her.
Deepak says to KV that Rohit will go now. Surbhi says nobody would do it. Somi says to Rohit that I understand that. Deepak asks Surbhi if she would do it for Somi? Surbhi says depend on situation.

Somi says to Rohit that noobody would do it, I wont do it too. Romil says I would do it, I am going to finale. Somi says you think all are weak here except you.

Rohit comes in activity area, he gets scared by smoke from jar, genie says if you want to get saved then ask Deepak to shred his family’s photo and bring it here. Rohit says let me talk. He tells it to Deepak, Deepak says let me think.
Deepak says what goes around, comes around. He says he betrayed me and said there is no brotherhood in this house, I cant crush my parents photo for a person like this but a twist. He brings photo in garden and says I am doing it. Deepak shreds his parents photo, Rohit is surprised. Deepak says I am not ready to do it, he saves photo and says he said there is no brotherhood, I did what he did with me. Rohit says he is not doing it. Genie nominates Rohit. Rohit says please give me a chance. Genie says way out is same.

Rohit says to Deepak that I knew you would not do it, Somi said it, you wanted me to come in nominations with Somi, Surbhi agreed. Deepak asks Surbhi to not say things like that. Rohit says this is my logic, Surbhi didnt say it. Surbhi says I wanted to have clarity of thoughts, I didnt say that.

Surbhi says I didnt say that to Rohit. Somi says why would you discuss it too? Surbhi says I am not talking relax. Deepak says I talked to you and told you everything, you said Somi is closer to you and would support her and not Rohit. Surbhi says dont talk to me, you are rude. Deepak says dont talk then.

KV comes in activity area. Genie says if you make Dipika tear Shoaib’s jacket, destroy it and give it to me then you will be saved. KV tells it to Dipika. Dipika jumps around and says no. Deepak says its about just 2 weeks, KV says you can meet him in 2 weeks. Sree says give it. Deepak says he said to mend relation with KV. Deepak says you can extend hand for friendship. Dipika says I made a relation here, I would do it for Sree but not for him, sorry. Sree says to Dipika that are you sure? Dipika says I was hurt by KV’s behavior. KV says she is not giving it. Genie nominates him. Dipika says they cursed me for not having identity. Sree says we will talk later.
Surbhi says to KV that not all are as good as you, KV says she said she would do it for Sree and not me, so fine.

Bigg Boss says today’s time of nomination has ended.

KV says to Surbhi that heart felt bad, I knew she would not give it but had hope that she might change things. Surbhi says it shows reality of people.
Dipika says to Sree that I told Surbhi I have only Sree here.

Rohit says to Deepak that you are always behind group, only three weeks are remaining, just keep groupism, I am not playing like this *****. Romil says love you ****. Romil laughs.
Rohit says to Sree that they are saying bad stuff. Romil says why they start calling **** when angry and nominated? Rohit says just wash dish.

PRECAP- Sree have to sacrifice his family items for Dipika. Sree doesnt think twice and goes to bring it. Dipika says atleast think about it.
Somi have to destroy all family photos for Romil, Romil says family is in heart.
One have to sacrifice for Sree but Sree says I am not asking her and nominate me. Dipika says atleast tell us what is it?
Sree says to Romil that BB cant even stop me from taking trophy. Romil says you cant even smell it. Sree says you cant even go close to its box, you are just a guest.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Kv didnt help Dipika when she needed help from him and clearly told her that they are no longer friends so she did the right by not supporting him she has proven tha she isnt fake at all

    1. @ crt lutfa
      In last minute it is difficult to trust kv, and what all opinion he said to happy club about dipika, i don’t think dipika should save him.
      And i want them patch only after the game.

  2. dipika can never win the show if sree is there !!!!! shree saved dipika by nominating himself shows he is confident about his fans # we relate to his game he has fans inter nationally #will be great to see whom did fans vote # legend cricketer vs jadugar bahu !!!!!

    1. @airplanes,
      i support sree to win . i want to see romil in finale too but yes dipika is getting simar votes no doubt about that

    2. @Bigg BOSS,
      all are voting their #JADUGAR HALWA BAHU , lol who cares she is dipika or cheepika everyone is voting to see GLYCERINE SHOP ACTING AS DUKHI AATMA , but we are sure either LEGEND CRICKETER OR TRUE SOUL GEM KOHINOOR GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL will win , simar just needs to say # hey MATA RANI remove sree from show so that i can win !!!!! then audience will rain votes on MATA RANI DUKHIYARI SIMAR LOL
      but nice thinking dear you are being logical rather than some #GLYCERINE BHAKTHS

  3. dipika can never win the show if sree is there !!!!! shree saved dipika by nominating himself shows he is confident about his fans # we relate to his game he has fans inter nationallyand in india he is rocking #will be great to see whom did fans vote # legend cricketer vs jadugar bahu !!!!!
    sree has gained the fans behind him with this nomination # love u sree bhai and dipika u lost to shree in humbleness , sree forgives and accepts ppl the way they are such is the impact but dipika is a unforgiven person by nature and its shown today sree plays it like a gentleman game but DUKHI AATMA SIMAR IS SELFISH ,trophy will be in sree’s hand or TRUESOUL ROMIL’S HAND !!!!

