Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana tells story of veer bhadra.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nandi telling all the gana of mahadev that we are cowards because we haven’t stopped lankesh from taking the aatma ling, we have to stop him. everyone says but lankesh got a boon from mahadev himself and he has also boons from brahma dev. Nandi says then wait here, I will go and stop lankesh ravana. All gana say nandi ji, lankesh ravana is too powerful and we are incapable to defeat him. as they are going, nandi says who has given us life and this body? It is mahadev and we cannot have his aatma ling, then I will sacrifice myself and burn myself alive in a pyre, you keep watching me with your heads down.
Ravana tells ganesh the story ahead. Ganesh thinks I hope nandi must have made a plan with all the gana. Ravana says kaal bhairava took the head of brahma dev and brahma dev then thanked him for freeing him from his ego. Kaal bhairava says mahadev, I have taken the head of brahma. Then how will I be freed from brahma hatya’s sin? Mahadev says from now, kaal bhairava you shall protect everyone from adharma and demons and evil, those who shall pray you shall attain your protection and you shall also free them from all their sins. Kaal bhairava you shall stay in the graveyards and there you shall be prayed too, but your food shall be skeletons only and blood and you shall live in kashi and kashi’s kotwal. Kaal bhairava thanks mahadev.
All gana stop nandi and say we are with you, you made us understand what mahadev is for us. the gana say even if we have to die, we will die but try and stop ravana from taking the aatma ling to lanka. Nandi says then we shouldn’t wait, we have to make a plan quickly and bring the aatma ling back to Kailash so that mahaev shall live here forever.
Kaal bhairava comes to the forest and he sees ravana with the aatma ling. Kaal bhairava is angry and he removes his axe to kill ravana. Ganesh thinks I hope prabhu kaal bhairava doesn’t kill ravana. Ravana is worried and scared. Ganesh says prabhu has taken his khadak weapon. Kaal bhairava comes towards ganesh and ravana. Ravana is worried as to why kaal bhairava is so angry. Kaal bhairava is about to attack avana. Ganesh uses his powers and slows down the entire universe, he slows down its time and then goes to convince kaal bhairava. As kaal bhairava is slow, ganesh convinces him that it would be wrong for him to be so angry and lose his control because he has taught the world about patience and to destroy evil when it is time! ganesh says killing lankesh ravana will be the insult of mahadev because mahadev himself has given aatma ling to mahadev and has given him a boon. If you kill him, it will be the insult of your own decorum. Ravana is the son of a brahman and so if you kill him you will be a part of brahma hatya sin. And lankesh ravana will be killed in future by lord vishnu’s avatar of Ram but if you kill him then prabhu vishnu’s avatar wont have a purpose and I promise you that before ravana reaches lanka, I shall take the aatma ling and back to Kailash. Believe me. kaal bhairava stops before killing ravana and takes his weapon back. ravan’s eyes are closed. Kaal bhairava blesses ganesh and goes. Ganesh puts the universe back at its normal time.
Ravana says where did prabhu bhairava go? ganesh says he blessed us and went. Ravana says so I am safe but before he went, what happened? Because I have a slight cut on my neck, I was almost going to be killed by prabhu bhairava. Ganesh says don’t worry, nothing happened. Don’t worry, prabhu bhairava gave us his darshan. Ravana is worried and scared.
Nandi and all gana come to the forest to stop ravana. Nandi says now even ravana will know how we use our intelligence and defeat him, he thinks he is smarter and stronger than everyone else.
All gana are hiding in the forest and according to the plan, they wait to take aatma ling from ravana. Ravana looks everywhere to find if there is someone hiding. Ravana thinks, I am sure someone is here though I cannot see them. Ganesh sees all the gana.
Ravana tells the story ahead. Ravana tells the story of veer bhadra and says he had taken avatar because veer bhadra wanted to teach the world we should not do injustice to someone else and suffer injustice as well, because both would be sins. Ravana says veer bhadra and devi bhadra kali appeared together to kill Prajapati daksh and destroy his yagya because he was the reason devi sati had committed suicide and daksh had insulted mahadev.
Betaal is inside the huge boulder and he says I will fall on ravana and he will fall, once aatma ling falls down it will touch the ground and get established here.
Ravana says veer bhadra and devi bhadra kali were fierce, so daksh prajapati was scared. Daksh prajapti asked lord Vishnu for help, but no one helped because daksh was responsible for his own making. All gods left and veer bhadra killed all the soldirs of daksh prajapti, then he attacked and cut the head of daksh prajapti. But Chandra dev was left there and veer bhadra ws very angry, he saw Chandra dev ad walked towards him. veer bhadra said Chandra dev, you didn’t even try and stop daksh prajapti when this sin was happening, you let him do what he wanted. Veer bhadra attacks Chandra dev and lands a cut on his hand.

Precap: Ravana and ganesh walk through the forest. A small tornado comes as one of the shiv gana creates it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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