From continued part everyone was sitting together and watching their all old memories.Now a little boy walking he wearing diaper looking so adorable. All making faces to see him.

Twinkle:awww so cute baby.Kunj look at twinkle.Slightly tej come and hold baby in his arms and sit on floor he playing with toys throwing here and there all things in room. All shocked to see tej.

Arey papaji you with this baby who he is tell me haan?

Lata:you guess twinkle beta.

Twinkle:how I know.

Rahul:arey see his anger throwing toys on bade papa.


@In video he kissing on tej face fully.Tej said my bacha.Those don’t know they all try to guessing and others enjoying.

Avantika calling tej he get shocked.

Tej:offo my baby now see she is coming run.Tej take Kunj and hide behind curtains Avantika entered in room.


Avantika: where is this tej haan uff what he mess all room.Her eyes went on tej leg understand she smiled and went towards curtains tej cuddling Kunj. She shift the curtains tej closed his eyes.So you are here with him haan.Anjali pause the clip.

Anjali:Arey try who he is?

Twinkle:how we know do hoga Rudra.

Anjali play the clip back. Avantika looking at little Kunj.

Avantika:see what he did tej.Come my baby little Kunj deny. She making faces and cuddles his pa back.

Tej:aww my bacha.Kunj looking at tej in present.

Avantika: kunjjj come to mamma. All get shocked loudly. What kunjjjj.

Anjali: yes he is Kunj only.

Lata:twinkle beta Kya Hua.Twinkle looking at Kunj who sitting beside her.

Twinkle:Yeh kunjj hai haan.. ??.

Tej:haa he is Kunj only.Twinkle look at Kunj.While he giving her flirty smile. ?.

Rahul:your Kunj is so adorable haina twinkle she smiled.

Avantika:see Kunj is so cute. Like Anjali

Show the more little Kunj moments with his mamma and papa little Priyanka Rudra just fighting with each other’s Omkara Rahul Anjali.Than another clip come.Two boys holding each other’s hands and playing games.

Rudra: see di your Rahul is come.

Anjali:haa I can see.Kunj and Rahul coming together.

Omkara:two besties come.Kunj and Rahul smile.Tej and Atul playing with their sons Avni and Rahul or Kunj tej Avantika and others see Atul they having tears in their eyes.

Atul: tej come lets see who will win this.

Kunj: my pa only haina. Both father and son Hifi.

Rahul:haan come dadda.They playing cricket having fun.

Twinkle: he is your father?

Rahul:hmm.Like this all four besties photos comes. In one of the pictures they all siblings together Priyanka and Rudra sitting on Kunj lap. It’s so adorable Mahi admiring little om. Than four people photo come. Little Kunj 

Kunj: aai Malika.

Kabir: aww you so beautiful all hooting to see this.Their funny pictures.then their childhood photos started.firstly kunj was busy in books like always rahul and anjali were playing together..humesha ki tarah sath sath ..Then om photos come who was busy in playing with sand…from childhood he was interested in clay & sand ,mahi admire him,then comes avni photo was playing doctor doctor with children .yuvi was like how cute..avni smiled looking at him ..then comes our naughty sarna who was pulling prinku hairs tej was behind him with stick everyone laughed this Rudra is like this only from childhood. Kunj photos with his dadu and dadi sitting in their lap.Than Kunj and Rahul college photos come in that Rahul running behind Rohan.And a boy was sitting in side busy in his books.

Anjali:uff.Kunj get up his face didn’t come he fully busy in book only.

Twinkle: he just busy in books only.


Rahul: arey Kunj come Leave this lets go in fest.Rohan take his book Kunj face come fully. So innocent wearing spectacles they get surprised to see Kunj.

Twinkle: kunjj you are battery.

Avni:haan before than me.. ??.

Lata: mera Kunj so innocent.

Rudra: we are too dadi.

Rohan: Chal Kunj lets.

Kunj: no we have classes.

Rohan: so.

Kunj: you know afterwards if pa get to knows he will shoo me.

Rahul: haan ek percentage bhi kam hua toh.

Rohan: Kunj you are topper still.

Kunj: so what. Let me go. Kunj take his books and went from there all smiled to see this.While Malika and Rohan Rahul and some others doing masti.In another clip Priyanka and Rudra fighting like anything.Rudra peeing in side all shocked his back facing ???. Anjali and Rahul romancing through their eyes in library.

