Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kali appears.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati taking a divya form in white saree, everyone do pranam and ganesh thinks which form is this? Mother was supposed to take the form of mata kali. Suddenly parvati disappears inside the water and kartikeya says see ganesh, inside the water, something is arising. There are clouds and thundering and ganesh says mother’s mata kali form is arising. Everyone do pranam as parvati comes out of the water in the form of mata kali with her 11 heads and standing very tall holding her different weapons.
Mata kali screams in anger as her red tongue comes out of her mouth. Ganesh and everyone do pranam to mata kali. Ganesh says mata kali, we have been waiting for you to emerge. Mata kali screams in anger and her screams reach the entire world, mahadev hears and then sits with his trishul meditating.
Mata kali says I have come out in my form, durvasa you have showed your anger to many people and gods too, look at my anger! Kali screams in anger. Lord Vishnu smiles and thinks how divya is the form of devi kali, brahma dev thins yes Vishnu dev, mata kali’s leela should be known by everyone, she herself will recite her 10 stories of her great leela.
Mata kali says I am para brahma swarup devi and the universe lives inside me, I keep a balance everywhere. Ganesh says but mata, mahadev, Vishnu dev and brahma dev are para brahma forms and what is the secret of your 10 stories? Kali says who are you to ask? Do you want to anger me? You doubt me? Ganesh says no mata, I am just curious. Kali says I will tell you kid, only because you really want to know my leela. Kali starts and says there is only one para brahma and he is para brahma ganpati! Para brahma ganpati created his 4 forms, Mahadev, Lord Vishnu, Brahma dev and then he created Me! We all 4 are the forms of para brahma ganpati and have been given our purposes. Mata kali says in the same way, we created various of our own forms and I had my own 10 forms of different devi’s who have helped in creating the world and wiping out evil as well as keeping balance in all things in the universe.
Mata kali says, in its singularity, mahadev, brahma dev and Vishnu dev and parvati were created. Mahadev and devi saraswati are siblings, parvati and Vishnu dev are siblings and brahma dev and laxmi are siblings. Kali says I was married to mahadev and in the same way, laxmi was married to Vishnu and saraswati was married to brahma dev. Kali says I took my form of mata kali and I gave the purposes to all my 10 various forms. Kali says parvati is jagat janni and I am her form, she binds us all forms as she binds the world together, she is the mother of all and in the same way we are the mother of all.
Mata Kali starts and says devi gauri took her divya form in the universe when it was created, after all singularities took place, devi gaur’s sweat shed a drop of water as it fell on the universe and water was created for all the beings in the entire universe, earth got water from devi gauri’s sweat as did the universe.
Kali then continues and says one day as Vishnu dev rested on his throne protected by shesh naag in the waters on earth, the dirt of his ears fell inside the water and created 2 evil forms. Mata kali then says, the form of mata maya emerged! In flashback, mata maya emerges and she smiles upon the 2 evil forms and then she casts her magic and spell on them, she grants the evil forms life and powers. The 2 demons come to life and then look at the vast water and say what are we doing here? Who are we? What are we doing here in the middle of so much water? Then they see mata maya and say who are you devi? Tell us who we are! Mata maya smiles and says sons, you are 2 demons, your name is madhu and ketam! Both say madhu and ketam? Then they smile and say yes, our names are madhu and ketam. Madhu, ketam say what are we doing here? What is our purpose? Mata maya says, I am mata maya, I have created you and given you life, you originated from lord vishnu’s dirt from his ears. Mata maya says I gave you life and powers and you both are powerful demons, I will tell you your purpose. Mata maya says you both have 2 go and attack Vishnu dev. Both demons see Vishnu dev closed his eyes and resting, they say mata maya pranam! You are the one who gave us life and gave us our names and powers, we will do what you say and attack Vishnu dev.
Ganesh says to mata kali, you told them to attack lord Vishnu? why? Mata kali gets angry and says kid, you are angering me, who are you all asking me so many questions and why should I answer to you? I am going from here. Ganesh thinks no I angered mata kali, I have to stop her. Kartikeya says ganesh mother is going. Ganesh closes his eyes and then says a prayer to calm down mata kali. Mata kali closes her eyes as she listens to ganesh’s prayer. She then opens and says child, you are doubting me, but I will tell the story as you all want to here, do not interfere.
Mata kali continues and says as madhu and ketam went ahead to attack lord Vishnu but they were demons and their work is to not listen to anyone. In flashback, madhu and ketam are going towards lord Vishnu, they suddenly see brahma dev and both say who is this old god? He looks old and is sitting on a kamal pushpa and he looks powerful too, we should first take him down and then take Vishnu down. madhu says yes, we will establish ourselves on that old god’s place and the defeat Vishnu. madhu and ketam go to brahma dev and then say you old man, get away from there, we are the new gods and you don’t deserve to be there. Brahma dev opens his eyes and says go away you demons, you have nothing to be here. The demons say we will kill you. Madhu and ketam start running around brahma dev in full speed. Brahma dev thinks these demons are circling me, I should call Vishnu dev for help. Brahma dev says Vishnu dev, help me, protect me from these demons. The demons laugh and say Vishnu will protect you?! Lord Vishnu opens his eyes and looks at the demons angrily, he then attacks 2 lightning bolts which hit madhu and ketam and they both fall down.
Mata kali continues with the story.

Precap: Kali tells the story of devi parvati’s different forms. Ganesh asks mata kali her purpose.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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