Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal plans Mauli’s birthday; Nandini misses the celebrations

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jyoti sprinkles ‘Ganga Jal’ across the house and assures that nothing will interfere in her house now. She complains that Mauli never paid heed to her advices. Kunal is back home, Mauli must keep him bound to herself now. Mauli tells Jyoti that Kunal hasn’t returned for her, but for Dida. They don’t want a patch up and have filed a divorce. Jyoti was angry that she filed a divorce? She asks if Kunal is still with Nandini…. Mauli nods and leaves the kitchen crying. Jyoti was furious over Nandini and says after all the disgrace Nandini must have left the city, but now she won’t spare her. She can’t let Nandini celebrate her life by ruining her daughter’s house.
Mauli climbs up the stool in her room and change the cells of the wall clock. She loses her balance. Kunal

comes to the room and finds Mauli’s possibility to fell off. He holds the stool and asks why she didn’t call him for help? Mauli says she is getting used to living without him, it’s better he let her learn this. She wish like wall clock, there was some tool to change the times in lives as well. She never realized when Kunal changed so much, then smiles weakly that outside Manish’s house she once asked Kunal if he would ever leave her. They recall how Kunal called himself lucky to have her as a wife, he was ready to fight anything for her companionship. Kunal apologizes and says he can understand her pain. Mauli forbids him claim understanding her position, she is bearing it and prays to God that none has to bear such pain in life.
There at home, Nandini sat with the idol of flying girl Kunal had gifted her. She recalls Mauli’s words that she prayed for Nandini’s smile and her wish has been fulfilled. She looks towards the calendar and remember its Mauli’s birthday tomorrow.
Dida was happy and tells Kunal and Mamma that it’s Mauli’s birthday tomorrow. It’s the only day in year that Mauli rightfully demands a gift for herself. She wants to celebrate the day with full zeal. Mamma taunts that this year Mauli has already got enough of surprises in life. Dida tells Kunal to organize the surprise birthday of Mauli.
Nandini tells Kunal that arranging a surprise party for Mauli is really hard. She kept the news of everything beforehand and even made demands in her childhood. Kunal asks Nandini how she can do all this. Nandini realizes even her shadow shouldn’t be there around Mauli. She offers to help Kunal distantly. Nandini was in the market for shopping. Mauli comes to the same shop and stops by an angel with wings and a magic wand. She recalls she once demanded the idol. Kunal had promised Mauli to get it on her next birthday. She walks away crying and thinks now she has no desire for it. Nandini reaches the same idol and recalls it was the favorite item of Mauli, she might surely like it.
The next morning, Mauli wakes up to find her room decorated all around. She sits up in shock and smiles as Mamma, Dida and Kunal stood there to wish her. She goes to hug Dida, Mamma and Pramilla out of excitement. She then moves to Kunal, almost hugs him, and then withdraws herself. They recall their old celebrations and surprises together in the room. Dida offers Mauli to demand anything she wish for. Mauli replies she has grown up Dida, she only needs peace and everyone’s happiness now. Mauli goes to get ready for clinic, it’s a hectic schedule in clinic and what she would do at home?
Nandini sat with her and Mauli’s photo. She says she wish to hug Mauli and wish her, but they stand at a turning that they can’t think of coming close. She wished her photo for years when away, and today when they are near; she still can’t wish her.
Mauli opens the wardrobe and finds two new dresses with tags. She blankly looks at them but selects an old dress. Kunal comes to the room and wish Mauli birthday. She smiles weakly. He asks if she won’t wear a new dress, like she always does. Mauli replies nothing is forever. A lot has changed this year only, and no one knows it better than him.

PRECAP: Nandini distributes meal among the poor for Mauli’s birthday. Mauli comes to the car and finds it filled with surprises. She was annoyed and hires an auto instead, wondering what’s the use of all this when Kunal isn’t with her anymore.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what is the purpose if this celebration? Why throwing on her face something she is not insterested on when they have snached from her what was the most precious to her: love and friendship. Mauli just wanted to be happy with her husband and friend not getting betrayed then having party as a make up.What kunal really wants, one side getting cozy with nandini other side behaving like mauli’s husband. He was happy in love with mauli and was ready to give the world to her then in an instant found enough space in his relation to involve nandini . To nandini he is saying the same sweets words he used to say to mauli so it is expected in future he will ditch nandini and move on to another bechari. It will be so good if he leaves her for another girl and the other girl leaves him. At the end both end up lonely, never forgive themselves and spent the rest of their miserable life thinking of their good moments with mauli before the affair while mauli lives a happy life never ever thinking about them!

  2. Damn even their friends taunts had no affect on nandini or kunal… This i s garbage

  3. Fan of YUDKBH

    Writer of this story needs to be taken to a psychologist as soon as possible. He has lost his mental balance and if not given proper treatment might hurt someone. I am surprised what kind of story is this

  4. Never watched a cheap serial like silsila
    How cheap the characters of kunal and nandini
    Only scrolling the update,pity on viewer who watch this

  5. Do Kunal and Nandhini takes pills that evokes guilt in them? other than few instances they neevr ever care of mauli or anyone else, but at few instances they act like they care for maul and feels bad for her, i felt like vomit when I saw nandhini crying for mauli, she lost that right, and kunal, why this sudden care and all, just spare mauli, aren’t these two done with troubling her?? Poor Mauli, God knows what all they plan to make her suffer. Loved Mauli’s reply to Kunal.