Twinkle:they loving from start only.

Om:haan ??.Their family photos get end.Than a comes Avantika with her baby  bumped all siblings keep their ears near Avantika tummy and try to feel baby movement. ??. All giggles to see this.

Tej: they all get mad after Aayat news na.

Avantika: haan.Than Avantika was in bed Kunj holding small baby she is so cute all kisses on her forehead new little bundle joy comes in their life.

Tej: my doll..

Aayat: pa it’s me na.


Rudra:huhu Rat.Their all moments with little Aayat it’s so beautiful pictures.She was with Kunj mostly.They playing with Aayat she taking their baby step while holding their siblings fingers.Than Aayat all photos come she posing looking so cute.twinkle said so cute all smiled.

Then a video played where everyone was enjoying some function but our sadu sarna was sitting alone with grumpy face.twinkle said sadu sarna .anjali said you know twinkle why kunj is sitting like this because mummu had brought him by forcing him he didn’t wanted to come that’s why…twinkle said he is sadu sarna from his child hood only..all laughed.

They see all photos than suddenly a video started.

Rudra:Yeh kaunsi hai let see.( from since childhood Anjali loved to record every moment in her handy camera.

Everyone standing in garden.Little Kunj was crying he is nearly 8 years old.

Pa please I will not go anywhere Kunj Said.Tej cupped his face.No bacha Kunj you going for studies only we will come there to meet with you don’t worry.All get confused. All sibling standing in side while Avantika holding Priyanka and Rudra in her arms and tears coming from everyone eyes Kunj crying like anything Rahul standing in side.

Tej: go don’t cry please na.

Kunj: no pa I can’t live without you all I’ll not go anywhere I’ll do whatever you wanted.He crying like hell.All get sad to see this. Kunj looking at his siblings why you didn’t sending them why only me.

Dadu dadiiiii. He run towards them and hide behind them tej closed his eyes hold Kunj and forcefully taking him towards car.Omkara and Rudra crying and humming his name bhaiya. Mummy.??.in anger Kunj.pa I’ll not talk to you ever.He make him sit in car and Rahul too sit Kunj screaming loudly. Driver start the car.Kunj and Rahul left.

{ that’s why Kunj was like this with tej. That silence between them because of this. In childhood tej decided to send Kunj and Rahul boarding school to Australia and Kunj don’t wanted due to this he become like this.There also they bear so much rule and regulations.Due to some mistakes principle give them punishment send them without in forming family members to remand house.After get to know about this Prithviraj and Lata immediately bring them back.} video end everyone is in shocked. They all get up.Kunj having tears in his eyes. Others too.They didn’t said anything Kunj about to get up Avantika stop him in gestured.Try to change the situation.

Anjali: now it’s your turn.

Kabir:.even ia have a folder in my phone which is  having our childhood pics an videos let me show you.Rudra connect his phone with tv.Firstly come kabir pics. doing masti with neighbours kids.climbed at mango tree .leela saw them & then they run .leela was behind him with stick.

Mallika:so naughty.

Later comes twinkle video who applying make up on her doll and showing the girls see my doll is more pretty then yours.other girls said no.mine is more beautiful..

Twinkle started fighting with her…..

Twinkle:i said na mine is more beautiful..i m the twinkle taneja and my doll is also taneja .so we are born beautiful samjhi na ..

Other girl:huhh…i will not play with you.

Twinkle:who stop you.go na.huhh. she went to taneja mansion with attitude.flying

her hair While twinkle hide her face with leela duppata .

Kunj:syappa queen..fighting queen from childhood only.

Kabir:yes she is like this only.no on can take things from her which belongs to her .she always said jo mera hai usse mai kisi ko ni lene dungi.Then comes mahi and twinkle video in which Mahi was colouring her drawing book with very

concentrations.Om admire her innocence.

While twinkle was seeing herself in mirror.

Kunj:self obsessed.from childhood only.

Twinkle:showed her tongue to kunj..

Then comes videos of miss amritsar competition..Dancing in radha attire in temple..Singing bhajan in temple ….

Everyone was impressed from her….

Rudra:so talented bhabhi.

Kunj:whispers beautiful.Twinkle blushed…….

Avni:we almost saw everyone childhood pics  .only my yuvi is left .

Anita:arey avni beta i have his photo also .

She gave to rudra he connect her Phone.

