Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update – Kalavati learns lesson from Satyanarayan Pooja oath.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalavati & her mother complete the Satyanarayan Pooja & about to have the Prasad but they get the information about both, the trader & his son in law’s boat seen arriving & Kalavati gets so overjoyed that she leaves the Prasad bhog & runs towards her husband emotionally while her mother gets shocked how come she left the Prasad which Devi Laxmi watched saying that this is mistake done by Kalavati of not completing the oath properly leaving Prabhu’s Prasad without having it & running towards her Swami in emotions & while Kalavati is running her mother eats her Prasad & follows Kalavati picking her Prasad along.
Kalavati is running happily seeing her husband while he is also flowing his boat happily towards her but her father reaches comfortably seeing her & her husband faces trouble of storm & falls down under the sea water along with the boat & Kalavati & her father are praying Prabhu for help as her father says crying to Prabhu that you gave me second chance also hence is it that I have done anything wrong by which my family is affected while Kalavati’s mother also reaches there & Prabhu emerges to ask Kalavati that have you completed your oath properly & she says yes as per your rituals I have completed all formalities but her mother tells her this Prasad you haven’t eaten & Kalavati understands telling Prabhu that I understood my mistake but release my husband & she eats the Prasad by which her husband comes up again & all get happy reuniting while Prabhu explains them to stick to the oath taken which should not be failed to respect first.
Devsena & Valli also feel that they were also wrong of forgetting father & mother in wake of serving only our Swami & Mata Paravati sees them feeling repented about their deeds while they both plead her through their emotions & Mata is smiling.
Goldhwaj narrates all Gods that this way I & my family lived our lives happily forever & also I started one part of my wealth earned to distribute in needy & poor people showing devotion to my Prabhu which I got the lesson from Raja Ulkamukta.
Raja Ulkamukta tells Gods that’s why I got the birth of Raja Dashrath & was blessed by Godly son Shri Ram.
Goldhwaj narrates that I got the birth of Raja Mordhwaj who was blessed with a very sweet son child by my Prabhu’s blessings & for whom I was so possessive that I could do anything to keep him safe & then came Arjun with Shri Krishna to test me.
Arjun is telling Shri Krishna that I can sacrifice my life for you & will never lose your faith but Shri Krishna tells him that there is one more devotee of me like you who also can do anything losing his life for his son too & Arjun thinks how can a person sacrifice his life & Shri Krishna calls Yamraj to prove him. Yamraj arrives thanking Prabhu for calling him to help & Shri Krishna tells him Arjun doubts my other devotee so we need to test him & you take the form of Lion.
Raja Mordhwaj takes care of his son so much that whatever he wishes he completes & one day his child wishes to fly kite & provides him with lots of kites & his child is flying the kite while his mother comes stopping him to not to fly but Raja asks her why are stopping him from flying & she tells him that this string has pointy covering which can affect our child’s hands but Raja tells him that our child is strong so to not to worry & they both are watching him play & once the kite gets stuck to a tree but Raja brings it on his own for him.
Arjun appreciates Raja’s love towards his son telling Shri Krishna that he is completely devoted for his son’s love which is tremendous.
Shri Krishna & Arjun reach towards Raja Mordhwaj to meet him & Raja sees surprisingly feeling his Prabhu has arrived seeing Shri Krishna & prays him telling Prabhu that to please enter your feet into my palace so that it gets blessed but Shri Krishna tells him we have one more guest & Prabhu calls Lion by which Raja & all get scared while his son hides himself behind Raja but Shri Krishna tells him to not to worry as he won’t harm you.
Ganesh is feeling some storm coming near Kailash while Mansa expresses her anger saying that today Kailash has to answer me & she is remembering about she had bent in front of Mahadev & also Mata Paravati had hit her sword towards her scratching her cheek.

Precap: Arjun tells Mordhawaj that you can give everything to us but our Lion eats only human flesh & Shri Krishna tells Mordhwaj that Lion eats fresh human flesh so he’d love to eat the flesh of your most loving person that is your son while Mordhwaj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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