    1. @Airplanes,
      well said .you are right about dipika she is narrow and small hearted person

    2. @aditi,
      good to see u agreement on that i told just the fact and its true sree is leading in votes and even shilpa fans joined to vote him while in opposite hina fans are supporting #SIMAR KA HALWA # A BIG LOL ON SIMAR KA HALWA FOR MAKING VIEWERS POPAT !!!!

    3. i dont agree with what you said about deepika think twice before saying. have you guys forget whatsoever kv talked about dpka at her back. he was backbiting her and even when she asked him favour he refused saying they were not friends anymore. i hope she should not trust him at the end as he can betray her any time. i support dipika in this though i was kv’s craze fan. i agree with dipika for the way she is behaving with her. and i also knew that TJ tried hard to make him understand that kv-dipika-sree pair was best.

  4. Deep down in my heart, if I go down the memory lane of the Bigg Bouse house to a time which hadn’t witnessed the last two months, I would hold Neha and say ‘Please, don’t go.’ :’) Not because I knew she had the spirit to win, but because I believe she would have kept ‘her family’ close to her heart, Sree-KV-Srishti-Dipika. :”)
    There are so many people who love Simar more than they love Dipika and understanding her is nearly obvious, and me being not a Dipika-hater — when Surbhi questions her about her closed ones, Dipika replies ‘Only Sree’ – I want to ask her here, “Did u ever try?”
    :’) When she’ll come back and if she watches the clips, she will understand where it went wrong.
    Sree hated Dipika at one point of time. Still, Dipika stood by him through thick and thin. Was it her strategy to hold the person whom she thought could win and climb up like a climber to reach the finals?
    Why did she keep Srishty seperated from the rest?
    Why did she keep Sree isolated?
    I love Dipika, very honestly .
    But I hate Simar. And Simar has the habit of doing partiality for her so-called ‘family’ ! Had she forgiven KV today, she would have got a lost friend .
    Very genuinely, I saw her as the winner since the very first week, but as days progressed, she was nothing but Somi in the house. No attachments other than Sree. No tasks. Nothing . Hadn’t she been in that dumb stupid colors serial, she would have got evicted long back !
    And, lastly, hadn’t there been Deepak, Rohit and Romil do you feel this show would have even lasted? I laughed my heart out after Rohit entered the den. Deepak’s “twist” to Rohit’s expressions inside the den – full on lolwaaaa !

    And Romil and Sree are so overconfident, I wonder what will Dipika feel now! Whatever may be that, Romil deserves to win among those 3. Goodluck to Romil and I love you, KV.

    1. @Aarohi.

      Have same thinking about dpka.
      Yesshe didn’t let any one to share good bond..
      When kv did something bad with u…. U completely distanced urself….. But whe the same thing sree did u even disrespected u many times. Then u were still like bhai bhaibhai…

    2. @XYZ,
      Very true. Just because Sree is Sreeshanth, Dipika stood by him no matter what even when he was wrong.

    3. Kvb won my heart tday..I can clearly say dat his Mahanta wasn’t fake..he was,is and will always be a good human being..maybe the best heart wala in BB 12.. really he dsvrd to win ,had he not ruined his game.
      Proud to b a romil and kvb fan?
      And TBH, sree Dipika had no right to judge romil I guess.. jiski Jaisi emotion yaar..I k he looks quite cold hearted but even dusre fans log Ko v Dipika ki rxn overrxn lag skti h

    4. @Diya,
      Let not that come. She is one contestant, Romil is another. Romil can say anything he doesn’t like about Dipika to Somi.
      Same for Sree and Dipika. I don’t think that was something bad of her. She kept her opinion .

    5. if it was not fake then when dipika asked for help y he said that they are not friends anymore and never wish to help her.
      ok arohi agar dipika would have helped, he would definitely backbited her to surbi that she is caring only for sree. of course i agree she is the only person she trusts. and i loved kv for his genuineness. but when he joined happy club i was disappointed and i lost respect for him.

      secondly coming to sree’s topic. when sree back bited as soon after he re-entered the house. after a couple of days he realised the true love of her. and he reconciled with her and after that he stood against the whole house kwith his decision. from that moment onwards the bro-sis stand for each other.

    6. @Diya I felt that Dipika overreacted. @Aarohi Dipika was telling that thing about Romil intentionally as she knows swing k pass camera hai.

    7. it is deepika nature she don’t make relations easily once she makes she wil stick to it whatever happens her husband said the same she had only few relations in life.she made a relation with sree n stick to it but she didn’t made any relation with of ya ofcourse she tried in the starting but she couldn’t continue it.

    8. @lucky
      Crt dr
      Her nature is so

    9. @Airplanes thanks buddy. Best was she offered halwa to her husband and told bahut din se nai khaya hoga na. Bahen kuch aur bhi bana le. Her tears yesterday looked genuine, today it was like ekta Kapoor ka 3 baar Wala turn.

    10. @Aarohi exactly if Dipika never got close to anyone, it is more of her fault. One more thing if you observe she always had inhibitions to people from her own industry.

  5. Dipika Shoaib much romantic couple?. In a limited time Shoaib did everything possible to make his wife happy??…#filmy yet it was treat to watch for all dipika fans….it should be filmy that their background…. as a fan i enjoyed ???

    Dipika sree discussing abt romil for not crying…. hahha, they don’t know how strong romil is
    I appreciate her decision, its high tym to play for urself, and trying to make sree understand

    Tough game ahead…

    Mind game.. But today i wholeheartedly accept Kv’s greatness, loved him for that, it was a difficult decision but did it for deepak

    For rohit it very difficult one for nominating himself, wise decision but not lucky enough…..

