Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh invites bhom to kailash.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh warrior form and bhom using their powers, they both create weapons and hold their axes in hand. Ganesh creates many weapons in the air and bhom brings up weapons from his power. They both angrily launch their weapons against each other, the weapons crash and loud bang occurs. Devi prithvi is worried and she sees ganesh’s original form standing with mushak ji and warching everyone. Prithvi goes to ganesh and says prabhu, he is bhom mahadev’s son. Ganesh says yes mata, I know that as I saw the past. Prithvi says then only you can stop this fight, I cannot see 2 sons of mahadev fight against each other and bring destruction. Ganesh says yes mata, I will stop this fight.
Ganesh uses a shell and he blows it, then he calms down the anger of his warrior form and combines him into his original form back. ganesh then says bhom, I know how you are., please I don’t want to fight you. devi prithvi comes and says calm down bhom, please calm down your anger and listen to ganesh ji. Bhom says okay mother, tell me ganesh. Ganesh says bhom I know you are my brother and I respect that, instead I shall take you to Kailash as I have no hatred for you! bhom feels good and smiles, he says ganesh jii tried coming to Kailash and meet mahadev! But mahadev’s gan insulted me and they sent me back from Kailash. Devi prithvi says yes, then bhom started meditating so that he could impress mahadev and make him come here to give his darshan. Ganesh says now I understand why you were so angry and why your anger and jealousy targeted me. Ganesh says I ask for forgiveness from the gan, I don’t know why they would do that but I invite you to Kailash this time and you shall be welcomed with celebrations and enjoyment and entire Kailash will be decorated, it is my promise. Bhom smiles and says ganehs ji I shall come only if my mother is also invited and he comes with me. Prithvi says no bhom, it is you who need to meet your father mahadev and mata parvati. Ganesh says no, bhom is right even you are invited mata prithvi, until you both come I shall go with mushak ji to Kailash and we will prepare for your welcome. Ganesh goes.
Bhom is happy and he says mother, I will get to meet my father. They both depart to Kailash as well.
There ganesh is decorating the palace with the help of all gan and ganesh says there should not be anything less in this welcome. Parvati and kartikeya come and say ganesh who is coming that you are so excited and decorating the palace? Ganesh says mother please make the special kheer today, please because someone very special is coming. Parvati says okay, okay. Kartikeya says at least tell us who is coming? Mushak says mahadev’s son is coming, your brother is coming. Parvati is shocked and karyikeya says another brother? Parvati says is that true ganesh? Ganesh says yes mother, father’s 3rd son is coming. Parvati is shocked and she goes to mahadev. Mushak says sorry prabhu. Ganesh says it is okay mushak ji.
Bhom and prithvi are coming to Kailash and prithvi says don’t be worried son, ganesh ji has promised and you will be welcomed as mahadev’s son.
There parvati says to mahadev, what is happening swami? Do you know why ganesh is so excited and doing all decorations? Because your son is coming. Mahadev says my son? What are you saying? Is kartikeya coming back home if he had gone out? Parvati says no swami, your other son, your 3rd son. Mahadev says my 3rd son?
There nandi and gadsar are outside the palace and nandi says we have to welcome that special person now as even ganesh ji is inside. Bhom and devi prithvi come and bhom gets angry when he sees nandi and gadsar and remembers how they insulted him.
Nandi says this man? He had come before as well, why has he come again? suddenly bhom’s anger affects nandi and gadsar and nandi gets angry and says stop right there man. Bhom stops and thinks if they insult me this time, I wont leave them without a punishment. Nandi says how dare you come back here?

Precap: bhom comes and does pranam to parvati. Parvati is shocked and angry. Bhom becomes the mangal avatar of ganesh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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