Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira joins a college

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying you are eating a lots of spicy food. Naitik says I go to gym everyday. Chitti laughs. Naitik asks him to focus on his work. He says Sudhir said laptop is fine, he has installed anti virus. She checks her phone. Coffee drops on the laptop. She worries and cleans it. Kartik and her pics play on screen. She thinks of Kartik and his words. She asks should I fill the college form. Naitik says of course, you should. He gets the form. He gets Kirti’s message. She writes Kartik has signed the papers. Naira fills the form and thinks of the family. Kartik asks why shall I do this, its a prestigious takeover.

Manish says that’s why I want you to do this. Kartik sees Imperial college documents. Naira says I heard about Imperial college a lot, my incomplete wish will be fulfilled. Manish says you will handle this project, else we won’t have the takeover. Kartik says fine I will see. Naira says I will submit form tomorrow. Naira recalls the family moments. Kartik too thinks of her. Yahan wahan….plays….. They wake up and look for each other beside on the bed. They get sad. Yeh rishta kya…..plays… She sees her ring and thinks of him. He sees the ring and thinks of her. She wears the ring. He throws the ring. She puts the ring back. He makes a drink and sits.

She gets engaged in work. Its morning, Naitik talks to Chitti. She asks him to get breakfast, he has to board the train. Chitti asks her to apply butter. Naitik says she stopped all this after marriage. She applies much butter to the bread and eats. Lav and Kush see Kartik having food. Kartik asks who is there. They apologize. Kartik says so, tell me, how are you both playing cricket. They say you mean football. Kartik says yes, football. They say its good, please stop fighting with Naira, call her. Surekha asks them to come fast. They go. Kartik sees Naira’s pic on the tv. He loses cool and breaks the tv. Manish comes running and sees the mess. He asks what did you just do, why are you so angry about, what has happened to you, answer me. Kartik asks him to leave him alone for some time. Someone comes home and says I m here to pick the parcel. Bhabhimaa doesn’t hear well. Naksh makes her wear the hearing aid. He gives the parcel. He says Kirti has sent gifts for Lav and Kush.

She says till when will Kirti stay away from her family. Naksh says I didn’t stop her. Devyaani says she doesn’t need to go there, Bhabhimaa you always said that it took 10 years for Akshara and you to reconcile, Suwarna isn’t understanding, how much time shall we give her, Suwarna is adamant. Bau ji stops her. Bhabhimaa says Kirti should not break relations with Maayka, maybe Lav and Kush also help and unite Naira and Kartik. Devyaani says Suwarna and Kartik didn’t see Naira till now. Naksh says Naira also didn’t talk to them, lets put an end here, we discuss this topic and get disturbed. Kirti hears them. He goes. Kirti sends the mail. Naira gets some papers. She sees Kartik’s sign on the papers. She signs on the papers. Naitik looks on. She says I shall leave. Naitik hugs her. He says may your new start turns out well. She says thanks, even I was waiting for this day. She goes.

Manish says Naira is in Mumbai, I want Kartik to handle this takeover by going Mumbai. Naira reaches the college.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I just want to say Karthik never really loves Naira, how many times already he kept getting angry with Naira and when found out he was wrong then he asked forgiveness but if things happened again he will goes back to blamed Naira,when he is happy he lovey dovey with Naira how can this be called love??? True love is unconditional!!! Also there should be mutual Trust!! How can Goenka family believe that Naira wants to hurt Shubham?? Goenka family are so ungrateful!!! Did they forgotten how Singhanias family forgave their family member for killing Askhara?? now that this happened why cannot they forgave Naira even though its not of Naira’s fault??? In the first place Suwarna hides from everyone about Shubham because of Karthik!! Now she ruined Karthik life because of Shubham.,in anyway she brought misfortune to both her sons!!! I really hope Naira don’t ever goes back to Goenkas never never forgives them!!!

  2. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia until how long will naira kartik not talk to each other two year leap has been they both have just divorced each other without meeting each other speaking to each other it’s not fair on naira kartik anymore they both need to speak to each other right now because it’s not fair on anyone it’s not nairas fault that aryan has died she didn’t deserve this that her husband kartik is ignoring naira his wife I’m happy that naira hasn’t lost her memory anymore
    Kind regards soofia

  3. Ek college me Karthik ko Kya Kam hoskta h project ka… Ab usko lecturer na bana de.. story less serial ab logic less hojaega

    1. Logicless th pehle hi ho gaya tha.. even since naira and her mahan acts started and her silly and idiotic childish romance started everywhere it became illogical!

