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ruhi omkara singh oberoi, age: 7: one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. like om, she is a great listener however like gauri, a number one chatterbox. also like om, she loves art a lot and is often with om in his art studio painting. she along with her other sisters know how to annoy gauri a lot and they are papa’s princesses. ruhi gets along with everyone in the family and everyone loves her expect for one person and she doesn’t know why.

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Rudra singh oberoi a.k.a rudy, age: 33: a workaholic. because of bhavya’s death, he has became a whole new person. doesn’t spend any time with his family and most days he drinks till he is relieved. when bhavya died, he went into business and ended up becoming a stubborn, shrewd and arrogant businessman with a giant ego. he hates one person in his family the most. married to somu but can’t accept her nor the kids.

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Soumya Rudra singh oberoi a.k.a somu, age: 31: two years after bhavya left the world, she and Rudy got married because of their grandmothers’ promise. somu loves rudy a lot but rudy hates her and the kids she gave him. despite his hatred, she still manages to stay sweet and cute. she doesn’t know that Rudra had a child with his first wife, she only knows about bhavya. whenever she is with ruhi, she feels some motherly connection. fashion designer by profession.

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naksh, age: 5: the younger twin by 3 minutes. a very sweet and bubbly boy. has a big obsession with football. very close to his big brother sahil. wants his dad to love him.

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naira, age: the older twin by 3 minutes. the smart one out of both twins. sweet and bubbly and annoying somu is her pass time. very close to ruhi. wants rudy to love her.

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omkara singh oberoi a.k.a om, age: 34

gauri omkara singh oberoi, age: 30 (because of their past, they had riom early)

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shivay singh oberoi, age: 37

anika shivay singh oberoi, age: 35




rikara’s children:

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riom, age: 14

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mishti a.k.a misty, age: 13

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naina a.k.a munni, age: 4

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pari, age: 7 months




shivika’s children:

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niyati, age: 16

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aarti, age: 15

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sahil, age: 6

all the other family members are here.

so what happened to ruvya’s daughter?

what happened to her?

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    Amazing. I hope that Rudra falls in love with Saumya and I have the feeling that Ruhi is Ruvya’s daughter

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