Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gajasura fights devi durga.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narad muni asking who is gajasura? What enmity does he have with mata grihalaxmi? Lord Vishnu says gajasura and grihalaxmi’s enmity go way back to ages. Narad muni says what happened prabhu? Lord Vishnu says it is ages ago, gajasura is the son of mhaishasura and he knew that the gods can kill him and his father anytime they want so he started praying to brahma dev for amrit and immortality.
Brahma dev was impressed and so gajasura asked for immortality. Brahma dev denied as it was against the rules. Gajasura then says, brahma dev we demons can be killed by some powerful human, god or demon only so bless me that no god, demon or powerful human can ever kill me. Brahma dev blesses gajasura and says the reason for your end shall be a woman. Gajasura insulted a woman and brahma dev goes.
Lord Vishnu says, at the same time mhaishasura was killed by devi durga and so gajasura went for revenge to devi durga and challenged her to battle. Gajasura and devi durga fight. Durga cuts the head of gajasura but it comes back and gajasura laughs. Lord Vishnu says then all gods came to devi laxmi and asked her to kill gajasura. So devi laxmi took the form of griha laxmi as it is the simplest form of devi laxmi. Griha laxmi comes and stops gajasura, she says I am the reason for your death gajasura.
Gajasura is about to attack grihalaxmi when grihalaxmi uses a chakra and puts her powers in it, she attacks it on gajasura, he turns to stone and is destroyed and killed. Devi durga is grateful to griha laxmi for killing gajasura. Narad muni says so even this time, mata you will kill gajasura. Lord Vishnu says this time it is not possible narad muni, this time only radha knows how gajasura will be killed.
In barsana, brij bhanu thanks radha for helping people of vrindavan put away the problem that came recently. Rishi gargacharya comes to barsana at radha’s house and he says now we have to change the tradition, a woman is known to take care of everyone and the household, so when time comes a woman can protect the world too. Brij bhanu says what do we do to give a woman her respect, how do we make them griha laxmi? Gargacharya says a woman’s Pooja has been gone long time ago. Radha says yes. Gargacharya says on Panchami, a woman’s Pooja is done. Brij bhanu says but everyone has forgotten it. Gargacharya says that is why, do preparations brij bhanu we will bring that tradition back. Brij bhanu says okay.
Kanha says to balram, guru dev has not come as it has been time. Balram says guru sandeepani had gone to bath to the river. Kanha says yes but it has been a long time. Kansa in Mathura, says I will not let sandeepani teach kanha and balram the vimla kala. Kansa attacks an arrow which hits sandeepani who falls down at the banks of the river with the arrow in his chest. Balram sees sandeepani and says kanha, come here, gurudev has been attacked. Balram goes and says wake up gurudev, as he has tears.
Kanha is shocked and he says gurudev, get up. Nothing can happen to you, kanha and balram are sad. Balram gets angry and searches for the attacker. Kanha says I wont leave that attacker alive.
Kansa is with mata danu and he says I attacked that sandeepani. Kansa laughs. Bhadraksh says what an aim bhagwan! Kansa says if sandeepani is not there, he wont teach kanha all the 8 arts and kanha will never become paramavatar, then even radha will be killed by gajasura.
Rishi sandeepani is being treated at the ashram as kanha is worried. Kanha says will he be fine? The doctor says I am sorry kanha, guru dev has died that arrow was a demonic arrow. Kanha says what are you saying? This is not possible, nothing can happen to our gurudev. Kanha tells doctor to try again please, I cannot see gurudev die. The doctor tries again for kanha and does what he can. Balram comes and says he saw everywhere but could not know who the attacker was. The doctor checks and says balram, gurudev is still alive, he hasn’t died! He can be brought back, kanha and balram are happy. Balram says what do we do? Doctor says with the right techniques, guru dev can be brought back alive.
Kanha says I know what to do, we have to gain the knowledge of vimla kala, it can save guru dev. Balram says how will we take that knowledge? Kanha says you stay here brother, take care of guru. I will go and find vimla kala. Kanha goes.

Precap: gajasura goes to barsana. He stands on a hill and says now I will make griha laxmi come out and kill her. In barsana, suddenly problems arise in people’s household.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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