Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev and adishakti combine their forms.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kali saying mahadev was picking his trishul to fight me. Ganesh says I understand what father’s anger can do. Kali says but I knew ahadev would not attack and fight me, because I was not only his wife, I was his disciple too, so would he attack another disciple to save one disciple?
There adi-shakti smiles. Mahadev keeps his trishul and says what made you smile devi? Adishakti says mahadev, would you attack me? Because I am not only your wife, I am also your disciple, so will you attack your disciple? Mahadev smiles. He then calms down. supriya thinks, it is good that the tension between mahadev and mata adishakti is over. Mahadev smiles and says devi, I am impressed by what you said, it is true what you said, ask anything you want from me. Adishakti says that is why I love you swami, you are kind and devo ke dev, you are our bholenath. Mahadev says enough devi, ask what wish you want, because this demon is of destructive thoughts and negative thoughts, he will not be kept alive.
Devi adishakti closes her eyes and then she summons her form of mata kali. Adishakti says prabhu, isn’t my form of kali destructive? Then will you kill my destructive form? Will you kill me? Adishakti says as a matter of fact, even your form of mahakaal is destructive, then why don’t you destroy it? Mahadev calms down. adishakti says there are not only demons, but even people who have destructive thoughts, but it doesn’t mean we will kill them, mahadev you and me both, we contain all the 3 characters, that of love, destruction and creation. Adishakti says, daruk is destructive and adharmi, but daruka is my disciple and I had promised to protect her and her people, what I mean is if we need a solution on this, then I will ask from you my wish, I want you to bless me that we both together think and find a solution over this such that even your and my wish’s decorum is maintained and we also save everyone.
Adishakti goes ahead and she combines into the body of mahadev. Everyone do pranam to this form of mahadev and adishakti. Then mahadev and adishakti together say, as this universe contains persons of both positive and negative thoughts, we have decided that daruka and her demons can live on this forest but from now demons will be allowed only on earth of destructive thoughts but demons who follow iniquity and use their powers for the wrong doings and for killing innocent people cannot live on this forest, if that happens then they will be killed. Adishakti says and daruka you are my disciple, you can live on this forest but if the thoughts differ and it includes killing and hurting innocent people then that person cannot live on this forest. Daruk gets up and says no, this is not fair, what is this mata? I do not accept what you said, you came here to protect us but you are going against us, daruka thinks mata’s decision is right and says swami please don’t say that. Daruk says daruka, your bhakti is of no use you fool, daruka thinks why is swami insulting me? Daruk says no this cannot happen, these men are my food and I will not leave them, I will kill you. Daruk takes his weapon, kali comes down and gets angry she says how dare you speak like this in front of mahadev and mata adishakti? You have drowned in your ego and now you will be punished for your sin. Mata kali removes her sword and kills daruk. Daruka says no mata! Daruka cries and says mata, please save my swami, you can bring him back alive, only you can do that mata, please! He will change and I will make him understand, please mata show mercy, show your kindness. Mata kali thinks and she gives daruk his life. daruka is alive and he comes ahead and has tears, he says mahadev, mata adishakti, forgive me, I promise I will become of positive thoughts and let go of my ego.
Mahadev and adishakti say daruk from your attitude, you cannot be trusted anymore. Mahadev and adishakti use their powers and build a shiv ling. Adishakti says this shiv ling will be stated here in this forest.
There ganesh says so till now mata, you created everything, created earth, gave it life and created sun, you created trees and life, you gave everyone their bhawan and then also established all the characters on earth. Kartikeya says what was the purpose of your chinnmastika form?
Kali says after daruk, a more dangerous demon arise, he was named ekaksh, he was a one-eyed demon of the same rastal lok. He encouraged all his demon armies and put them against the gods and earth. There ekaksh arises and he tells his demons, look at the state of our demon army on earth, daruk and all of them got insulted and we got kicked in our face.

Precap: ekaksh says all my demons wake up, don’t sleep, look at the gods how royally they live in swarg lok, we will attack them and we will take over earth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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