Rishton Ka Manjha 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Diya decides not to enter the house

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Scene 1
Amitabj says take this money and go away from my son’s life. Is this what your parents saved my son for? Go away from his life. Dadi says please don’t do this. DIL is the laxmi of the house. He says this girl can’t be the DIL of my house. Go from here, take all the money you want for my son. Arjun says enough. Arjun says I am not surprised. A man like you only knows the money and how to buy relationships. You don’t know their importance. Your dialogues are like movie villains. But times have changed. You won’t. You are still the same. Everything is a business deal for you even the wedding. My wedding with Tina was also a business deal as well. So Mr. Agarwal everyone doesn’t live for money like you. You never stood for me. Why wasting money for me now? You are not doing this for me. Amitabh says are you still blaming me? Your decision has ruined our lives. If this girl leaves and you marry tina everything can be saved. Our business, reputation and family. Arjun says so that’s all you care about?

Madhuri says your dad isn’t wrong. Everyone is questioning us. Our friends and family are shaming us. Arjun says when did you start speaking his words? Did you try to find out why I did it? Madhuri says you listen to me. This girl will ruin our life. She and badminton has blinded you. A life partner doesn’t fill your life with darkness. I begged her to return my son to me. She took my son from me. I am telling you, you can’t find a better girl than Tina. Trust me please. Arjun says ou think it was for me? This man isn’t a father, he is a businessman. Didn’tyou tell her about the business deal? You were selling me to Tina so Mr. Singhal could finance you. This is all a drama. Tina was also the part of his plan. She doesn’t love me. She wanted me. I was her demand. There was never love. Madhuri says there’s no love in this relationship either. How will you live? How will you live with her without love? Arjun says there’s no buying and selling in this relationship. There’s respect. When I went to her wedding. I didn’t know I would do this. I couldn’t let her marry a goon. I had to stop the wedding. I was responsible for breaking her marriage so I took the responsibility. I will always take care of her dreams. You taught me a husband is a wife’s sky. I feel bad for the promise I broke with you. But you told one right thing is better than 100 wrong things.

Niharika says we have to go to Tina. Love also leaves. arjun says your reputation is gone but your skin is glowing. Defeat is glwoing on your face. Dadi says Diya is the DIL of this house now. Nothing would change that truth. Arjun you did something big. You broke our trust. And you all.. The DIL won’t stand on the door. We have to do her greh parvesh. Prepare for it. Diya says no.

Scene 2
Love and Niharika come out and ask media to leave. He says stay calm please. Before we call the police. Niharika says how will we keep ignoring them? Love says we have to kick that Diya out of Arjun’s life and this house.

Diya says I can’t start my life by hurting your family Arjun. What you’ve done for me. I will return it by being a good player. I can’t live a life by hurting your family. I promised your mom to keep you away from me and badminton. I couldn’t keep my promise. I don’t mind what they’re saying. It’s my fault and I won’t want to repeat that mistake by doing greh parvesh. Arjun says Diya, we both did this wedding. How can you decide leaving this house alone? Your dreams are the foundation of this wedding. I won’t let you go anywhere without fulfilling your dreams. Diya says in heart our wedding is only based on my marriage. There’s no other aspect of it. arjun says I don’t care about it then why are you leaving it after a few words? If this is your decision then you can go.

Tina comes. She says no. This is house is Arjun’s and Tina’s as well. You both won’t leave this house. Love says let’s go. Tina must be here. Mohan and his family come as well. Niharika says this is Diya’s family right? Now we have to handle such people. Love says they shouldn’t enter this house. Insult them so bad that they never come back.