Then comes maya and yuvi pics.In one pic yuvi was pulling maya pony..Then one video comes in which .yuvi was in frock and maya doing her make.Everyone was like what this yuvi .

Anita:one day maya said i want sister….bring for me …

Anita said then i made yuvi wear frock and tie his hair in pony…Bechara yuvi Rudra said .

Like this yuvi college pics come in which he was riding his bike ….

In one video he was doing situps….in front of twinkle…while twinkle…was laughing at him..

After this all went to their respective rooms Kunj Mood was slightly off again he remembered that day how tej send him.

He sitting in his room with sad face. Just than twinkle come there and sit beside him.

Twinkle: saduu???

Kunj: hmm.

Twinkle:why you are so sad haan tell me na.

Kunj:why I’ll haan.Bas aise hi.

Twinkle:acha suno na Kunj forget about everything even I too don’t wanted to ask you anything he look at him. I don’t know my Sadu is pa boy in childhood you are so cute means our ba..b..y she stop Kunj arching his eyes.

Kunj: what our..

Twinkle: kuch nahi.

Kunj: Bol na our baby will be cute like me ??. She blushed.

Twinkle:you itself think so much see this weather is so beautiful.

Kunj: so what to do now I’m tired.

Twinkle:me too I’ll make coffee for you.

Kunj: okay as your wish. She get you about to go Kunj hold her hand and immediately hugged her he get confused.

Twinkle:kunjj are you okay she feels his tears dropping on her shoulder.

Kunj:I’m okay stay like this na please. She understands and hugged him tightly. And caressing his back. Kunj about to break the hug while twinkle didn’t let him she hugged him more tightly.Leave me twinkle You turning me ???.She giggles and break the hug and look at him.Pagal she murmured Kunj smiled and kissed on her forehead she went down and make coffee for Kunj. Soon she make coffee and come back to Kunj. She closed the door and went toward Kunj and sit beside him.

She give him his coffee mug and he take it. You are siyappa queen from childhood only haan.

Twinkle:yes and you are sadu from since birth. She went closer to him acha Yeh batao who is that girl in photo she standing beside you in jealousy way. Kunj giggles and try to teased her more.

Kunj: kaun kaun I don’t know many girls behind me ab I’ll not remember their name and faces ???. Twinkle gritting her teeth at him.

Twinkle: don’t act smart with me. Kunj.

Kunj: don’t be jealous she is just my classmate nothing else.My jealous queen.

Twinkle: my Sadu is chasmish.. ??.

Kunj:why. Any problem.

Twinkle:nahi ji you looking cute in that look where now they went.

Kunj:now my eyes is perfectly fine.You know pa always take care of my eyes I had issues with my eyes can’t see properly due to study and study I had cylindrical numbers. Rahul and Rohan hide my glasses.

Twinkle:hehehe.she kissed on his nose tip. I getting love you today.

Kunj:acha raise his eyebrows.

Twinkle:don’t get dirty ideas here you’ll not get anything.

Kunj:really. Kunj finished his coffee and get freshen come back to her twinkle wear night and looking beautiful Kunj smiled to see her.Both lay down and cuddles each other’s tightly.Kunj caress her lips she understands and closed her eyes. Kunj smiled and captured her lips both kissing each other’s with full of love and care. They were lost fully Kunj come hover on her.After twinkle try to push Kunj but he didn’t listen her she smiled and let him do. They went ahead and spend romantic night with each other’s she just moaning his name.They slept after making love.

Priyanka and Rudra fighting with their toes while sleeping on same bed there Soumya come and giggles fully to see them even Rohan too.

Rohan: bas karo you both fighting so much.

Priyanka: I didn’t buy this Rudra bhaiya.

Rudra: wait you take my name now see I’ll tell mummy she will shoo you. Rohan and Soumya giggles. After this they all sleep.

Next day in morning.

Everyone was sleeping peacefully.Kunj wake up and look at twinkle he smiled.

Kissed on her forehead.He get up and went to in washroom Kunj get freshen up and went downstairs.He went in garden and see his dadu and dadi Kunj went towards them and take their blessing and take beautiful cold weather view.

Kunj:good morning my love birds. They both giggles.

Lata:good morning my life she kissed on his forehead. You wake up where is my bahu. Kunj remember.

Kunj:your bahu sleeping. Prithviraj and lata read Kunj face both hold his hand.

Prithviraj: bolo Kunj. I know you wanted to tell something before you I’m telling you forget everything.

