Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh forgives chandra dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone praying and they open their eyes. Suddenly a soft wind blows and everyone turn back as in his divya form, Para brahma maha ganpati appears. Everyone say pranam maha ganpati. Ganpati says I can understand you are tensed. Parvati says prabhu, I don’t understand are we making any mistake in our Pooja for ganesh? Why isn’t he appearing? Ganpati says no devi parvati and mahadev, no one is doing any mistake, but listen to my suggestion, put durva for ganesh in the Pooja plate as it is very dear to him. Parvati says but why durva? Ganpati says you all will soon know why durva is so dear to ganesh. Ganpati goes. Kartikeya says I will bring durva mother! Kartikeya brings durva and keeps for ganesh. They all pray saying om ganpataye namaha!
There ganesh is praying to shiv ling as he says om namaha shivay! Ganesh hears everyone’s prayers and he opens his eyes and says father, mother and all gods are praying to me and I am sitting here praying. Ganesh says I have to go and do my duty and protect the world, I have to go and give my darshan. I have to put all my anger aside as because of me the universe is going into more danger. There bhom is meditating saying om namaha shivay! As he prays he remembers nandi and gadsar insulting him, he gets angrier and his anger affects ganesh again.
Ag ganesh is going, he stops and gets angrier and says these gods are praying to me only because they want Chandra dev to come back because he is a god as well. Ganesh says I wont help them because Chandra dev has hurt my mother! Ganesh sits for praying again.
There mahadev says to parvati, Chandra dev is hiding and ganesh hasn’t yet come! You have told me uma to always do our duty, I have done mine but now you have to do what is right uma.
Parvati comes to Kailash and is worried and angry. Nandi does pranam and says mata is sad and even ganesh ji is praying. Parvati goes to ganesh and she calls him, ganesh comes and parvati says what are you doing son? Ganesh says I am praying mother. Parvati says no ganesh, why haven’t you appeared yet? Why don’t you save Chandra dev ganesh and save the world? Why are you being so angry till now? ganesh says mother! Parvati says ganesh, why did you punish Chandra dev? He has had his punishment and all the gods will remember it! but now still being angry is not right. Everyone will know that making fun of a child is not right ever and mocking them for eating food is also wrong. Ganesh says I cursed Chandra dev because of you mother, he hurt you which I couldn’t bear. Parvati says then ganesh he has had his punishment and the world needs him now, and it needs you, you are the most kindest of all gods and why are you being angry now? did you punish Chandra dev because you wanted revenge? Revenge is a character of demons and not gods. Ganesh says mother I don’t know what I should do, I was suddenly angry because of something and I don’t know why I was angry suddenly? I had left this place to come and give my darshan and call back Chandra dev but anger stopped me mother. Parvati says ganesh, you are very kind and you have to learn to overtake your anger because anger is unnecessary and it should always be away from us, learn to overcome it ganesh. Parvati says come on, lets go. ganesh goes with parvati. There as bhom meditates his anger comes again and it affects ganesh as parvati and ganesh come out of the palace. Ganesh stops and parvati looks at him. ganesh remembers what parvati told him and he thinks is it right for me to be angry yet till now? No, it is not because Chandra dev has realized his mistake and I cannot be so angry, I have to bring Chandra dev back and save the world.
There kartikeya and everyone pray and kartikeya takes the durva and touches it over ganesh’s body. There ganesh laughs as he feels tickled and parvati says what happened? Ganesh says mother I was angry again now suddenly but I let it go and then suddenly something tickled my body and I started laughing. Ganesh and parvati go and ganesh appears there. Everyone do pranam and indra dev says prabhu! Please help and save the world, please bring Chandra dev back. devi rohini says ganesh ji please bring my swami back and save him from your curse ganesh ji. Ganesh says I cannot do that. ganesh says indra dev even you know that when we give a curse it cannot be taken back completely. Kartikeya says but there must be some way ganesh, do something. Ganesh says yes there is, iam not angry on Chandra dev anymore, I will bring him back.
Ganesh calls Chandra dev and says Chandra dev please come here. Chandra dev hears ganesh’s voice and says ganesh ji is calling me but what if he punishes me again? ganesh says Chandra dev I am no more angry on you, please come here. indra dev calls Chandra dev as well. Chandra dev then appears and hides his face and says everyone please don’t look at me otherwise you will have hell through your life. Ganesh takes away Chandra dev’s hidden face in the open and says Chandra dev don’t worry, I am no more angry on you and I forgive you. ganesh says I free you from the curse that I gave but there will be only one day when you will face the grahan and the eclipse and that is during bhadrapad maa’s day of shuklapaksh Chaturthi, that is my birthday. Chandra dev says forgive me ganesh ji, I had become egoistic. Ganesh says Chandra dev even I love myself but there should not be ego about yourself but only modesty and love. Chandra dev does sashtang dandvat and takes ganesh’s blessings, ganesh blesses Chandra dev and says today is shuklapaksh and I combine it with me, which will also be called as ganesh Chaturthi and those who do the Pooja of Chandra dev with mine and complete the Pooja with Chandra dev’s, I will take away all their problems away. Ganesh says remember, the Pooja of ganesh Chaturthi will be finished only after the fast and aarti of Chandra dev! Chandra dev takes blessings of ganesh and says thank you ganesh ji.

Precap: Bhom meditates and ganesh gets even more angrier. Ganesh starts pulling brahma dev with his trunk by wind. Brahma dev says son ganesh please stop this, lord Vishnu says son ganesh pleas dont pull brahma dev otherwise it will be a huge problem.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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