Shakti 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto forces Soumya to tie Harman-Mahi’s marriage ghatbandhan

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Shakti 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedant asking Soumya to get water for him. He tells Preeto that Soumya doesn’t know anything. Shanno asks her to concentrate on marriage. Sindhu asks Soumya about Mallika. Preeto hears her and comes there. She says wherever she is, she is safe, she wanted to stop the marriage, I tried to made her understand but she didn’t listen so she kept her captive. Soumya asks if she is fine. Vedant says she is fine and safe. She says Mallika wanted to eclipse your happiness. Kareena brings Chameli to Saya and smirks. Chameli sees Saya unconsciously lying and gets shocked. Harak Singh asks Harman to come as everyone is waiting for the mahurat. Harman drinks wine. Harak Singh says we will drink it later. Harman says I can’t take rounds except with Soumya and that’s why have to drink. Harak

Singh feels bad for him. Harman says he is feeling bad for Soumya. He tells that a lonely son misses only Maa and Papa. He hugs Harak Singh. Harak Singh says everything will be fine, don’t take tension. He says your father and mother are still alive, don’t take tension. Soumya asks God to make her heart as stone. She sees Harak Singh bringing Harman there and thinks she is feeling bad to be kinnar today. Mahi is brought there in bridal attire. She looks at Harman and gets teary eyes. Kal ho na ho plays……Preeto sees tears in her eyes and asks her to wipe it, says my son shall not see it. Just act to be happy here, then cry all life. Soumya asks her to tell truth, asks if I was not a kinnar then want kind of bahu I would be. Preeto says I will not lie, if you would have been a woman then would have been a best bahu of this world. Soumya gets teary eyes and emotional. Harman comes to the mandap and sit beside Mahi.

Kareena is sitting infront of Saya and Chameli. They are tied. Kareena says she will free them once Harman gets marriage. Saya says you are the snake in sleeve, I did a mistake by giving you a chance. Pandit ji asks Harman and Mahi to stand up and make each other wear garland. Mahi and Harman stands up. Mahi makes him wear garland. Everyone claps. Pandit ji asks Harman to make the bride wear garland.

Preeto asks Harman to make Mahi wear garland. Harman makes Mahi wear garland. Everyone claps. Soumya gets emotional and hurt. Pandit ji asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Preeto says Soumya will do the ghatbandhan. Everyone is surprised. Preeto asks Soumya to tie the ghatbandhan. Soumya thinks how to tie the ghatbandhan with my hand. Pandit ji says mother ties the ghatbandhan. Preeto says I know, but this is Harman’s second marriage so I want Soumya to tie the ghatbandhan and handover Harman to Mahi. Harman says Soumya will not do the ghatbandhan, she doesn’t know the meaning of it else our relation wouldn’t have broken. Preeto asks him to trust her and says if this ghatbandhan is tied by a kinnar’s hand then this relation will be of many births. Kareena tells Saya and Chameli that ghatbandhan is being tied now and says I never thought that Soumya’s life will be ruined so badly and her mother would be helpless to watch it. Saya asks her to let them go.

Soumya picks the ghatbandhan cloth and ties it to Harman and Mahi’s clothes. Tu hi mera khuda…