Kunj:I toh forget dadu everything for you and dadi only.It just that bitter memory come back. He hugged them I miss you all there if you both didn’t bring me back how I will survive there.

Lata:even we missed our Kunj that time. Tej just wanted you and Rahul become good get good studies.

Kunj:hmm chalo Leave this. Rahul and Omkara or Rudra come there they all boys running behind each other having fun all elders wake up.They come down

Twinkle still sleeping she wake up and didn’t find Kunj beside her and see the time she get shocked.

Twinkle: where is this sadu he went and leave I’ll not leave today because of him I didn’t sleep last night huhu she get up in anger and went in washroom twinkle get ready and went downstairs servants take breakfast in garden everyone was there only. Twinkle went and Kunj look at her face he hide behind tree twinkle finding him only she saw him and giving frown look. All look at twinkle.

Chinki:Arey twinkle you sleep lot today haan.

Rahul:Haan didn’t sleep on time. ??.

Om:haa..???. Haina Kunj.

Kunj:Kya I don’t know let’s have breakfast I’m hungry they all sits for breakfast twinkle just looking at Kunj only Chinki ask her what happen think I’ll give her look.

Twinkle: see this sadu he saying he don’t know acha bachu come to me he only knows about romance only huhu. She having her breakfast.

Kunj:this twinkle will kill me today for sure after see her expression ??. They all enjoy breakfast.After breakfast Aayat still sleeping they all sit in garden only. Aayat come in garden she went to Kunj. You wake up now haan.

Aayat:sorry na.Give me bath na.

Kunj:acha chalo.Kunj take her in washroom Rudra and Omkara joint them they went in washroom and place Aayat in bathtub giving her both they playing with water and shower gel.Making faces.Rudra pulled Aayat cheeks.They clearly visible because washroom wall is of glass and Rudra off the curtains and garden view coming perfectly Rahul and Rohan finding them just than Priyanka eyes went on side she show them they all turned and see them and get surprised four of them fully busy even trio brothers too become small like Aayat.All giggles to see this slightly forth went in her eyes she started crying.

Kunj:shh Aayat wait open your eyes she open her eyes slightly Kunj blow in her eyes and wash she get normal and playing with water again Rudra playing with Omkara and her hairs and dancing like a monkey.

Tej:they are absolutely mad.

Avantika:look at them they are so caring when they are I don’t have to care about Aayat my babies ??.

Twinkle:let him enjoy I’ll see him later. After long fun full bath they went in room firstly Kunj and Omkara get ready again Aayat sitting in bathrobe and Rudra is in towel only.Kunj give voice to Priyanka she bring her clothes she didn’t come in one voice Kunj pulled her hairs.

Kunj:sunta nahi hain Kya haa..

Priyanka:huhu Bhaiya. Omkara and Kunj get ready to Aayat they see Rudra who busy in his phone.

Kunj:oyye dumble sarna you also need someone like her to get ready haa.

Om:haan I’ll bring his clothes but he toh already wear less clothes ??.

Rudra: huhu Bhaiya you both always teased here this Esha didn’t get ready to go with me for a date.

Kunj:what are you mad how many girls you wanted to take for dates even they are too like you. Chal get ready before I’ll call your Esha and cut her talktime.

Rudra:ahah O.

Om:chalo baby Aayat. Rudra went towards wardrobe take his clothes he wear his pant give shirt to Kunj. He make him wear like a small baby he get ready they went downstairs. All sitting down.

Manohar: why not we should go outside see here things as well all get ready.

Prithviraj: than go and get ready we will go.They all went Kunj went behind twinkle she was standing near mirror Kunj went towards her and give her backhugged.

Kunj:hi my angry bird??.She look at him immediately push him.

Twinkle:tum Sadu leave me get it..

Kunj: acha sorry I didn’t do purposely.

Twinkle: really haan. I know you leave me and went didn’t bother to wake up I slept for late because of you only.

Kunj: how I ???.

Twinkle:acha should I make you remember

Huhu now don’t come to me.

Kunj: sorry na you are toh my love life. Cuddles her she making faces I didn’t wake up because you look so beautiful while sleeping didn’t think to disturb your beauty sleep it’s a crime my baby ??. She look at him and make pouty face Kunj peck on her pout. She smiled.

Twinkle:you always did like this only didn’t let me stay angry with you for long.

