Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishi dadichi prays to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana saying, after mahadev’s boon, shani dev became the god amongst the 9 planets. Shani dev says mahadev has made the god of karma, from now I shall give everyone the good and bad they deserve based on their karma. Ravana says shani dev, started doing his duty with all determination. So mahadev, took birth as piplath because of shani dev bad stare which caused problems.
Ganesh says who was prabhu piplath’s father? ravana says his father was brahma dev’s grandson Maharishi dadichi! Dadichi prayed to mahadev for years for a child and everyday his meditation increased and prayers increased which impressed mahadev. The fire of dadichi’s meditation was so hot that indra dev brought rain to cool down dadichi’s heat of meditation. Indra dev continued the rains and the water in all water bodies increased so much that a flood headed towards rishi dadichi, but he kept praying and due to mahadev’s shiv ling in between the flood did not touch rishi dadichi. Ganesh says shiv ling protected dadichi. Ravana says indra dev kept the rains continued and soon some boulders headed the way of dadichi at which time dadichi opened his eyes and saw the rocks were about to hti shiv ling, so he held the shiv ling and protected it as the rocks hit him.
Mahadev opens his eyes and he gives darshan to rishi dadichi and says your prayers have succeeded. What do you want from me? dadichi says I did this prayer for a child and I want a boon that I get a divya son. dadichi has tears as he looks at mahadev. Mahadev says like a father you protected my shiv ling s, o give you a boon that I will myself be born as a son to you. rishi dadichi is happy and he thanks mahadev.
Ganesh sees they have come to a desert and he thinks, now ravana will drink more water and soon he will go to pee as ravana will give me the aatma ling and I will put it on ground. Ganesh prays to surya dev to increases his heat today.
Ravana tells the story and says dadichi told his wife about this and soon devi suvarna was pregnant.rishi dadichi served devi suvarna with all love but soon something was about to happen. In flashback, a messenger from prajapati daksh comes to rishi dadichi and invites him for a very huge and divya yagya arranged by daksh. Dadichi accepts the invitation but also a problem that will be arising soon. Ganesh gives ravana water to drink/
Shani dev is going through the forest as he waits watching prajapati daksh coming from there. shani dev gives his stare to prajapti daksh to arise a problem in his life. daksh’a sandal breaks as he continues walking. Ganesh says yes, this is a sign of shani when sandals break or we become too lazy. Ravana says prajapati daksh gained a huge problem because his hate towards mahadev could not lessen and he did not pay attention to the sign of shani. Daksh reaches his yagya and when all gods could not see a throne for mahadev, they were sure of a problem coming. When devi sati came she was hurt after she saw what is happening and daksh prajapati insulted mahadev and gave a huge pain to devi sati. Devi sati then burned herself because of this insult and rishi dadichi was sad too as he saw mahadev being insulted. Daksh then says no one is allowed to leave the yagya until it is finished.
Ravana says even after devi sati burned, all gods and tridev stayed there but rishi dadichi denied to stay there anymore time and so he began to leave the yagya because of mahadev’s insult. Dadichi tells daksh, this yagya has been spoilt now, the agni kund is just burning and from this yagya you will get only troubles and destruction. Dadichi leaves the yagya but is stopped by shani dev.
Dadichi understands and says so this happened because of your stare shani dev. Shani dev says this is not mine, this is the result of every beings karma, I am just a medium for it. Shani dev says daksh prajapati is bound to suffer. Daksh’s head is cut and burned as dadichi watches in shock and says how can you be so harsh shani dev? Shani dev says I told you before, don’t blame me I carry mahadev’s wishes and so I warn you too, be alert. Dadichi says why should I be alert? What have I done? Shani dev says don’t be so sure, you still have to suffer the sins of your last life. dadichi says whatever you say, I am sure you cannot affect me. shani dev says yes, but you can also lose your control and do wrong things. Dadichi says I am sure I wont lose my control into doing sins. Shani dev says we will see about that. dadichi says alerting me is of no use for you, so don’t stop me. shani dev says you are challenging me rishi. Dadichi says think of it as a challenge.
Shani dev stops rishi dadichi and looks at him with his stare. Dadichi stills walks away. Shani dev says you have challenged my stare rishi var, you have to suffer that.
Dadichi reaches his ashram and as he goes, the door falls down. rishi dadichi is shocked and says the door fell? If this is shani dev’s stare, I have to face it with all my inner strength. Rishi goes inside the ashram.
Ravana tells ganesh, shani dev’s stare fell on indra dev. So indra dev started doing wrong things and he went to rishi dadichi. No one can be safe from shani dev’s stare, no human, demon or god himself.
Indra dev walks in his palace as he hears a crow and says who is this? this negative presence troubles me. indra dev hears shani dev’s voice saying even you have to suffer for your karma devraj indra, I am coming to put my stare on you so be ready to suffer for your karma devraj! I am near swarg lok now. Indra dev says no shani dev, I will go away and hide such that you wont be able to find me shani dev.
Ravana says shani dev’s stare was going to be a problem and a punishment for rishi dadichi and an unborn child, mahadev’s avatar of Piplath.

Precap: Indra dev asks help from rishi dadichi. Shani dev waits on a mountain with his stare. Devi suvarna leaves her newborn son, Piplath alone on a rock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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