  6. disgusting

  7. I was a silent reader ….but can’t take it any more….never seen such disgusting people like kunal and nandini….how they can be so shameless😯

  8. drishti dhami was my fav… but now i just hate her face.. i know it’s just a serial..

  9. Anjali Sharma

    new spoiler##
    Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli’s drunken drama amidst birthday bash..Mauli gets too hurt because of Kunal and Nandini’s relation. She recollects how she used to ask Kunal for petty things. She cries thinking of him. She decides to fix everything on her own. Kunal comes to help her. Mauli asks him if he will always be with her to help. Kunal gets silent. She gets his answer and asks him not to pretend his concern. She makes Kunal leave. She cries for Kunal. Her hopes get down. Kunal and Nandini arrange a surprise birthday party for Mauli. Mauli isn’t happy as Kunal isn’t with her like always. Nandini has done all the arrangements on own. Kunal supports Nandini in her kind gesture. Nandini hopes Mauli will get happy and forgive her for everything. Kunal likes the decorations. He tells Nandini that Mauli will be really pleased seeing this.

    Kunal informs Yamini about the party. He takes Dida and Yamini’s help in getting Mauli at the birthday party. Yamini informs Kunal that they are on the way and coming soon. They get Mauli at the venue. Nandini welcomes Mauli. Mauli gets surprised seeing the birthday celebrations. She turns happy and sees Kunal. Kunal shows Mauli’s childhood pictures on the screen. Mauli likes the surprise. Nandini hides from Mauli. Her happiness gets down on seeing Nandini. Nandini celebrates Mauli’s birthday. Mauli meets Nandini in the birthday party. She drinks a lot. When Kunal stops her, she asks him if she has no right to stay happy. She irritates Kunal and Nandini. She wants to hurt Kunal. She asks him to dance with her. She sees Nandini leaving and runs to her. She stops Nandini and thanks her. She hugs Nandini.

    She says you gave me happiness today, but you are responsible for bringing the storm in my life. She asks Nandini to gift her Kunal on her birthday if she wants to see her happy. Mauli begs her to return Kunal. Mauli tells Nandini that she has broken down. Nandini gets speechless. Mauli asks Nandini to promise her that she will return Kunal. Nandini goes home and sheds tears, imagining Mauli’s pain and sorrow. Will Nandini sacrifice her love?


    1. There are several lines that boils my blood. Nandini’s KIND gesture? Wow, must praise nandini her whole life for this kind gesture. Nandini hopes mauli gets happy and forgives everything – nandini is an idiot.
      If this scene is really shown i will not be able to bear mauli’s btoken state. Kunal nandini have zero understanding for mauli’s pain. Mauli said that all in drunken state, but when she sobers up she shouldnt accept kunal back. What kind of sick writers are these who want mauli to continue in pain!

  10. Why can’t they leave mauli alone.. What is the need of all this care and fake showoff when they really don’t feel like.. Just stop the pretence and let her live the life peacefully without their interruptions when she is least interested. This is like putting salt on wounds by making her remember what they did with her on top of that showing we care for you.. Such a torture it is for mauli.

  11. Disgusting serial..viewers will stop watching this if it continues like this. Have some sense while creating serials like this.

  12. Affair – done
    Confrontation – done
    Divorce filing – done
    Then why the hell the writers show the divorce and let mauli move on? According to the shows timeline mauli filed for divorce 1-2 days after ganesh visarjan. And these people have already celebrated navratri. Atleast sindoor khela was done. So shouldnt the one month be nearly over?
    In today’s episode mauli’s mother was mentioned. I am sure soon she will do some new drama so that nandini can cry again and gain sympathy. If she is really a good mother she should show some support to mauli. But no. Everyone is focussed on nandini only. I wish we could have scenes where mauli’s friends from the restaurant try to cheer her up and spend some time with her. Mauli needs some relief. I am sure tgis birthday drama will drag for 2-3 days. Please, after that let mauli move on, progress in her profession, be a good doctor, win awards, and find the best man in the world whom she completely deserves. I dont even want to see kunal nandinis face again

  13. With this story are they trying to tell women to just be helicopter’s around their husbands and not even have friends themselves for fear they will steal their husbands. I see your brainwashing BS, and I am going to call it.

    1 – You don’t want women to help other women in distress, they should be silent and allow abuse to continue
    2 – A woman must absorb herself in her husband and forget everything else or she will lose him
    3 – having an affair with a married person is fine….

    I think I nailed it. You are being brainwashed with these soaps – this is a weak form of MK ULTRA. These soaps bombard you with stupidity until you accept it as the norm.


    1. Fan of YUDKBH

      True what a regressive serial

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