Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pundlik’s parents leave the house.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jaanu and Devi Satyavati in tears. Satyavati says to Pundlik to take the gold and all jewels that they have and they will also leave the house. Satyavati gives the bag of jewellery and gold to Malti and says daughter, may you live a happy life with my son. Jaanu says to Pundlik, my son you are innocent and if you do Lord Krishna’s devotion, you will live a long and happy life. Diwakar says brother, take care of yourself and everyone but now we all shall leave.
Jaanu, Devi Satyavati and Diwakar take their things and leave the house as they cry in despair. Satyavati says to Jaanu, how did our son become like this? He did not even stop us and he has turned wrong. Jaanu says we gave him good manners throughout his life, but we cannot do anything now my dear wife. Inside the house, Malti is happy that she got all the gold and jewellery, her grandmother says that now you are rich and you don’t need to take care of Pundlik’s parents as they anyway left the house. Pundlik is having tears and he thinks how could I do this? I removed my parents from their house and what kind of a son am i? I have to make this right.
Pundlik goes outside the house and calls his mother Satyavati. Satyavati and everyone turn behind to see Pundlik. Satyavati thinks my son has realized his mistake, he will ask for forgiveness from us and take us back home. Pundlik thinks as he looks at his parents and brother, he thinks I should ask for forgiveness from them and take them back home. As Pundlik is about to do the right thing, he hears the sound of payal and he remembers Chandrakala. Pundlik thinks I need to meet Chandrakala, I have done everything for her. Pundlik then becomes stone-hearted and thinks let them go if they want to, why should I stop them? Pundlik then closes the door on his parent’s face in anger. Devi Satyavati is shocked and thinks my son has turned evil and I am worried about him. In sorrow, the parents and Diwakar leave.
Inside the house, Malti says to Pundlik that swami, now we are a family and we also have all the gold and jewellery. Lord Krishna says Pundlik has turned to adharma and once a man turns to adharma, he leaves everything in his life and ends up losing everything.
Ganesh says to Pushpadant, this way Pundlik removed his parents from his house but soon something more would happen that Pundlik himself had created by treading the path of adharma, he would end up suffering more than he thought.
Pundlik now thinks, I have to take all the gold and jewels for my Chandrakala, she must be missing me. Malti and grandmother lock all the jewels and gold inside the cupboard and they say now we can do everything with so much riches. They both go to do some work. Pundlik comes and he breaks the lock using a rod and takes the bag of gold and jewels and he goes. The grandmother comes and she sees Pundlik going from the house, she sees the cupboard and it is broken and all jewels and gold have been taken. Pundlik goes. The grandmother screams as she is shocked. Malti comes running and she is also shocked to see the gold all gone. Malti cries and says her husband Pundlik did this, how could he do this?
Ganesh says to Pushpadant that now Pundlik was about to do something he would regret in his life. He went to Chandrakala.
Pundlik goes to Chandrakala who is waiting for him. With Pundlik, come 2 servants who bring plates full of gold and jewels. Chandrakala is happy as she sees the gold and riches for her. Pundlik says all of this has been brought by me for you. Chandrakala is happy. Chandrakala’s mother sees all and says to look at my daughter, she did this all, she says this to her servant and says I am proud she brought all that man’s gold and riches but this is nothing, she will soon take his property too.
Pundlik sits with Chandrakala and says I just want you and nothing else. Chandrakala says I am your but what about your wife and parents? Pundlik starts drinking madeera and says what do I care? My parents left my house and my wife is of no worry so I just want you.
Chandrakala goes to her mother and her mother says now take away all his property too my daughter, then we will be so rich. Chandrakala says yes and goes to Pundlik and says if you love me, what can you do for me? Pundlik says I did all this for you, this gold and jewels is all yours and I can do anything for you, my life is also yours. Chandrakala says if you really love me, you would also give me all your property, not just life and riches. Lord Krishna is sad and says Pundlik will lose everything soon.
Devi Satyavati, Jaanu and Diwakar are in their new hut made of grass in the forests and Satyavati says my son turned on us, I never though he would do this but I am worried about him. I feel as if something very bad is about to happen to him. Jaanu says yes devi, I understand your pain, you are a mother and shall feel this way but what can we do. Diwakar says you both are great, your son removed you out of the house and you still feel protective of him. Satayavati says yes.

Precap: Chandrakala tells Pundlik to give her his property. Pundlik is drunk and says that’s it? He makes a will and signs it and gives to Chandrakala. Pundlik is thrown outside the house of Chandrakala in mud and dirt.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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