    Deepak lucky man!!! Found a great frnd/bro in kv

    1. @teddy…
      Actually task hi aise plan kiya gaya tha jiaey nomination m dalna h unhe tough task de do.. And remaining ko easy…

      Romil dpka and sree ko save karna tha mainly..
      One celeb ko and baaki weak commoners ko nominations m dalna tha like somi rohit and it can be surbhi too..

    2. @ xyz
      I want somi and rohit to be evicted
      Others are ok

    3. And about dipika not saving kv from nomination, he got what he deserved. He himself distanced from her, compared to dipika has done before to kv’s good, he has not done nothing much, he was the one who distanced from dipika.
      And for dipika everyone was busy calling her fake partial etc etc, the only support she got was from sree, there was no one whom she felt was with her.
      And it was sree own decision to not patch up with kv, and when kv wanted to talk to sree, sree was not ready… and why all are blaming sree
      And i love sree-dipika together, and i don’t want kv back with them now
      And my fav first is always sree, then dipika and romil
      And i knew it, as i commented yesterday sree would nominate himself to save dipika, sree and dipika are each others piller in this house. I respect and love their bond

    4. Ya right great friend my foot. In the full game hi used romil and his straategies and now when finals are aprroaching he got overconfisent and chose kv over romil. What a disgusting person he is.

    5. AnuAnu

      @Aishwarya when did Sree usesd kV or fact Sree nominated whole HC when he was captain. did I miss something??

  6. First of all i found genie’s voice and tone.. Very funny… ?

    Dpka and sree’s conversation about romil was true… As i felt the same thing…

    I dont know either surbhi realised her mistakes or not.. Bit to say like sree is a b8g person.. I am commoner and a women.. Anyone will come and say anything to me.. Was looking she still dont want to accept her mistakes

    Again i found somi an attention seeker.. Suddenly she got upset with deepak on romil-somi matter and on the very next moment she was laughing.. If u really felt bad about som3thing then how can be ur behaviour like this?

    Y all are 9nly talking about romil’s wife.. Saba said the same thing too…

    Today sree was very wrong… Yes surbhi went beyond teh limit many times… But t9day u were trying the same.. Like she always started provoking.. U were doing the same thing…
    What’s wrong if she used brutal word which was not in a serious mood..
    Then talk about that dimple thing…

    Show some difference btwn u and surbhi… Y to go on that level where surbhi was for whole the season.. For the first time i am feeling bad for surbhi.. As she is kind of alone and trying to talk to everyone.. And trying to be a better person..

    Then comes to nomination… It was well planned by makers…
    Jisko nomination m dalna h unhe aise logo ko convince karna tha jo actually ya toh us bande k sath accha bind share nhi karte

    Kv looked good… And he was really mahan…
    And i appreciate it….

    Dpka was looking too rude when she was explaining the reason.. To not sacrifice for kv…
    Kv did a lot of favours on her.. Only one th8ng i found wrong about kv is to not support her for captaincy…
    But in the startimg weeks it was only kv who was continuously sacrifing everythimg for everyone..

    He went jail 2 times bcz he dont want to sent any girl 8n jail… In one of the task he agre3d to be eliminate to save dpka… How many times he stepped back from captaincy.. When sree and dpka had plan to made someone even sristy and urvashi ro make captain..

    Suddenly dpka is feeling she is bonding w8th sree only… She did the same with sree too… As i have gut feeling from the beginning of the show she fake her relationship with kv and sree.. And it was all true..
    Kv to sree n sree to kv yahin pura season hua h..

    It was a very good m9ve to remove sree at that time amd it is again a good m9ve to remove kv now..

    Rohit’s reason to not save somi was totally justified… But i really didn’t like romil’s behaviour with rohit… And today it was really looking weird when romil was telling to save somi and sacrifice for her… Bhai aap bhi nhi karte kisi k liye itna sacrifice…

    Somi’s reaction when romil said he will bedefinitely in top 3…. Doesn’t show any good frnds relation… How somi comes tp this point.. Matlab aap sabko weak samajhte ho..

    Behen he was talking about himself that he wll be definitely in top 3.. Toh usse aap kaise weak ho gaye..

    All in all sree/dpka and romil’s over confidence like last yrs winner shilpa shinde.. Looks like it is in their contract that they will be in top atleast…

    1. From KV part to last line,
      Hats off, ma’am. U nailed it. I agree to all the points. Each one. KV is a gem of a person, and now none is going to call it ‘fake mahanta’.
      Number 2, Romil, Sree and Dipika are extremely overconfident this time.
      Among the three, at least Romil deserves.
      Dipika is overconfident just because of “Simar” and “Sreeshanth’s behen” !

    2. @xyz i think sabba said romil and somi angle just to give some attention so that she can save somi like every time bb need some rumors or fake love.

    3. @XYZ ,
      well said #MADAMJI , seeing contenders from every angle is a must and this comment justifies that !!!!

