Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Narkasoor is instigated towards evil path by Banasoor.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Banasoor after watching Jyotishpur makes his wish with his guards that he wants to capture this kingdom finding it very beautiful so he jumps into the sea to block water from flowing & villagers watching this feel scared of water might destroy their village flowing into their houses & Banasoor tells them to go & inform their king he is going to destroy this village hence some of them run to Narkasoor for informing him about Banasoor’s terror of destroying this village.

Narkasoor comes to see him & asks him why he is doing this when he hasn’t done anything to him neither they have any kind of enmity with each other but he says he wants to capture this village & can’t he see how much powerful he is but Narkasoor challenges him saying if he wishes to capture then he has to fight with him hence Bansoor comes out of the sea restoring the flow of water & says to villagers don’t think he’ll stop his terror but feels fool about king to challenge him & says their king will be destroyed with his one attack itself hence he shows his huge form & patting hardly with his feet on the ground which creates storm & Narkasoor vanishes while Banasoor says to see how he destroyed their king but Narkasoor comes saying he is still here itself & Banasoor is shocked feeling how can this happen & they begin their fight but Banasoor sees birth sign of Narkasoor & stops fighting telling him about their friendship hence they hug each other.

Narkasoor tells Banasoor details of how he achieved this kingdom due to his meditation of Mata Kamyaksh but he jokes on his talks & invites him to his Shauntipur kingdom planning evil against Gods.

Brahmadev says that’s why Bhudevi felt intuition of Narkasoor moving towards evil path & Ganeshji asks what kind of evil path?

Narkasoor is surprised watching Banasoor’s kingdom where lot of women are dancing for his welcome & he getting attracted towards them. One of the woman maid offers him liquor but he refuses then Banasoor insists him to take due to his policy of hospitality to guests & he drinks it while Bhudevi is shocked coming out of her meditation feeling intuition of something wrong happening with her son Narkasoor.

Bansoor completely instigates Narkasoor with his weird talks against Prabhu Narayan, Mata Kamyaksh & other Gods resulting Narkasoor takes oath he’ll capture all Gods praying in front of Mata Kamyaksh but his mother Bhudevi tries to stop him then too he is adamant & leaves from there.

Precap: Ganeshji says to save Swarglok Gods he has to do something with help of Mata Kamyaksh who will show him the right path. Mata Kamyaksh tells Ganeshji she will show him the right path which he will realize in his way towards attacking Narkasoor.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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