Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Indra dev hides in swarg lok.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh giving ravana water to drink. Ravana says indra dev had decided that he will hide away from shani dev and shani dev had decided to use his power of vision on indra dev.
Shani dev is flying to swarg lok. Indra dev is running away in swarg lok as he says I have to be quick. Indra dev hears the sound of crows and he is worried. Indra dev runs in swarg lok finding a place to hide. Indra dev sees shani dev’s shadow and he says shani dev, stop there because where I am going there no one’s sight can be seen. Indra dev enters a secret wall and gets inside a room safe from shani dev.
Indra dev says now I am safe in my secret room. Shani dev is flying towards swarg lok and he says you cannot be safe from my vision devraj indra. Shani dev lands in swarg lok. Indra dev is over confident about no one entering his secret room, as he gets ready to rest for some time. Indra dev rests as shani dev waits for indra dev. Shani ev’s crows reach the secret room. Indra dev is disturbed by the sound of crows and he opens his eyes and sees the room is empty and says there is nothing here, what did I hear then? Indra dev is worried but he rejects the possibility of anyone coming there. Indra dev waits for a long time and thinks of going out. Indra ev goes out of the room and he comes in the palace and see shani dev waiting on a hill. Shani dev looks at indra dev with his vision stare. Indra dev is shocked.
As ganesh and ravana walk, a storm comes and ganesh says it wont be good to stop here. Ravana says there is no storm or tornado that can stop lankesh ravana! We shall continue ahead.
Indra dev gets in the court the next day but trips on the stairs. He walks to his throne and is worried about the signs of shani dev’s vision stare. Vishwakarma ji comes and all gods stand in respect, indra dev is unable to stand due to pain in his joints. Vishwakarma says you did not stand devraj to stand up and respect me, then why do you call me guru? Indra dev says no guru, it is something else! I haven’t forgotten anything, there is immense pain in my knees and I am not able to get up. Vishwakarma says stop it devraj, I am ashamed of you being my student. Vishwakarma says you are giving me a reason instead of respecting me. Indra dev says enough gurudev, if you are dev guru even I am devraj indra and if I am mistake you have the right to correct me but you cannot insult me! I am saying the truth but you wont believe. Vishwakarma says enough indra dev, I have been insulted in a council of gods, being the dev guru but now I give away my position and I wont be the dev guru from now. All gods try to stop vishwakarma but indra dev says don’t stop him, let him go, even we have the independency to choose our own guru. All gods still try to stop but rishi vishwakarma goes.
Ravana says devguru left the gods and elsewhere asura raj vidhwanshak got the support of rishi shukracharya. Vidhwanshak goes to shokracharya and shokracharya says, I know you have the power to take someone else’s weapon and wield its power but you have to use intelligence to win the battle. Vidhwanshak says I am ready gurudev. Ravana says indra dev, did not listen to guru vishwakarma but the demons listened to their guru. The demons attacked swarg lok from all sides and separated the gods from each other and surrounded them with their army.
Vidhwanshak comes with his demon army. Indra dev and the gods attacks the soldiers. Vidhwanshak uses his hammers and takes the power of the weapons of the gods. The gods struggle to hold on their weapons. Vidhwanshak uses his hammer and attacks swarg lok, as the gates are broken. The demon soldiers are commanded to attack and steal the weapons of gods. The gods run away with their weapons on indra dev’s command. Indra dev is followed by shani dev’s vision. Ravana says the gods then went to rishi dadichi, so that he could save them.
Shani dev says remember rishi dadichi what you said, now devraj will come and you will know how my vision stare shall affect you.
Devi suvarna tells rishi dadichi, shani dev has used his vision on you still you don’t look worried. Dadichi says even you shouldn’t be worried as mahadev will be born here, and shani dev is doing his duty and I shall do mine.

Precap: Indra dev and gods go to rishi dadichi for help. Shani dev’s stare forces devi suvarna to abandon her son, mahadev first avatar, Piplath.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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