  7. KVB was so selfless for deepak he showed how true a man he is , keeping materialistic thing behind he favoured deepak # best moment of the day #SALUTE U GEM HEARTED KVB U ARE A ACTUAL PRO !!!!!
    SOMI GOT THE BOOKING TO BE EVICTED NOW , feels for u girl she is a practical girl in thinking but makers have to evict either her or rohit # KARMA RETURNS FAVOUR TO ROHIT LOL # deepak did well revenge so sweet as honey !!!!!and DIPIKA – behaved immature really had no intention to raise a hand of friendship ,mentioning baloon task , she is a girl who lives in past and it was clearly visible feels bad to say #NAAM BADE DARSHAN CHOTTE # SREE FANS WILL NOT LET HER WIN FOR SURE , their is cricketer in everybody’s life we adore sree but depika was so #SMALL HEARTED TODAY , i wonder her saying for sree lol lady aap khelo but to become 2nd runner up :))-

    1. @Airplanes,
      It is very sweet of u to say such kind words for KV. KV deserved at least one beautiful comment from you and he is being awarded today. Thank you so much.

    2. #Aaro,
      beautifull deeds deserves appreciation !!!!! kv is a nice person by heart by circumstances betrayed him in the season hope he finds a way into top3 :))-

    3. @Airplanes ,
      i agree with you after today’s episode i found dipika’s real hidden dark face. she is drama queen in the show ,when time will come she will kick sree also she is a witch woman ,she is cheepika

    4. @XYZ.
      lol hahahaah cheepika # awesome comment # truthfull one !!!!

    5. @XYZ last season we had chapati queen now we have halwa queen.

  8. Sree is so overconfident that he will be bb12#winner. It’s clearly shown in precap. Romil and sree r being too overconfident that I’m hating them. Frankly speaking I don’t want sree to be the bb12#winner. The way dipika hopped around and said NO to kv was very disgusting. She pointed out at kv that he parted ways with her but at least she could have taken first step of friendship towards him. And I know kv would have admired that and would have been grateful to her.

    1. @RV
      Not in precap.. But he said this thing in 3rd or 4th week…

    Watch this Bella’s video

    1. ❤❤❤❤

  10. Kv destroyed his daughters toy for…deepak….??a sanpoliya????? who has always betrayed him lmao does this guy has even an ounce of brain or not even after his wife and srees wife said him to play for himself he’s still stuck doing the same mistake & where does the sun rise from today like Sree was actually thinking in kvs favor today what changed?lol he tried sending him some sadbudhdhi through rohit to not destroy his stuff for cheapak who has always made fun of him and betrayed him besides happy club might’ve broken up but thy still work in a jhund??even though I dislike rohit but today what he said to romil was so on point where was this strong personality of his?why was he playing like an annoying b*tch of the house?I wonder if salman has given him truthful feedback 2 weeks earlier he would’ve emerged as a good HM

    1. @jagganath..

      @totally disagreed fpr the first time.. ?
      As tj appreciated deepak for calling kv a gem person.. Andhow he is being good woth kv.. Actually made kv to save him..

      And this is not the first time he was sacrifying for someone… I think he is like this… Lil dumb ?

      And yes.. Rohit is looking like a xute baccha since he got scolded.. And i really liking him now.. And his reply to romil was perfect…

    2. No problem lol but I got the same vibe from happy club(especially deepak)as I’ve gotten from them all season they take advantage and exploit peoples goodness(dumbness in kvs case)the way surbhi and then rest of them surrounded kV and tried manipulating him to give up his personal stuff for their own group member was selfish and another biggest leeching moment of the season, they could’ve left him to decide it himself instead they kept pushing him for it and then congratulated him for it now just imagine if he has done it for the celebs who he used to call friends these same people would’ve been abusing him and deepak is only being good to kV on his face behind him he has always worked against him, maybe him saying one nice word about kV has touched tj heart but this guy has ditched him on end moment many times

    3. Agree about the last point. If salman has given them unbiased and real feedback time to time their approach to many things could’ve been really different thus more diverse decisions and different directions show had taken, although sree did got advise that was onpoint many times but he didn’t work on it cause everything was so unfair on wkws that he just look at it as a trick and he acquired stubbornness as a fightback technique against the partial attitude of makers smh in short I kind of see a good personality in rohit after salman took his class…..tbh sree only went against kV as he was planning behind his group only to doom them by exposing himself and his group to Hc due to his foolishness people who couldn’t stay true to people they called “friends” then how can they be loyal to you?kv sometimes use the stuff inside your chidiya ka ghosla atleast?& you’re a celeb who’s a direct threat to them so they will NEVER be with you regardless how sweetly they speak with him

  11. LEGEND CRICKETER VS MOST LOVED COMMONER !!!! GAME ON , despite sree’s fan following TRUE SOUL ROMIL CHALLENGING SREE FACE TO FACE # GUTSY GESTURE , so its clear romil vs sree plot is the next destination ahead as makers wanted to show the viewers CHALLENGE of the TWO HEROES OF THE HOUSE SLEADGING FOR THE TROPHY !!!!!
    VERY SPORTY GESTURE FROM BOTH OF THEM !!!!! indeed we are reaching finals

    1. @Diya I felt that Dipika overreacted. @Aarohi Dipika was telling that thing about Romil intentionally as she knows swing k pass camera hai.

