Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kali’s anger calms down.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata kali with her one leg on mahadev. She then says why do I think that I have done something very wrong? Mata kali then looks down and sees mahadev. She is shocked and she takes her leg away and is sad. Mahadev gets up and all gods come down. mata kali says what have I done swami? I was so furious and angry and hungry, thirsty that I kept my leg over you, I have sinned. Mahadev says uma, don’t worry, what you did had to happen. Mahadev says we both are one, when you get angry I calm you down and when I get angry you do the duty to calm me down, we both are one. Mata kali says yes swami. All gods then say mata kali ki jai! Mata kali smiles.
Ganesh and everyone then start doing the pooja of mata kali and they sing a prayer for her to do her pooja. Mata kali stands and says this is my vikraal form but being jagat janni, I did the leela today to kill all demons. Ganesh says mata has calmed down now, only because of father.
There shumbh is drunk and is drinking more madeera. He sits alone on his throne as entire swarg lok has become dark. Shumbh says dhumralochan died, my brothers chund and mand died too and that devi killed raktbeej as well, she killed all my demons and commanders, now I am alone. Shumbh says how could all my commanders and demons die? Now who knows what may happen in the next battle. Nishumbh comes and opens the door, all light comes and shumbh says who came inside? Who is it? Nishumbh says brother, it is me you brother nishumbh.nishumbh says brother, what has happened to you? You are sitting here drinking madeera and accepting your defeat, this is not right brother. Nishumbh says I know many of our demons died but we still have a large part of our army left, tomorrow I will go with that army and bring that devi dragging her to you. Shumbh says what if you die too? I cannot live in that sorrow of your death. Nishumbh says brother, we are stronger and I am sure I can defeat that devi, don’t think of defeat but think of tomorrow’s victory. Shumbh says even I will come with you, this time we both will fight her. Nishumbh says no brother, you stay here and enjoy tonight, party the whole night as I have made arrangements. Nishumbh calls all women who light up entire swarg lok and says tonight there will be madeera and various food items for you, we will celebrate tomorrow’s victory today. Shumbh says okay brother. The celebration starts and shumbh drinks madeera and watches women dance.
Next day morning, nishumbh gets ready and wears his armor to fight mata kali. As nishumbh is going, shumbh joins in as well and says nishumbh you will not go alone, we will both fight that devi today and drag her here together. Both take their army and go to fight devi kaushaki.
There devi kaushaki sees the army coming and shumbh and nishumbh. Kartikeya says today these demons will die once and for all. As they come, devi kaushaki does her leela and her anger turns the skies red and creates a storm. Kartikeya says mata’s anger is creating this calamity, she is not going to spare these demons. As shumbh and nishumbh look at the sky, a trishul comes and hits the ground near them. Both get shocked and say this trishul!

Precap: mata kaushaki kills nishumbh. Shumbh says no brother! Mata kaushaki cuts shumbh’s head but he resurrects.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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