Amitabh says what are you saying Tina? How can you accept her? She has hurt you a lot. Tina says I am hurt not seeing Arjun with me. we couldn’t get his point of view. It wasn’t a small decision. We are seeing a small decision has harmed our reputation. But his one decision saved Diya’s life from being ruined. There are a few people like Arjun. I still love Arjun and I am proud of him. Don’t be sad aunty. You wanted him to be responsible. See how responsible he is and taking reponsibility of Diya and her dreams. If he were with me, you won’t see him that way. Madhuri says what are you saying? You’re taking side of the girl who took your place? Tina says Arjun doesn’t love Diya. She doesn’t matter to him but because of her dreams he married her. If circumstances were different, he won’t have married her. Arjun is mine and will always be. I mean my friend, my well-wisher. I have accepted it. Diya is Arjun’s wife. I want you all to accept Diya as well. Let this anger be. We cause harm in anger to ourselves or our family. Who knows Arjun might find his happiness in Diya’s happiness. This second inninigs might be lucky for him. Give Diya a chance. Madhuri says you’re hurt the most and you’re telling us all this? How do you have such a big heart? We are all your culprit. I can’t even see you in the eye because of shame. Please forgive us. Tina says in heart I won’t forgive you or Diya. I will ruin her life. For that, she has to stay in this house.

Epsiode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Wait….so Tina is gonna live with them there? And the precap, what is wrong with Madhuri? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    More than the whole episode I’m concerned about the precap. Like, the lady is beyond evil…beyond madness. She is a lost case, no one can help it. At least, for Diya’s dad it was apparent “respect” but end of the day he did think about her. Arjun’s dad is only thinking in terms of money, businessman, we get the point. But Madhuri? I … forget it. It’s so ironic that Mohan is only trusting Arjun and almost similarly, Madhuri is only trusting Tina. In case of the former we can at least say that it was cause he saved her big-time. But Tina? Madhuri claims she loves her son and “even” after knowing that Tina practically “bought” him, she says Tina is the one for him? Bs.

  2. Also, for those who have not seen the precap:

    Translation:- Deepika tells Diya that she’ll take her to Arjun’s room but Madhuri says no. Madhuri says that Diya and Arjun will not share a room.

    1. What craziness is this??!?!!!! Maduri can’t separate them? This is crazy. She’s crazy.

    2. @A
      What they were about to do with the mattress was one thing which I was looking forward to, and that lady had to ruin that! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    3. Ugh same here, I thought we would at least get this,but no😭😭
      But sooner or later it must happen @AK,we need an explanation!🤣

    4. Thanks for the precap by the way @AK.

  3. Wow Arjun well said!! 👏 Madhuri is such a disgusting women!! Thanks for the precap link @AK

  4. Arjun’s entire family is disgusting🤮. Dadi is the only one who seems proud of him. Even after hearing about Tina’s true motive, I expected Maduri to have a change of heart, but no, she’s just like his father and always has been🙄. She never truely loved Arjun. Diya isn’t a bad person and I know that the Agarwals know this because they have meet her before. And
    even if they haven’t known her long, I just don’t understand why they hate her so much. It’s because of her social status? Because she’s been raised in a different culture to theirs? I hated to see how they turned up their faces at Diya, she’s a human and quite beautiful🤷🏻‍♀️. I know it’s a drama and all, but this kind of hate seems like a bit too much for me. I guess I’m a bit sensitive🥲
    Tina is going to play the good guy and she’ll be attacking Diya on the low🤦🏻‍♀️ And we know she’ll never leave the house now, this reminds me of one of the Bhagyas😫 will her father allow her to stay there still? I hope he has enough sense to remove Tina from there, let her ruin Diya’s life from a far and with frequent visits to the Agarwal’s house😂
    I figured that Maduri thinks as long as Arjun and Diya are in separate rooms, they aren’t married🤷🏻‍♀️ I wish that Arjun just takes Diya in his arms again and carries her to his room,besides she’s injured and he’ll need to take care of her😉😏

    1. “One of the bhagyas” you got me there 😅

    2. @A
      *All of the Bhagyas? 🤣😅

    3. I can’t with this lol 😂 🤣

    4. Lol, guys I realized it’s all of the Bhagyas after🤦🏻‍♀️ all of them have live in female villans🤣 this needs to stop😫😂😂😂

    5. Its a never ending loop 😁

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