Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and kartikeya win.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya playing against shumbh. Shumbh says what will you put at stake? Ganesh says I will put such a thing at stake which is very precious to me, it will be put for stake for this practice chance. Ganesh says I am putting mushak ji at stake for practice chance. Shumbh says mushak ji? Ganesh says you really don’t know about everyone. Ganesh calls mushak ji. Mushak ji comes running inside and says prabhu I am here. Shumbh and all demons laugh and shumbh says this rat? You want to put a mouse at stake? What is this? Ganesh says asur nayak shumbh, don’t laugh, you don’t know how intelligent mushak ji is, even though he must not be strong as airaavat and fast as many animals but he is very intelligent. Kartikeya says he is not the vehicle of pratham pujya for

no reason. Shumbh thinks yes it must be, he can be of use to me. Shumbh says okay then. Ganesh says but according to rules, even you have to put something at stake.
Shumbh thinks and says I put svarna lata at stake and thinks, now I don’t need this demoness, she was of no use to me, her purpose is finished. Ganesh says you are putting your woman at stake? Now you have showed your true colors of a demon, you insult women like this and whenever someone tries to hide something or disrespect women, they lose everything finally, you will also suffer demons. Shumbh says no play your practice chance. Ganesh throws the dice and then shumbh says slowly number 5, the number falls and he wins. All demons laugh and shumbh says see I won again! I am so lucky. Ganesh thinks these demons are winning by cheating, now they shall learn a lesson. Mushak says prabhu what have you done? You put me at stake and lost me. Ganesh says what did I tell you mushak ji? Whatever happens, happens for the good, so trust me. Indra dev then says ganesh ji, please think again, we have lost everything and cannot afford to lose the amrit, please think. Kartikeya says indra dev, because of you we have lost everything, remember this is being done to make your mistakes right and clean up your mess.
Shokracharya says now ganesh ji, you have lost mushak ji as well, now you put amrit at stake and the demons shall play. Ganesh says yes asur guru and then he rolls the dice in his hand and just as he throws it, ganesh sneezes and the dice fall very far away from the room. Shumbh is annoyed and says what are you doing ganesh ji? Why did you throw the dice so far? Kartikeya says why are you blaming him? He just sneezed so the dice fell far away, what can he do? Nishumbh says shumbh I think this is their trick. Kartikeya says why are you blaming us? Does anyone sneeze on purpose? No one can! And if he planned something before then you could have doubted us but he sneezed that is why the dice fell away, but from the time you all are winning, it seems you only planned and played. Shumbh says okay raktbeej, go and get the dice. Ganesh says no, why will your commander be troubled? It was my mistake so mushak ji will go and bring. Mushak ji goes walking and takes the dice, he comes back and gives ganesh. Ganesh takes the dice and shumbh says now play quickly. Ganesh then rolls the dice and throws it, kartikeya says we need number 9 to win. Shumbh slowly says 7 but his magic doesn’t work this time. Shokracharya thinks we will win. The number 9 falls and ganesh and the gods win! Everyone get happy and indra dev and gods say yes we won, kartikeya and ganesh get up and kartikeya says yes we won what we had lost. Mushak dances and says yes prabhu won, I am back with him now. Demons are shocked and so is rishi shokracharya. Shumbh says no! how is that possible? Shokracharya thinks why didn’t my magic work? Demons say no this is cheating. Mushak dances and he suddenly sneezes, the dice come out of his mouth and fall on the table. Demons, shumbh and shokracharya see this. Shokracharya thinks same dice? He then says a number and sees the dice changing its number, shokracharya thinks so they changed the dice and used theirs while my magic dice were eaten mushak. Shumbh says this is cheating and he says his number and sees his dice work. Shumbh and shokracharya say ganesh ji you have cheated. Ganesh and kartikeya say what proof do you have? We played and we won. Shumbh says no, you played with your dice, not mine. Kartikeya says what do you mean? Any dice would be same. Shumbh says a number and shows his dice change the numbers, and he says see this is my dice and you changed it. Shokracharya thinks what has shumbh done? He accepted his cheating. Ganesh says see you showed yourself that you demons cheated with us. Indra dev is angry and says all this time I thought my luck was bad but these demons cheated with us and used their maya. Kartikeya says now as said, you will return and give us back what we have won as well as what we lost to you because of your cheat. Shumbh says no, I am asur mahanayak shumbh and I wont give anything. Ganesh says I thought at least asur guru shokracharya wouldn’t do this as he is intelligent but even you supported them.

Precap: shumbh tells his demons to take everyone captive. Ganesh takes his vinayaki avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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