Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suryadev meets raja devodas.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with suryadev saying brahman dev I am hungry since days, suryadev then thinks finally I got one adharmi and selfish man in kashi. The brhaman dev says I have only this much food but I don’t need it because your hunger is more than mine dear traveler! You have my food, your hunger will be relished. Suryadev is amazed and he thinks even this brahman dev is pure from his soul, suryadev says but brahman dev what will you eat? Brahman dev says I don’t need food sir, you eat it as you are hungry since days, please sit down. Suryadev sits down and eats the rice and the brahman dev gives him a fan! Suryadev thinks, it is really true I have failed in finding any adharma in kashi! This brahman dev is so pure from his soul and so kind, I came in kashi nagri to find adharma but I was

wrong, it is truly the holiest and dharma nisht place in the universe.
Raja devodas sees this with his wife and says see devi, no one in kashi can do adharma! when a traveler was hungry the brahmandev gave his food without thinking. After eating, suryadev walks towards raja devodas’s palace.
Ganesh and kartikeya say what is suryadev doing? Kartikeya says suryadev could not find any adharma in kashi and I hope he is not angry.
Suryadev walks and stands in front of the palace as raja devodas and his wife see. Suryadev takes his original form and then he shines golden light such that devodas and his wife look away from so much sunlight. Ganesh says has suryadev become angry?
There suryadev stops shining golden light and then he becomes huge in size. Raja devodas says suryadev? What are you doing here suryadev? Suryadev does pranam to raja devodas and then he looks at mandak mountain and says mahadev forgive me for what I am doing. Suryadev says raja devodas, I came in kashi to find adharma or any one person who followed adharma but I failed. I found kashi is the purest and holiest place in the universe and there truly is no adharma in kashi, I am impressed so much that now kashi is my home too and I shall always be present in kashi as well. Suryadev’s 12 ashoka suns appear and they go around kashi and create different spots where suryadev shall be present.
Mahadev says suryadev has created 12 different dharma sthal’s in kashi using the 12 ashoka suns! Ganesh says even suryadev is para brahma swaroop and thus his presence in kashi is important.
Indra dev says to the gods, now what to do? Suryadev went to kashi for one thing but now he has decided to live there. Agni dev says yes devraj, what will we do now? indra dev says dev gan, mahadev is angry on me but don’t think only my position of devraj is in danger, even you being all devgan and the gods of my court are in danger as well, thus to save ourselves from being kicked out of swarg lok we have to reunite mata adishakti and mahadev. Vayudev says what do we do devraj? Indra dev says you have to promise me that you will do what I tell you to. The gods say okay devraj.
Vayudev, agnidev and varun dev go deeper in mandak mountains and there they pray to the 64 yogini devi and say give us darshan. The 64 yogini devi appear and they say why have you called us dev gan? Vayudev says mata adishakti needs help and is in pain but what are you all doing? One devi says whatdo you mean? Varun dev says you all are the ansh of devi adi Shakti but you don’t know! The devi’s say don’t make stories dev gan, say straight away. Agni dev says yogini mata, mata adishakti was separated from mahadev many years ago and since then she has been living away from him in kashi and mahadev on mandak mountain, it is because of raja devodas as he made mahadev leave kashi, do something as we have come to you for help. The yogini devi’s say how dare raja devodas do this? He shall be punished for this, we will kill that cheap king! The 64 devi’s go to kashi. Vayu dev says we forgot to tell them that mahadev has said that he will not tolerate any violence in kashi against raja devodas, what do we do now?
The dev gan go back and ganesh says dev gan you went to help to the yogini devi’s. vayudev says yes ganesh ji but we forgot to tell them that mahadev had warned not to take any violence against raja devodas otherwise he wont tolerate. Ganesh says what have you done dev gan? You have messed up. Lord Vishnu says this is because of indra dev, isn’t it devraj? Indra dev says prabhu I did not know what the dev gan went and spoke to yogini mata. Agni dev says is that so? But you only told us to go to them. Ganesh says stop blaming each other, devraj don’t you understand? Mahadev is already angry on you and if he knows about this, he will not leave you or the yogini mata and dev gan as well.
There the yogini mata’s land in kashi and all 64 forms take weapons and run against the palace of raja devodas.

Precap: Dev gan and indra dev are worried for their mistake. Raja devodas takes part in a yagya but is scolded by a rishi!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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