Kunj:I know na you can’t stay without me that’s why ?❤️.Chalo meri Queen tujhe tera hero Mussoorie ghumata hai.

Twinkle:acha ji chalo hero ji. ??.Both hold each other’s hand went other’s too come.

Rohan: lets go by walking na.

Tej:nice idea Rahul like ahem??.They all went by walking and seeing Mussoorie beauty. Rudra lifting Aayat in his arms she troubling him Lot after see ice cream cotton candy vendor wanted this and that tej wouldn’t allowed they see many things natural beauty mountains.Feels so cold twinkle cuddles herself Kunj give her side hug she push him.

Twinkle:sharam karo we are with everyone till now you are shameless in room only now started in public place ?. They click photos someone said after see Aayat your baby is so cute to Rudra.

Rudra:she isn’t my baby do I look like a father. All giggles.

Aayat: haan look at him and my pa huhu eww all get shocked Aayat come down and run to tej and cuddles he is my pa I’m his baby cute like him ??.Kunj and Omkara laughs out loudly.Rudra making faces Aayat running on roads they trio brothers too behind Aayat.Kunj lift her throw her in air and catch her back.Yuvi and Avni holding each other’s and walking together while tej and Avantika giving each other side hug all smiled.Kabir holding Malika hand perfectly while rohan admiring Priyanka.Than they all get tired and sit in side.Kunj and twinkle went ahead more fog too there.

Twinkle: Kunj I can’t walk now more.

Kunj: acha you know I heard there is some beautiful place let’s go.

Twinkle: how now?

Kunj:you don’t worry.Just than Kunj eyes went in side and saw bike he get idea.

Chal I have something for you. He went in side and request a man he get ready to give him his bike for sometimes Kunj take bike and went towards twinkle he giving horn she get confused and see Kunj and shocked.

Twinkle: what is this.

Kunj: bike Simran I can’t bring train for you here toh ???Chal fast before time will start.

Twinkle:but from where you bring this.

Kunj:I’ll tell come and sit. Twinkle sit beside Kunj and cuddles him ready?

Twinkle: yes. Kunj start the bike they drove  off Kunj messages Omkara he read and understood they all roam than went for dinner in hotel.Kunj and twinkle roaming here and there and enjoyed Lot. After they went towards all and joint them for dinner they all asked them.

Anjali: Arey where you both went suddenly haan?

Twinkle:we enjoy di on bike uff.

Rahul:from where you get bike.

Kunj: di I.

Rahul: he is tej sarna son Anjali ?.

Priyanka: bhaiya why you didn’t take us.

Rahul: he only take his wife not us now sister.Kunj bow down his head and sit beside tej and they all having food Kunj feel chilli he chocked starter coughing tej pass him water glass he look at him. Twinkle eyes on them only.Kunj take glass and drink.

Kunj:thanks.after dinner they call car they all went back.They reached soon and went back to room and all get freshen up and sit in balcony. Elders feels sleepy. They went all siblings sitting together. They all talking about love and all’s just than Mahi.

Mahi:Anjali is you didn’t tell us about your and jiju love story they both smile.

Rahul:love story our.

Kunj:nothing much Mahi he just behind my di that’s it.

Rahul: acha ji.

Asha: still?

Anjali: Arey we all grown up together and he proposed me.

Rahul: I try too much and run behind her for a year than she get ready after see her I lost my sense all hooting.

Rohan:and after see tej uncle get back ??Kunj and Rohan hifi.

Kunj:because of him I always stuck in trouble.

Anjali:haan he didn’t understand idiot.

Rahul: we enjoy Lot yaar I told you that day they both tell them about their love story all smiled. He give side hug to Anjali.

Kunj:we are here only.

Rahul:biwi hai meri ??.

Rohan:we knows this.. Rahul pass joke on Rohan about Priyanka in gestured Kunj caught his gesture.

Kunj: Ooyee??what did you said.


Kunj: pagal behan hai meri Priyanka come she get up and sit beside Kunj.

Rahul: Arey possessives brother I just kidding:

Kunj:not about my sister.. you know I didn’t like this only.

Malika:Bas karo.chalo let’s sleep na.

Kunj: haan im tired. Rahul murmured something in his ears he laughs out.

Anjali: ewww dirty heads.

Kunj: what dirty.

