Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganesh feels uneasy

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahadev shivshankar, gauri mata, ganesh , kartik & mushakji are walking towards their in-laws palace & all the people of villages are welcoming mahadev shivshankar , gauri mata, ganesh, kartik by bending, touching their feet & praying them. Gauri mata’s father & mother are also welcoming them. All are happy by welcoming them & rejoiced.

Ganesh is feeling some confusing things happened with him in his mind while on the way & thinks of telling father shivshankar.

Kartik is joking about ganesh while welcoming in his grandfather’s palace. Their grandfather & grandmother give welcome hospitality to all.

Ganesh is thinking of telling something to his father shivshankar but his grandfather & grandmother are not allowing to talk & takes ganesh to his room to rest & then talk later.

Ganesh is thinking what had happened while on his way & feeling uneasy so wishes to talk with father but again thinks he must be resting so thinks of his brother kartik bur thinks again feeling to talk with gauri mata & goes to talk but mata tells her to talk with father as she wishes to go somewhere urgently so not to stop her & ganesh is confused. Ganesh meets father but he too says not now but later as he wishes to go somewhere urgently so again gets confused. Ganesh now thinks of talking with kartik but kartik is busy talking with grandfather & again stops.

Ganesh is now hearing some voice calling friend friend to him & falls in confusion as walks outside too for voice search. Ganesh goes ahead more walking & sees his mother from her backside talking with that unknown man but as goes close they vanish. Ganesh is again seeing father with that unknown man & thinking what he is doing with father. Again goes close & they vanish. Ganesh is now feeling the evil form of that unknown man. He also sees a kuber talking with this unknown man but again they vanish too.

The evil unknown men are hiding behind the trees & seeing ganesh walking towards the cave.

Ganesh is near a cave & hears voice as friend & is getting confused. He thinks of something inside the cave calling him & saint guru from the village is seeing ganesh near the cave & is feeling to stop ganesh by entering the cave to avoid happening of big sin.

Ganesh is walking towards cave & guru saint thinks that now I only have to do something but suddenly Kartik comes calling ganesh to take him to palace for his abhishek. Ganesh tells kartik yes but let me tell you something but kartik says later as all are waiting for your abhishek process to start & then we have time to talk.

The saint guru is thinking that now it has happened for good but next time these evils will try doing something again so I only have to do something to stop this.

The evils hiding behind trees feel their trick did not work so have to try next time again.


Precap: Ganesh is hearing a voice of a small child in his room. Ganesh is trying to help the child but Laxmi mata & prabhu Vishnu are seeing this & thinks ganesh must not do this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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