  12. AnuAnu

    Hi everyone…here is my today’s findings
    1.Disappointed in Sree and Dipika. I felt like they were judging Romil.
    2.Sree unwantedly picking up fight with Surbhi.
    3. Felt like Romil using Somi to an extent bcz when he sacrificed, he wasn’t getting nominated but since Somi was already nominated ??
    4. Romil ko kya hogaya.. Sree toh Pehle se hi aisi thi. Now Romil is also showing gussa side?
    5.Felt like Surbhi was saying all that purpose fully in front of the camera.
    6.Even though Sree said he would never question about Dipika decision he asked Dipika why she didn’t sacrifice.
    7.One more time Dipika proved she is not at all fake. If she is was she would have sacrificed the jacket for KV by playing Mahanta. If she would have done that everybody will point a finger at her that she done that for fake sympathy.
    8.KV once again proved he is a very good friend of Deepak.( Surbhi bhi KV ke)
    9.Why Surbhi and Deepak fighting. Have no idea.
    10.Now this is qns on my mind is Somi the most beautiful girl in BB 12?
    11. Felt sad when KV said he had hope and at the same time Dipika said I dont have atleast 2 friends in the house only bhai…

    Will come back after watching shortly Voot videos…

    1. @AnuAnu..

      10th point was too good… ? ?

    2. Someone{rohit} must’ve told him that she’s still cashing the commoner card on his name besides he wasn’t fighting he was just carrying on a convo about dimples being a muscular defect but she took it personally

    3. @anu any 10th one is the best…I had the same thing in my mind…

    4. Nivika

      10 th point???????????
      Jasleen was much better than her….
      Atleat she was trying to play instead of saying mein weak nahi hoon and badtmeez???????
      I must say jasleen and shrishty were beauty of house❤❤❤

    5. AnuAnu

      I don’t know why everyone keep saying tat .I love eyes BTW but I don’t think she is THE most beautiful girl.I liked Jas more .

  13. Bubye rohit ??..

  14. Its high time…deepika sree and kv must end their tom and jerry fights…deepika not giving tat jacket is ok..but she could hav controlled her rude reply to him.kv its ok…u ll.not get eliminated..

    1. @Raj romil…

      This is exactly my point..

  15. I wrote a lot then it showed something went wrong hmmmmm now I will post one by one

    Romil was a bully is a bully will be a bully.its not going to change. Very rarely he always sitting on couch or bed

    1. @Neha
      Maybe u r right about romil……I thought that he is a bit better now…….but he is the same#annoying…….n a few of his fans r too……..hahaha
      I wanted to ask if u r the same neha who use to comment the last season too??

    2. @nandini,yes I’m the same one.i liked last season a lot.

    3. Its good to see u neha….:-)

    4. @Nandini,
      its good be to annoyed sometimes coz its lot better than supporting unworthy contender if candidates like sree and LEGEND WINNER ROMIL is still there :)))-

    5. @neha..

      For ur comment…

    6. Thank you xyz

  16. The way dipika asked shoaib to hug surbhi n he did the same with full heart was really nice…….
    Surbhi is still not accepting that she has been disgusting…….she is busy in blaming celeb status n partiality……… humein pta h ki aap abhi bhi wahi h koi change nhi aya h……..
    I really appreciate kV spoiling his daughter’s jacket to save his friend deepak…….by the way the soft toy was as cute as his daughter…….. little pinky puppy:-)
    KV did amazing n for rohit its as deepak said karma…..karma hits u back or rather bb makes such situations..#bb khel gye……..unhe somi ko ab nikalna h bcoz love angle to kaam aya nhi……..
    Dipika refused to give away her husband’s jacket for kv#fair enough…….its completely her call…….
    Dipika made kV captain when in that task happy club said we will either support kV or u she said support him n we all know ki how much criticism she faced from salman n housemates after captaincy task n kV took her name for torture………he b*t*hed about her(a lot)……..he sent her jail……..he never stopped rohit or surbhi for defaming dipika…….he held her strongly in bus task(we all have seen the bruises………although he said sorry later n moreover he said abhi aur bhi task ayenge)
    Now he is feeling bad that dipika didn’t destroy the jacket…….as if he had given her many reasons to do so………not even a single reason was there to give away a precious thing for someone who is not worth it.
    Friendship is a give n take relationship its not give n give………
    Romil was seeing saying don’t call me I won’t interact with u all or come out of my house for 6months etc…….isn’t he going too far?weird behaviour……..

    1. @nandini..
      Everything u wrotten was perfect but
      Here i wants to add one thing..
      Not only dpka… It was kv too who supoorted her 8n starting weeks and sacrificed for her…
      So it is equal from both sides.. As sree and dpka made kv t bk out 2 times and strategies to made some else the captain by supporting that person if they wins the task…

    2. @XYZ
      Thank u……
      plz tell me about the sacrifices……which kV has done for dipika……

    3. @Nandini.

      1-In first and i guess second week too… All were taking dpka’s name for jail punishment….

      It was kv who said we should not took girls name in the very first time for the punishment
      and he said i will go instead of dpka

      2- In one of the task where team members have to agree on one name to save that person and remaining ppl will be nominated for that week…. and kv again agreed on dpka’s name…

      3- It happens 2 times when kv agreed with dpka and sree that they should choose someone else (one name i have remember – It was urvashi or sristy) if we win the task..
      and at the time i was like agar sree and dpka ko captain nhi banna toh y they are convincing kv?????
      and trust me.. at that time kv was very grnuine and true frnds of them and he easily get convinced by dpka and sree…

      4-when it comes to sree… he choosed jas instead of kv.. even sree didnt perform neither jas and even sree tried to loose his own team and was playing from opponent’s side… and kv was the one who performed that task very well.. but again…. dpka made him understand do sacrifice for the last time….

      otherwise.. dpka supported kv too.. so it was from both sides.. either it is getting support or bitterness in relation

    4. Deepak shouldn’t speak of karma with his chest puffed out cause what he has done all season long is worse than rohits deeds

    5. @Sanjana..