Precap: Pandit ji asks them to start the rounds. Saya and Chameli reaches them. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife. Saya curses Preeto to go through the same phase.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Makers literally ruined & spoiled everything.what a show was shakti.everything went into vain.such a strong lead character Harman singh! Makers turned him duniya ka sabse bada pagal,gadha,bewakuf,dumb,illiterate mad man.infact is duniya ke sabse bade gadhe se smart to langda nikla.kya aramse usne apna khel khel diya woh bhi is gadhe ke nak ke niche se.this is called shakti makers, the main lead vivian dasena shown a foolish for a new entry monkey sahil. vivian understand now atleast? You have been lost that hero attitude what fans use to like.because after this Harman is a useless guy who will never come up from his mothers palu.woh uski maa ka palu pakad ke chalne wala aadmi hain.jaise paltu kuta,tommy sit,tommy get up,tommy sleep with mahi,tommy give me my waris.such a disgusting man.god showed him so many times to find out but he hopeless rascal only followed his wicked mother.i don’t see any difference in that langda & Harman tommy of preeto.yeh dil se badua hain ki who langda andha ho jaye.usne saumya aur soham ki zindagi barbad kardi woh deserve nahin karta is duniya ko dekhe.he must die.infact Harman itna bada gadha hain ki jab use sach pata bhi chalega he wont accept it,he will still be in his wicked mothers influence.thats the reason he completed his suhagrat as fans had said he is never in his senses because he is always he became a father now this chapter is closed for all fans.there is no unique love story left.but the tough trauma what saumya went through she did not deserved that.while Harman surbhi marriage also saumya went through this face,in jaslleen harmans wedding also saumya went through this face & again finally Harman mahi saumya went through this face because she is a kinner.her love is true love but not harmans.if harmans love was a true one he would have never married mahi.agar malika ki badua preeto ko lagegi toh jaise saumya ki zindagi barbad hui waise hi preeto ke samne Harman barbad hoga.agar phere hote hi Harman ko pata chala ki saumya ki shaddi jhooti thi preeto must face the consequence.jaise Harman ne saumya ka shrad kiya use preeto ka bhi karna padega,but she is his mother he cannot do it.but makers will never reveal that it was preeto plan.if Harman truly loved saumya then he must leave his mother & house too.he must end or kill himself by drinking.preeto must beg in front of saumya to save his sons baar preeto ko uska beta wapas nahin milna chaiye.preeto must regret why did she separated Harman saumya.this must be a punishment for her.the entire family must suffer.they must be on roads like a begger.harak singh must loose all his property.shanno veeran must beg for food.they must realize that whatever they did with saumya & soham was wrong.infact that mahi must also divorce Harman & leave him & go.preeto puri tarah se barbad honi chaiye.saumya ek kinner hote hue us ghar ke liye laxmi thi,but jaise mahi ne ghar main kadam rakha preeto ki family ke bure din shuru hone chaiye.make preeto realize for what she did.this is all fans thoughts & emotions,so nothing will happen as negative characters are always in good books of preeto,harak singh,shanno,kareena, forget it.nomore shakti.everything is finished.todays episode was the last for shakti fans.we still waited that Harman would be smart enough & he might stop the marriage but he remained a dumb fool till he lost chapter closed.whomsoever watch shakti enjoy.

  2. yes you are right fans.preeto ne apna acha nasib “saumya” ko ghar se aur harman ke zindagi se bahar nikala hain,she must pay for it.preeto aur uski family barbad ho jani chaiye.aur harman ko toh apni maa ki kiye ki saza bhugatni hogi.preeto harman ko istarah dekh ke should happen this way only.malika chameli ki badua lagni chaiye.preeto ka sukh chain kho jana chaiye.she deserves that.harman nashe main sadak kinnare pada hona must be a lesson to saumya also.because she left harman first from his house.saumya aur preeto ki galti ke wajahse harman suffer hoga.mahi must show her true colors.she is educated & a woman this must be a shock for preeto.preeto ko ek aurat chaiye thi apne bete ke liye aur family ke she must come to know that ek kinner kitni imander thi aur ek aurat kitni selfish thi.yes we want preeto to realise.we want to see preetos struggle to bring back saumya and soham for harmans life & her own family too.she must realise what mistake she has done by hurting saumya & separating both of them.she must regret when harman will hate her.and all bad things happen in her house.specially the woman who will be so selfish & never respect preeto & harak singh as saumya respected despite of their hatred.

  3. I wont agree with you guys. if you have watched few last episodes the attitide shown by soumya these are nothing infront her attitude. She deserves this pain. And how long u guys want Harman to suffer for her. Try to uderstands the fact this marriage is not the only thing which broke their relationship already she has broken the relationships by hurting Harman infront of vedant and by giving back her mangalsutra. U are all blaming harman because of his unintentional mistake but why dont u blame Soumya for her intentional fallacies. She clearly knows that there are lot of people want to separate their relationship and in that time without thinking about saving the relationship she has taken wrong decisions and became the root cause of this marriage. She has too fix it why harman. Inorder to make Harman plea infront of Soumya writers have made this. Because you guys always expect only harman to prove his love but not soumya.

  4. I have stopped watching this serial, one in while i read the updates of the seria. As I have done today. Only to further the serial stary writers are dragging.

  5. Disgusting track & show.all rubbish they have done.ruined the show brutally by harmans marriage.there is no logic behind this marriage.doesnt make any sense.spoiled harmans character.if it would have been fake or secret marriage it makes any sense,but showing real marriage & then twist doesnt make any sense.when makers are so confident of their show at no.1 position then let them continue with new per them (vedant & saumya) (harman & mahi) are the no one jodis in televison.the hit jodis.then continuue the show with their scenes.why using romantic flashback scenes of harman & saumya to run the show.makers wanted a twist with new entries then why old pairs flashback is shown to ordians.apna show new entries ke saath chalau.feels ashamed to comment to such makers.disgusting people.good for nothing.because of these makers we have to demand them to end the show.spoiled everything.bluddy shit.such opposite new entries are brought,they dont even know to talk.yuks.the way that sahil talks as if a dog is talking.and that female what a disgusting match for attraction on her face,she looks like a white ghost.hopeless let the makers watch themselves

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