  4. You are absolutely right. Suwarna got misfortune for both the kids and family and it’s not naira. In case of Shubham everywhere Suwarna was wrong. How I wish I could tell her this. Am hating her and kartik both. It would be take an amazing awesome turn if akshara enters at this time and makes everything fine. Please bring hina khan back please

    1. I agreed with you Ridz!!!

  5. This is a very unfair turn of this drama. Was there any need for Shubham o go so suddenly when he started making an effort to improve and …… A positive twist would have been better. Instead pf promoting sadness for such a wide and committed audience. Nine years glued to this play the audience also deserve credit. I dont think the audience deserved this. Kartik portrays an abnormal character in this play. First he was the angry young man who did not want to see his father and now he has nothing to do with Naira whom he claims to love so much. If he loves her why e did not listen to her. Sawarna character is also loosing the respect she enjoyed. Un realistic. When Shubham was drawing so much money after loosing his love Suhana and was in bad shape it did not occur to the family members even once what was possible for him to do with the money. The play has now entered the silliest turn

    1. Very very true !!! This drama is getting unfair to both the actors n viewers!!!

  6. Naksh my boy, today you were killing your looks ????? cuteness overload , i was waiting this till yesterday. I don’t understand what makes keerti to cut off for having the relationship of her family . So funny to see karthik being alcoholic and acting as he wanted to kill someone, just chill out with dumbass. Suwarna mata you are just spoiled your second son’s life for allowing him to drinks alcohol, so you wanted to lose your second sons maybe that’s why keerti left you.

  7. Hi all I am Miya and I am a new comer here and hope I can also be an active commenters like u all anyway sad with Kiara’s separation..

  8. but naira was fallin from the roof……..what happended?? did she not fall or what

  9. Naira looks weird.shivangi should learn acting.
    Kartik ko kya bana diya to show naira great.
    End the show

  10. One thing that when aksharas death was happened by goenkas daughter mansi, then that time nairas family and now had forgiven mansi and also gave one chance to mansi, and now shubhams death was happened because of drugs and because of naira hidden the truth about shubhams drug addict from famil, then why this time kartiks family and kartik not forgiven naira and gave one chance to naira tell whole truth about shubhams drug addict that she means naira wanted to tell family about shubhams drug addict, but shubham had stopped naira, and that is drug dealers or shubhams friend whoever is gave shubham a drug not naira, then why this time kartiks family and kartik not gave one chance to naira and why they not forgiven naira, why kartiks family and kartik had blamed naira for shubhams death. How could goenka family do this with naira, this is wrong, this is very very wrong.
    Goenka family and kartik should give one chance to naira and should forgive naira. And when bhabhimaas husband daddajis death was happened and for that when bhabhimaa had thrown akshara out of the house then naitik had supported akshara his wife, and now when shubhams death was happened then why kartik had not supported naira his wife, why kartik had blamed naira for shubhams death, this is wrong, this is very very wrong, I hate it. Kartik should support naira his wife instead blaming naira for shubhams death. And goenka family should forgive naira and should give one chance to naira instead blaming naira for shubhams death. Whenever any bad situation comes to goenka family, then that time goenka family always blames naira for their own family member or daughter or son, and that time kartik also blames naira for his goenka family member or siblings, then for that naira becomes daughter in law, this is wrong, this is very very wrong.

    1. You are saying all what I am trying to say too!!! Karthik keeps saying he loves Naira but never supports her even he knows very well Naira wouldn’t wants anything bad for the family or Shubham!!!
      After knowing Naira and you are both husband and wife yet you can still doubt Naira and angry with Naira, That is why I said Naira should not goes back to Karthik forget about Goenkas and moves on!!! They don’t deserve you!!

  11. hi this is my first ever comment on yrkkh forum. Actually I don’t think those are divorce papers, because if they were, kirti wouldn’t have told karthik to sign them and when karthik signed I read the word “owner” on the paper, couldn’t rewind the scene as hotstar isn’t available in my region, so have to watch on tv only. next is that it is still not shown what happened after naira fell down. So in my opinion, naira is affected by karthik’s words and karthik is upset that naira left than subham’s death. it is just suwarna who is making the issue too big without realizing she is ruining karthik’s life and Geetika said above, they have forgotten what mansi did to akshara… I believe once kaira meet, karthik will start getting better, of course after a few episodes and will convince naira.

  12. when will this serial go off air. i dont like naira at all.she is behaving like a kid and also overacting.Iam requesting YRKKH team please stop this stupid drama.

  13. Swarna is just acting like a dumb.she is acting like a boss and so called kartik’s mother.But how can a mother ruin her children’s swarna is ruining kartik’s life because of her selfishness. The whole family is doing injustice. They should’ve listened to naira for once.its so unfair.I want kaira back.

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