    6. @ nandini
      My point also same abt dipika… kv might have something in initial weeks, that was done because of the relation they shared outside the house.
      And she was left alone, even kv moved away still she was did everything to make him captain, but instead she got punishment and being called as partial. It was good lesson for her.
      And now, i will say she played well by not sacrificing, strong and wise decision.

    7. AnuAnu

      @Nandini well said..

  17. I really like kv he is a gentle man even though he b*t*hes some doesn’t matter.surabhi is really good in instigating him
    I felt bad for kv but Deepika doesn’t need to do that bcoz they will say she is acting to be mahan and she is fake.there are chances of kv to be out like hiten but I really want him to be in finale

    1. @neha… I want kv to be in finale too…

    2. Sometimes?LOL

    3. @xyz I don’t know whether they will give a shock
      @sss lol but he is not that bad I meant

  18. Surbhi stopped playing her women card…bow she s playing commener card..she said ppl will luv only celebrities..remember surbhi…! Once there were ppl named manveer manu..they were luved more than celebs by ppl..only bcoz of their luv and respect for others…u ll revieve wat u giv to others..if u disrepect ppl thn u hav to face consequences too…no.matter u r a celeb or commener…

    1. Commoner card…??

    2. I don’t think so there were any popular celebs during bb10

  19. Rohit and Priyank came with a same strategy of being rude to be in the game and being good but I always felt both of them are not bad as surabhi and Deepak. wow slow claps to Deepak and surabhi for advising Deepika to sacrifice.surabhi clearly said you don’t need to be mahanin the beginning.rohit played only last time for himself and all the other time for Deepak and surabhi.deepak is taking revenge on that and advising Deepika.

    1. @neha..

      Amazing point…. ????
      Even i was thinking the same…rohit played for them too.. Snake task won… Only bcz of rohit… Anyone from HC did not take rphit’s name to save from nominations… In chair task again they didn’t save even made fool of him and used him in snake task..

    2. @xyz,They didn’t favour him a single point of time at least today Deepak should have help him .then Deepak is teaching Deepika mahanta

  20. CLEVER MAKERS POTRAYING DEEPAK as an improving contender by showing his valid points the way he said to selfish simar this can start a new friendship among u two was true stand for kv , so true and pinpointed
    also makers trying to potray, TRUE SOUL ROMIL’S EMOTIONS IN A DIFFERENT AND CONFUSING WAYS for instance they potrayed him as slight hesitant to somi , somewhere lost and planning the step ahead and taking the surbhi’s issue slight seriously , one has to do so coz u are there for the win and have to analyse the competition (sree) fan base too which is higher , but as a commoner one has to try try and try # TRUE SOUL FANS ARE THERE WITH YOU FOR SURE # play it on # SHANKHNADD HO !!!!!!
    COMPLAINT BOX SIMAR AAP HALWA BANAO BHAIJAAN SALMAAN KE LIYE !!!!!! # AAPSE NA HO PAYEGA LOL :))-we are here to see competiton strategies cunningness emotions but not over acting bhai bhai bhai now its kinda off boring # lol

    1. Fingers [email protected] some chamatkar happens for romil? ..I think he atleast dsrvs top 2.. both he and sree

    2. @Diya,
      he will be there for sure we just need to vote in abundance :))-

    3. @Airplanes,
      Lol on Simar’s halwa part. ? and true, that word ‘bhai’ from her is extremely irritating !
      It is said, don’t run after success. Run after excellence, and u’ll be successful. Now I feel like Sree and Romil both are being overconfident, I know they have fans outside, but if u are a real winner, u shouldn’t feel like u are the best.
      And Dipika is more cunning than Sree or Romil. At least, they are keeping their emotions, but Dipika just took hold of Sree to come to this position !
      I feel like even Sree is also playing with Dipika as he had said earlier during the outhouse time. If Sree betrays Dipu in the last week, that would be a scene to watch.

    4. @Aaro,
      dipika will not win for sure sree fans won’t let her will be nice to see her reaction coming so close to trophy yet become runnerup LOL HAHHAA # BB SHOULD GIVE HER HALWA TROPHY !!!!!

    5. I completely stand by you. I fear this one thing Romil is doing now .
      Since the first day, Romil was a charmer from his side. He didn’t show that he was after the trophy. He just lived his life fully and gave 100% to his everyday. He was running after excellence, and that’s why reached this position . But now, he is targeting the trophy, I fear it will be one reasons of his nightmare.

    6. @aarohi,I didn’t watch earlier episodes so didn’t understand romil was running behind excellence because when ever I saw romil was either in bed or couch or bulling someone ????lol.somerimes bb made him winner

    7. @Neha,
      He was just bindass, cool and enjoyed whatever he did. He had not this thing, or better didn’t show that he is desperate to win. That worked very well for him. He wasn’t hurt about anything , he loved what he did. And that was the best thing about Romil.