Rahul: Leave na chalo boys lets sleep together today.They all put matrix’s in living room and bring all things.This bothers fit together Rudra need Kunj and Omkara place of matrix ??.They all lay down elders wake up they too come and joint them. Rudra Kunj or Aayat and tej Priyanka sleep in side together while others in other side they all fit.Tej off the lights they all stuck didn’t do any noise but Aayat and Rudra tickles each other’s.

They all sleep peacefully.Tej kids cuddles him fully.

Another morning everyone sleeping sunlight coming on their face. All wake up expect Than tej kids they all see how they all siblings cuddles tej tightly and smiled.

Rahul: now they cuddling him after wake up run way from him Hitler zone ???. All giggles Avantika give him slap playfully.

They all wake up Kunj look himself and tej he immediately get up didn’t said anything went from there some of understand. All ladies together make breakfast.

Usha get call of Darsh.Usha was talking to darsh then she got to know he is nearby farmhouse area so she invited him to join them.Darsh too agreed.after everyone had their breakfast they all playing games in garden climbing on trees and tore fruits and throw down they all having laughing dancing.Later Darsh came. Om & anjali nicely met with him.they were talking .then kunj saw him.but got a call so get busy in this.Later all sitting.

Darsh:lets go bring icecream for everyone one..what’s say om.Om saw prinku.

Om:prinku do you want to go with us..

Anjali:no om kunj will not like it..you both went na.kunj and Rahul didn’t like Darsh like anything both fuming so much after see him but can’t do anything.Om and darsh came.Rahul was also fuming  seeing darsh.Aayat feeling sleepy. She come to Kunj and sit on his lap he patting on her back.But darsh eyes were on priyanka This was seen by rahul and kunj.

They all chit chatting now it’s enough for Kunj. Darsh get call he went in side. Kunj get up in anger.

Om: Arey Kunj what happened.

Kunj: nothing I’m going.

Priyanka anjali, twinkle, avni , & others were also there..He looked at Priyanka and Rudra. Kunj lift Aayat and take step

Om: Kunj still.

Kunj: you know Om everything please don’t it’s good you all enjoy. Let’s go Priyanka and Rudra still standing.

should i send you invitation card?

Rudra and priyanka immediately went behind his bhaiya while twinkle didn’t understand.Kunj looked at her too but she didn’t get it…

Anjali::let them play kunj.

Om:haan kunj let them ..why you are behaving like this..

Kunj: you very well knew om. You all play na i don’t have problems.but they will not he took along his all sibling with them..

It was very late in the night twinkle still didn’t came to her room.while kunj was in his anger mode…

Kunj:still she didn’t came huhh let her came i will tell her who i am.

Twinkle came .

Kunj:arey you came so soon.still whole night is left  go and enjoy.

Twinkle:shut up kunj..

Kunj:why should i shut up haan.it seems you were enjoying with darsh.

Twinkle:limit kunj.

Kunj::when i saw you you didn’t understand too come behind me.na why will you. You were to busy in playing..

Twinkle:: how would i know? Don’t know what problem you have with darsh? Even not let them play with him..

Kunj: they are my siblings they will not but you toh played na….happy..

Twinkle:shut up kunj.you never listen me i was not playing with darsh infact i was with dadi & dadu…huh.She went to garden in anger mode..

Kunj:shit again kunj….why you do this always? Now manofy syappa queen…

While twinkle was sitting in the garden all alone and talking to moon..

Twinkle:Why he always does this.never listen me just scold me.Kunj too came & sit behind her..

Kunj:twinkle.didn’t said anything .. Acha Baba sorry na I was not in my sense I burst out in you he hold his ears and doing sit-ups. She saw him and giggles hold his hand I. Sad voice I’m sorry I scold you because of my anger you come give me punishment but don’t stay angry with me she smiled.

Twinkle:sadu sarna first scold me now this buttering not fair it’s last time.

Kunj:okay he cuddle her they both went back. No one sleep till now while Darsh get call he went back to hotel. Kunj get happy even Rahul too.

Priyanka was going to have bath but she saw a lizard at washroom door.she got scared started shouting.Rohan was passing from her room he listen her voice.

He went to her room..

Rohan: prinku where are you.

Priyanka:rohan please help na i m in bathroom..

Rohan:what happen?

Prinku:i first come here..

Rohan:first hesitated….but after calling of her for 3 – 4 time ….he went to washroom.

kya hua….

Priyanka:pointed towards door..

