Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyavan comes to vrindavan disguised.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha taking everyone in a cave and radha says now we should stay here. Kanha says no now we should go out, davanan is gone, he has been killed and everything is normal. Radha says how do you know that? Kanha takes everyone out of the cave and they come in the forest. Everything is normal and the forest has grown back with more greenery than before. Yashoda says the forest looks so fine and with more greenery than before, davanan has been killed, we and our village are safe. Nand says now that everything is normal, we should get back to vrindavan and not forget that the marriage of sawan and teej is there, our festival has to be celebrated! Everyone is happy and they get back to vrindavan.
There kalyavan says kansa now you have to decide what to do, I have such

a powerful weapon which even mahadev doesn’t have and is more powerful than any of mahadev’s weapon, now you want kanha alive or dead, that is your decision. Kansa says okay kalyavan, do what you want but I want one thing, you will bring kanha in front of me and kill him here in kansa nagri Mathura! Kalyavan says okay that is fair, I will try and do what I can because even death cannot cheat me. Kalyavan goes.
In vrindavan, all people sit in the temple and nand addresses them. Nand says so people of vrindavan and barsana, we have come to celebrate the marriage of sawan and teej and is we know, every year we take made dolls of sawan and teej and get them married according to tradition, so this year we shall do it as well, the vrindavan people are the groom side and barsana people the bride side. Everyone sit and kanha gets up and says so we are ready to get sawan married to teej but where are the bride’s representative? Radha gets up and says gore I am the representative, talk to me. Kanha says oh no! you! Anyway where is the bride? Did you make here ready or no? radha says you don’t worry about us, you are slow, you go and ready the groom. Everyone laugh. Kanha says we will bring the baraat to you, welcome us with pride. Radha says no gore, this is my condition, this time we will bring the baraat. Kanha says but the groom brings baraat. Radha says why? Is it written that a bride cannot bring the baraat? Kanha looks at yashoda and yashoda says kanha don’t look at me, you see what to do, everyone laugh. Kanha says okay, I agree, you bring the bride’s baraat, we will be ready. Kanha and radha bring the dolls and show everyone, they are ready and now everyone start making preparations for marrying sawan and teej.
There kalyavan comes disguised in vrindavan as a sweet seller and he sings a song. Kanha’s friends surround him and kalyavan says all children come here, I have come the sweet seller, I will give you any sweet that you want. All friends say any sweet? What about mawa ladoo? Kalyavan says okay as you wish and he removes mawa ladoos from his potli and gives to dhama. Dhama says these are truly mawa ladoo. Everyone is happy and they ask for different sweets like jalebi, pedha, barfi’s etc. kalyavan removes various sweets and gives them. Before anyone eat anything kanha comes and says stop friends don’t eat it. Friends say why? Kanha says because they have poison. friends say what? Kanha says yes, haven’t you heard the stories mother told us, that sweet seller comes and gives poisonous sweets to children and then he kidnaps them and takes them away. Dhama says but kanha! These stories were fiction and not true. Kanha says it can happen too. Kalyavan says don’t worry, I am not that sweet seller, I have truly come for children, I go to different villages and give the children what they want, their joy brings me happiness! I do the work of god and I know what a kid wants when I see him. Kalyavan says I know what you want, kalyavan removes a pot of butter and says butter right? Kanha is surprised. Dhama says see kanha, he did not even know you like butter but he still saw you and figured that out, he is not a kidnapper, he is a sweet seller. Kalyavan says I know you never deny butter! You love it. Take it kanha, take and eat it. Kalyavan thinks, kanha I have come here for you, just eat the butter, then I will take you to Mathura and kill you, even death cannot cheat me.

Precap: kalyavan with his 4 assassins picks kanha on his bed at night to be taken to Mathura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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