    8. Deepak and surabhi are good in advising people and pointing mistakes why Deepak wanted to take revenge from Rohit for taking stand for himself one time and supporting all other time.nobody will question that but they have ability to question criticize and yelling.when game started surbhi clearly said nobody should try to be mahan.if Deepika do all people will say she is a fake , whatever she do people will point fingers at her.i felt bad for kv . Deepika is not going to win bcoz last year a serial actress won so they won’t repeat history I guess.i really like Deepika,she really fed up with their mental torture.when mega said she will support Deepika,she saved megha but all happy club said she is fake and trying to be from her piv it’s right.but I really want to save kv.

  21. Jisha

    Shoaib spoke so well…and the last thing he said to house mates…
    “Don’t forget,there’s a world outside.. people will love you for the way u r (I don’t remember exact words)
    KV – hats off…to destroy ur daughter’s toy which she brought yesterday…I felt sad for kV Bella and the toy coz that was such a cutie pink doggy…by last week n family episode, he has understood that deepak is the only one whom he can trust completely.. TJ whispered in his ears before leaving also abt deepak… Besides that, KV is emotionally connected to deepak…dosti nibha lee bande ne…
    Somi – #bbkhelgaye….they needed either Somi or rohit in nomination for sure. Made a condition accordingly…I would say fair enough…coz BB have been saving happy club for so long…
    Rohit was correct…he is here to play games…y wud he nominate himself for the whole season..? Romil asking him to take a chance coz something is going to come up in his turn…y should he take that chance and what if it didn’t happen? Romil tried to save his friend… Fair enough…
    Deepak asking his friends to not save rohit – his priority was Somi..he just played, at least tried to play mind games…
    Rohit – how he got scared of that thing….
    BB – karma house… it came around… today BB gave ball in deepak’s court and he used it well…
    KV – deepika is not in good terms with kV now.. so y would she give her hubby jacket to save him…as simple as that…
    I have seen people calling her over confident n judging her for this in yesterday’s comment..
    My answer is
    She clearly mentioned that she would do that for shree, but not KV…she is sorted abt her relationships…kV sacrificed coz deepak is his friend…but she clearly told everyone that she just have one relation and that’s with shree… she has proved that earlier in that switching chair task too… (forgot the name of task)
    kV had sent her jail and disappointed her many times…I know she would have disappointed him too in various places…
    Forgiving and mending relationship with KV by giving away her hubby jacket was the other comment…she doesn’t want to forgive… That’s her call…
    Time n again housemates have said things like
    “You only talk to shree…you don’t have 3 friends…etc…” She just gave them a reply that it’s true…n she is happy in that…
    Lastly surbhi saying discrimination word -discrimination,partiality are the new words which just got added to her dictionary from last week…shree getting bashed every wkw n going to jail,punishments,megha getting jail were all in that ‘no partial word in dictionary period ….
    Thanks you diya,xyz,teddy…all the best diya for exams…
    @ XYZ Happy that you are back

    1. @Jisha
      Wonderful one dear……

    2. @jisha.

      Perfect comment..

    3. Thank u so much dear..?

    4. @ jisha
      As always good review dr

  22. Proud of you dipika love you don’t expect to sacrifice the things that people don’t give in return it’s not worth it to be honest and yes karan got nominated thank god someone said that it’s karma and dipika got nominated your wrong she got saved the people she trusts shell only save them and that’s sreee.

    Trust is earned, respect is given and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to loose all three. That’s what karan is he hasn’t got any of this the only true loyal ones are sree and dipika that’s it dipika fans love you and we are with you dont worry boo I know you and sree will be to the finals I hope one of you win x love you so much I know your going to get so much hate after this but you did the right thing god bless you boo

    1. @nabz
      Yh , she did well
      In Kv’s case, i respect him for saving deepak
      But he got what he did for dipika

  23. Hey, the previous comment with Jisha without a logo is me only…
    It’s just that I forgot to log out from my account…so probably the logo would be missing…I think so…

  24. Surabhi is the most disgusting like Priyanka jagga but she came with a Roadies background so she knew how to make group and bb is supporting her.
    Lots of people saying Sree wife was rude seriously bcoz she only said truth of what surabhi did,she didn’t twist or add anything by her but I don’t know why people saying rude.please don’t tell me that it’s a past issue move on.i just wanted to to tell what I felt.

    People are comparing with kv wfe ,why all are forgetting how she wrote open letter to bb and Salman for teasing him.they didn’t use any bad words like surabhi and kv wife became upset and openly react. if she said it’s a past issue it doesn’t mean that she didn’t say anything. I really like her and kv . people are comparing so I just wanted to say truth.

    1. @Neha .
      lol just a tease , i wonder have u watched biggboss or chotta bhem HAHAHAH # kv was continuosly ragged on his dressing sense by salman and its known to all , better you watch the episodes again for clarification

    2. @airplanes
      You give what ever name to what Salman said.i was saying both wife responded when injustice happened to their husbands.and surabhi was talking about his character and career, Salman never went that much low then also kv wife responded.
      Even I don’t like the way Salman did ,most of the weekend and this whole season is boaring.chota bheem is better than son like it lol

    3. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes KV was never bashed and sent to jail like Sree .we all know how is Salman’s family is close to KV’s .He did it sportingly … Bcz he never did any of that with any body even the whole house qnsed Rohit sense of dressing and it was Salman who stopped Sree bcz that was taunting from Sree’s part .
      And we are also watching BB 12 not chota bheem .I don’t if chota bheem shows content this….

