Savitri Devi 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Savitri accepts Veer and Sanchi, Dr. Malhotra’s conspiracy ahead

Savitri Devi 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri putting glass near Savitri’s bed and keeps her alarm bell with her, smiles. Savitri wakes up. Sanchi comes there, and sees Savitri about to keep her foot down and stops her foot from touching the glass piece and keeps her hand under her feet. Gayatri comes and scolds Sanchi for being careless and says if anything had happened to Didi then what I would have told Anand. Veer comes out of OT. Jaya asks how was the operation. Dr. Kabir comes and says it was successful. Pragya gets happy and hugs Veer. Jaya congratulates him. Veer thanks her. Dr. Malhotra gets angry seeing them. Sanchi apologizes to Savitri and tells that she will be with her always. Savitri thanks her for helping her and asks why did you hurt yourself to save me. Gayatri thinks if my trick brought them closer. Veer calls Sanchi and says surgery was successful. Sanchi gets happy and gives call to Savitri. Veer tells them that as surgery was successful, ban is lifted from him and now he can do MS in cardiology. Sanchi tells him that she is very happy for him. Veer tells them that they both are his lucky charm. Sanchi asks him to come home and says she will make something special for him. Veer says no and tells that he has much work in hospital today. Later in the night, Savitri wakes up and touches Sanchi’s injury which happened with glass piece. Jaya sees Veer sleeping on sofa and covers him with blanket.

Dr. Malhotra sees that and gets angry. He comes home, drinks wine and recalls Jaya’s words. He takes out gun from his cupboard. Gayatri stops him and says if you do this mistake then you will never get the hospital again. Dr. Malhotra asks what he can do then. Gayatri says I have a plan, and says you have to sacrifice someone. She tells him something. Dr. Malhotra says Veer is my son and I can’t do this. Gayatri says you have to do this to get hospital back. Dr. Malhotra says ok, I can sacrifice anyone to get hospital back.

Veer comes home and says I slept in the hospital last night. He sees wound on her hand and asks her to be careful. Sanchi says yes and says she will make something special for him and celebrate his win. She comes to Savitri and asks how is she feeling? Savitri gives her saree and asks her to change, asks her not to wear nurse uniform. Sanchi changes her clothes and brings Savitri to dining table. Dadi sees saree and says it is the same saree which you had kept for your bahu. Savitri says yes. Dadi compliments her beauty. Priya asks her to serve fast and says she is hungry. Vikrant stops Sanchi from serving her paratha and says he got diet food for her. Dr. Malhotra says she didn’t need dieting. Dadi says we are Punjabis, look Gayatri is fat, but then also she don’t diet. She gives her paratha. Priya eats it with hesitation.

Veer sees a woman bringing her son for appendix operation and saying she don’t want money. He comes to Jaya and asks her to let him do the operation for free and asks her to open charitable ward. Dr. Malhotra comes and says I will do the surgery. Veer says it is a small operation, I will do the surgery. Jaya tells Dr. Malhotra that the operation is happening for charity and tells that she trusts Veer fully. She asks him to do the operation. Veer thinks both mums have accepted them. Dr. Malhotra looks at Gayatri. Gayatri says this is the last time when Jaya is trusting Veer.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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