Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan’s plan works

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan introducing Khilmil to everyone. She says I haven’t come to waste time, why did you put my name in outsiders list. She scolds Puttan. She refuses to leave the state. He says I won’t let you go any way, maybe its some mistake. He asks Jha to check her documents soon. She asks him to get her name removed from the list. He asks Jha to go fast and check documents. She asks him to inform her soon. He says I will keep calling you. She leaves.

Malai and everyone get emotional about leaving the house. Imli cries. Jha comes and tells about Puttan’s emotional state over Jhilmil’s name. Puttan cries and asks them to remove Jhilmil’s name from the list. Imli says there is nothing in my hands now. Puttan says whatever happens, I won’t let Jhilmil go anywhere, I mean anyone….Whisky jokes on Pahelwan for being an outsider.

Pahelwan says cancel my leaving. Puttan says we can’t change the list now, leave everything on me. Imli says I knew my brother will find some way. Khoji comes to interview Genda. She says I m not selfish, I m protesting, even my uncle’s name is there, I want all the outsiders to be sent out. Khoji says it will be interesting to see what happens. Puttan and Imli secretly meet the ministers. Whisky asks why are the lights off. Puttan says media shouldn’t know this, I want to make you meet some people. He introduces the NGO leaders. Imli gets a call about household work. Everyone waits for her. She finishes call. Puttan makes a plan. He says you fight for people’s rights, if you raise a voice in this matter, people will connect to you. Pahelwan says yes, they will raise voice to get this order back. Puttan asks them not to worry for expenses. Jha gives them money. Puttan says you will be given more money.

They assure that everything will be done. The outsiders start a protest in state. Puttan fixes a deal. Khoji says schools, colleges and officers are shut because of this matter. Imli sits doing Jaap. Uncle says its good someone is raising a voice for us. Khoji says its breaking news, the special committee has taken a decision on outsiders and declared that they are also residents, nobody will go out of the state now. Uncle gets glad. He says your luck is bad. Genda says I know. Puttan says Jhilmil won’t go anywhere. Pahelwan says we all will stay here. Imli says I will tell Chaitu about this. Puttan goes to meet Jhilmil.

Imli gets happy that Ghotali came first. She misses Chaitu. Puttan asks her not to get sad. Malai says we all are with you. Imli says Chaitu’s cousin Dabbu is calling. Dabbu informs dad isn’t well, he wants to see Chaitu. Imli says Chaitu can’t come, I will send Puttan. Puttan asks what happened. She says Chaitu kept money with uncle, now uncle wants to meet him, he is unwell, he is old, try to understand. Puttan says if this is the case, I will leave now.

Puttan meets uncle. Dabbu shows the trunk. Puttan asks about money. Dabbu checks inside the trunk. Puttan says I want crores of money, tell me clearly, else I will forget you are my relative. Dabbu says I don’t know. Uncle asks for Chaitu. Puttan greets him and says I m Chaitu’s brother in law, he told me about money. Uncle says I promised Chaitu that I won’t tell anyone about money. He faints. Puttan worries.

Chaitu says how shall I go out of here. He holds his chest and falls down. Khoji says Chaitu is admitted in city hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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