Rohan:he saw at door there is a lizard.

Kya yaar Priyanka tu bhi na you got scared of this small lizard haan.

Priyanka:please shoo away it..

Rohan:acha stop I will shoo it..

He took a stick and through it outside the window.

Rohan:see it went now happy.

Priyanka:she hugged him.Thanks rohan for helping me….

Rohan:was surprised. Priyanka comes in senses.She leave him….woh ….she tucked her hair behind her  ear…..

Woh sorry ….it just happened because of fear  ..

Rohan:it’s ok senorita….bade bade shero me ye choti moti batein hoti h haan..

While prinku smiled.Rohan went from her room.While priyanka was thinking about him and smiled.

Other hand twinkle and Kunj was in their room just than twinkle saw time. She get excited Kunj get confused to see this .

Kunj: what happened madam.

Twinkle: Kunj you know what today is?

Kunj: what you did any siyappa.

Twinkle: siyappa toh hua hai aaj ke din world best creation born today ??.

Kunj: what are you in sense na.

Twinkle: haa Kunj you know today is my favourite actor birthday. I’m so excited.

Kunj:acha Kaun hai woh huhu??.

Twinkle: don’t be jealous baby. He is so hot dashing like you sadu??. Fold her arms around her waist. He is Sidhant Gupta. She saw him his photo happy birthday. { yes happiest birthday ?because of you today I’m here and writing this ffs for you both only ??❤️❤️}

Kunj:bas bas kar. Celebrate bhi karna chahiye phir toh.

Twinkle: haan kaha cake hai.

Kunj: I have Kunj take out chocolate and feed her and give her peck on her lips both smiled.

Little bit snowfall started mahi went to outside .she was enjoying snowfall..

Meanwhile om too came there.he look at her and smiled…..

Om:may i have a pleasure to dance with you in this atmosphere..

Mahi:smiled and said sure.Both started dancing in snowfall.Kunj and twinkle were in balcony sitting in corner..



Kunj:see mausam is so cold na.

Twinkle:haan kunj.lets go outside na .we will enjoy snowfall…

Kunj:arey great we will enjoy but not like you chal na bedroom me chalte hai.

Twinkle:??acha or kya karenge bedroom mein.

Kunj:arey smjh na .mai , tu or quilt and this cold cold mausam.maza aa jayega.

Twinkle:acha mazaa aa jayega making her face .tumhe bas ek hi cheez aati hai karni  mai jaa rahi hu bahar snow fall enjoy krne tum jao apne quilt me akele enjoy karo.

She started to went outside kunj too comes behind her..

Kunj:arey sunn toh.

Twinkle:ni sunna mujhe kuch.

Om and mahi saw twinj they immediately stop dancing.start looking at them.

Twinkle didn’t understand anything as her mind was thinking about snowfall.

But kunj understand and smiled.Rahul and anjali too came there..

Anjali:wow what a mausam…?

Twinkle:hain na di.

I was also telling kunj lets go enjoy outside but this sadu toh.she was going to say but stop..

Rahul:bol na twinkle what your sadu was saying giggling.

Kunj: you shut up rahul.

Twinkle:nothing jiju.

Rahul:whispers in kunj ears but i understands

Kunj:saale .everytime you just poke your nose in my matter.Did i do these things.

Rahul:hehe you can’t na …afterall i m your jija.

Anjali:don’t know in dono ka kya chalta rhta hai.

Twinkle:haan di ..let’s go …we will enjoy this romantic weather.

Rahul:arey anjali baby stop without your hero how you will enjoy…this romantic mausam haan.he took anjali and went …..

Twinkle didn’t went with them as don’t want to become kabab me haddi.While om and mahi too escape from there.

Twinkle:huh everyone went now how i will enjoy..

Kunj:arey meri jaan tera hubby hai na.

Chal.we will enjoy in your style but later you will enjoy in my style ok…??

Twinkle:ok baba. They both dancing and enjoying in snowfall while inside Soumya and Rudra fighting like anything Aayat enjoying this.

Scene freezes here only..


In next{ Leela and rt find alliance for Mahi. Malika baby shower?..}

How was the episode?

Hope you all like.

Understand why this thin line between Kunj and tej.. ??.

Give your review please enjoy this famjam outing.And today is Sidhant birthday happy birthday ??????❤️. From me and Yashika side ??as a gift for you this episode. And lots of love and prayers.

Bye love you all


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