    4. @AnuAnu,
      Human beings were getting abused by Sree for financial status, social background and poor families from where the belong.
      KV was wearing his own suit every Friday and was a part of a prank between 3 friends one night,
      U feel he should be bashed and sent to jail for doing stuff to himself ?
      Ehh.. please call Romil Chaudhari.. I m not that good in logic, and I wonder is making fun of oneself more punishable an offense that cursing others ? *_*
      Why should KV be bashed even for a single second ? Why ??? What did he do ???
      Only one incident u can give as an example to troll him, then I wonder, are we so sanskari with our friends ?

    5. AnuAnu

      @Arohi when did I say KV should be bashed?? I am comparing the context in which boths wife responded. Even TJ in herself interview told she felt protective of KV that’s why she reacted with Open letter even though they had personal contact with Salman. If TJ feels protective of KV why is everybody after Nain ji they did the same thing. And people are not made same in world if all were to respond with same intensity and behavior why would God create different human beings.
      If TJ is right then Nain ji also right.

    6. @neha..

      completely agreed by ur point.. as i have the same views…

  25. I don’t know why they want to save Deepa k by giving task to kv

    1. @neha.
      good that u watch chotta bhem seeing SREE DIPIKA is same as DHOLU BHOLU and surbhi is kalia ustad :p rohit jaggu , deepak-raju megha-chutki TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL -bheem tun tun mausi -somi/dipika :p

    2. Lolwaaa @Airplanes ! Hilarious it is.

  26. I liked the nomination task…I felt dpka should have saved kv by destroying the jacket and revived her friendship…she looked a bit negative and adamant here…why is there a tension between romil sree? They were playing in one team till last week….or it’s the makers strategy to highlight their rivalry and bring them in finale together…I will like it if that happens but if it’s only for gross trp then it’s not needed

    1. @sandeep… Till last week there were no support for romil.. Butnow he is gettimg full support of somi and deepak plus…

      Actually i found dpka’s decision justified but the way she was giving readon looked so negative.

  27. Having said that, I want shree to win…

    1. Yes… I want him to win too…

  28. somi saved TRUE SOUL ROMIL showing she is his best friend in the house and that shows how loyal and supportive she is to him #THANKS SOMI FOR SAVING TRUE SOUL ROMIL
    JUST IN CASE TRUE SOUL ROMIL IS IN SEMI FINALE WEEK HE HAD THE IMMUNITY MEDALLION TOO IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO SEE HOW AND WHEN LEGEND WINNER USES THIS IMMUNITY WHETHER ITS TO SAVE SOMI OR NEXT NOMINATIONS # Its interesting to see will the makers make our GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # DANVEER KARN by forcing him to drop immunity medallion some how # futuristic questions ahead for answers one has to wait for the perfect scheduled time :))-

  29. Dipika proved herself to be genuine by not sacrificing the jacket. She could have played the mahaan card and saved kv but didn’t do it. She was always playing for herself right from the beginning. KV has always been a back stabber and has being saying bad things about dipika with his baccha party.In one video he is seen requesting bigg boss to eliminate dipika. He also played with Srishty and said nasty things about Dipika. While single handedly she made him captain and brought about shame on herself for the first time that she was biased. What did KV do in return, put her in jail. He could have helped her become captain in the sword task but he clearly said we are not friends anymore. He was the person who walked out of their friendship. Why should he expect anything from her and to give away the jacket for KV which she got from her love was not worth it. my other Question is if Kv the mahaan would have destroyed the toy for Dipika… no way would he have done it.He did it for Deepak because his wife whispered to him to stay with Deepak. In all the voot videos you will not find Deepika b*t*hing about KV but you will see a lot of videos where he is b*t*hing about Dips. My vote goes to Deepika.

    1. Totally agree with you @ Charisma. kV has become one aunty who b*t*hes about each others. He never took stand for himself. Most of the times deepak and happy club used him and this guys doesnt even understand a single thing. Kv ka kam bass idhar k baat udhar karna hai or ghar ka samaan churana. He has lost all the respect he had in the starting few weeks.

    2. AnuAnu

      @Charisma good point on the captaincy task I had forgotten it .I remember Dipika going to KV asking for help and KV clearly said ‘we are not friends anymore so don’t expect ‘ in reply Dipika said ‘Okay’ didn’t brag about his statement later .respected his decision..Anybody have justification for that????

  30. Same thing is happening with kV that happened with surbhi two days ago people are feeling bad for him wow one setback for him and everybody is hopping on his side & he had some nerve to feel bad after deepika refused to destroy her jacket for him as if he isn’t being a complete shitty person to her he’s someone who b*t*hes about her 24×7 there hasn’t been a day where he hasn’t said one vile thing about her & sree he himself distanced himself from her AFTER sending her to torture room for making his arse captain he is the one who openly said that he has started hating her he’s the one who has always being in cahoots with deepak behind her back he is the one who was enjoying the humiliation of Megha sree deepika & jasleen by happy clubs hand infact he most of the time made that situation up he is the one who wass openly in opposition to deepika sree(& Megha)

    1. @Anonymous,
      Hear ‘Consequences’ by Selena Gomez.
      U will start understanding KV. Much love.

    2. @Anonymous ,

    3. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes sure the one Dipika used to make for KV and he used to eat.. The one on the day of captaincy task when everybody including Shiv was sitting in chair…

    4. AnuAnu

      @Anonymous you don’t have hear or eat anything to understand a person just have watch Boot and Instagram videos…

    5. AnuAnu

      Voot sorry..

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