Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina feel love pain seeing each other

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand going to office and tells Bela that he couldn’t face Naina. Naina comes. Anand says I have wished to see you in saree, but didn’t know that the day will come so soon. He asks her to remember that he will be with her always. Naina hugs him. Tai ji comes and says still there is time for marriage. Preeti gives her clothes bag. Tai ji checks it. Naina says she has to go to college after visiting temple. Preeti says lets go. Tai ji asks her to go alone and says she will take Naina to temple, and her saas would drop her to college. She says she shall not lose this alliance. Sunaina, Karthik and Priyank see Sameer with beard and kurta pajama. Sunaina asks him if there is some play in college. Sameer says am I looking good. Pandit says he shouldn’t have come here. Sameer says place is not important, work is important.
Sunaina asks if everything is fine. Munna and Pandit say no. Swati and others think what happened to him. Preeti comes and asks what happened? They tell her. Preeti tells them that they will be shock to see Naina. Naina comes there. Sameer looks at her saree and mehendi on her hands. Everyone gossip. Karthik thinks something is wrong. Naina sees Sameer as devdas and gets sad. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was seeing Sameer after 28 days approx and their pain was visible.

Sameer’s voiceover tells that he wanted to see guilt on Naina’s face on the pretext of thanking her to help him get on the moksh way. Kamya asks Naina about her roka and says how can you marry so soon, atleast you would have completed graduation. Sameer looks at her and collides with board. Kamya, Hema and Swati ask Naina why is she marrying without her wish. Kamya says it seems Sameeer has taken sanyas. Munna and Pandit search Sameer and come to canteen. Naina asks them to hear her. They ask her to enjoy marriage. Sunaina tells Karthik that she is worried for Sameer. Karthik says why should we bother? Just then Sameer comes in his usual clothes and plays guitar. He sings meri umar ke navjawanon…om shanti om. .

Munna, Pandit, Sunaina and others dance. Naina looks at Sameer. Her voiceover tells that she never thought that Sameer will sing and dance in the canteen hearing about her marriage. He tells that he is in love with a girl and want to tell her infront of you all, how much I love her. Naina closes her eyes. He goes to Sunaina and proposes her love. Sunaina gets happy. Karthik asks how dare you to propose my girl friend? Sunaina says we are just friends. Sameer asks Karthik to leave. Naina gets jealous and teary eyes. She tells Preeti that Sameer is doing wrong and she shall talk to him. Munna and Pandit ask her to leave Sameer and tell that he was going to Ashram to Pune, to take sanyas. They ask her to handle her would be husband and inlaws. Naina says it is wrong that Sameer is playing with Sunaina’s feelings. Munna and Pandit tell that Sameer has recovered with much difficulty. Naina says she don’t want him to play with Sunaina’s feelings. Priyank hears him and informs Karthik. Karthik slaps him and says he will tell Sunaina that Sameer is using her to get Naina. Naina goes to talk to Sameer andsees him with Sunaina. Her voiceover tells that accident was sure with the third wheel connection in their love story and laughs.

Sameer and Sunaina come on a bike. Nayak Nahi Khaynayak plays….Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. OMG!!! What happened suddenly!!!?
    Whole sad track changed into love, jealousy,revenge!!
    Today’s episode was a real shock..I never imagined this!!!
    Sameer’s makeover in few seconds..Who stopped him from going Pune??
    Sameer has no stability in his personality…He becomes Devdas then Baba and now the Khalnayak..
    No one is able to feel what pain Naina is going through except Preeti…And Sameer is also spreading salt on her wound by proposing Sunaina…??
    If he is doing this to make Naina jealous then he is doing very wrong with Sunaina…Sunaina geniunely cares for Sameer…He was listening Baba’s pravachans since 1 month and also distributing to others…but never applied any on himself… Breaking someone’s heart who really cares for you is a sin…And Sameer is repeating this mistake again…
    I think he has lost his mental balance after knowing about Naina’s alliance with someone else…He is not able to think what is good/bad…
    Out of all these has somebody noticed that Sameer who even didn’t know what chemistry and physics known in Hindi…He suddenly starts speaking pure Hindi…?? Even it was shown that he also used to write poems in Hindi…Hats off to makers…
    It seems that they will drag the show more…??
    Precap was not at all exciting??

  2. Fan of YUDKBH

    What a transformation!! I think by proposing Sunaina, Sameer wants Naina to understand his love. He can stop marriage only when Naina supports him. Probably by making her jealous he wants to generate old self confidence in Naina. I am also of 90’a and can understand how difficult it was for girls in that time

  3. Poor Naina, no one is ready to understand why she wanted to end the relationship with Sameer. I hope Preethi tells the truth to her family and Sunaina supports in uniting Sameer and Naina.

  4. Kal ke episode me Sameer ne Sunaina Ko propose lag Raha hai ki uske class room me Simona ke Sath baith Kar Naina Ko jealous karne ka plan banaya kyoki Naina es emotionless cold zone me pahunch gue hai or Sameer Koekdum se chor diya..Mana Naina es ladki hai usper family pressure hai but Sameer ka Dil koi khilona nahi
    Last week episode se Sameer ne pehli Baar Naina Ko react Kiya.Naina hamesha Apne emotion Ko upper rakha.yadi usse family ka pata that or pehle bhi yahi ne Shak per hi Naina ka Kahi affair hai uski study rokne ka ultimatum de diya that us time to Sameer bhi Fadi ki national se Naina se uske liye hi door home Laga that to kyu phir usse itna pyar dikhaya..Kam se Kam Koi effort to Karti.Koye Rasta Nikal aata Bucharest Ko akela chod diya vo bhi young home Karan Sanyasi home ka documents

    1. I think yeh jo situation Naina par aayee hai – Marriage wala track, yeh sirf Sameer ke befkoofipan ke karan aayee. Na hi woh Tai aur Bela ko Naina ke college wale aashiq ke baare me batata aur na hi Tai ke mann me Naina ke shaadi ke baare me vichar aata.. Naina ke side me dekha jaaye toh bechari puri taraf se fass gayee hai…. Usne kabhi socha bhi nahi tha ki kisi love affair ke kaaran uske family particularly uske father suicide karne ke baare me sochenge. Usne jab pyar kiya toh uska itna hi vichar tha ki kisi tarah se college complete ho aur ek achi professional life jeeye jaise ki usne apne uncle ko promise kiya tha aur phir apne aur sameer ke relation ke baare me confess kare, par Arjun Shefali ka love affair jaan ne ke baad uske family ke reaction dekh kar woh totally darr gayee. Usne Sameer se doori isliye lee taaki uske family unka relation ke baare me achanak sun le toh baat bigad jayegi. Par sab gadbad tab hua jab Sameer ne Naina ke college aashiq ke baare me Tai ko bataya aur baat abb Naina ke jabran shaadi tak pahunch gaye.

  5. Great to see……… many comentators and i loved read all the comments……it is good but ……….

    final review of all your comments, i believe all of us are ready to witness the below
    1. As per Spoliers – Naina will back out her engagement with Sharad.
    2. Sunaina support’s Samaina’s Love relation that is why now she is with Sameer……….. nothing serious between them.
    3. Karthik accepts Sunaina after this drama………….since he love her very much..
    4.Naina and Sameer’s reunion………..

    DEB- Please comment yaar…………….excepting your comment every day……………….

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