Bawara Dil 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva is worried about Sidhi

Bawara Dil 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sagar is leaving his home when Narpat comes there and asks where is Sidhi? She is not picking her phone as well. Sagar says Sidhi has been missing for 2 days. Narpat is shocked.

Shiva tells Bai about Sidhi. Bai says how can she go missing like this? Shiva says I couldn’t find her in the hotel and she didn’t reach home as well.

Narpat tells Sagar that nobody tried to tell me? That animal Shiva went with her to Pune, don’t know what he did with her. Sagar gets tensed.

Shiva tells Bai that I checked the hotel’s CCTV, she is seen going out but then no trace of her. Bai says this is wrong, you have to do anything but find her at any cost. She says till that girl is not found, nobody should know that she is missing. Shiva nods.

Narpat tells Sagar to not worry, she is my sister too, I will do everything to find her, I will even call the PM, if something happens to Sidhi then this city will burn down.

Soni is praying for Sidhi’s return. She tells the Lord that you can do anything so please bring her back. Mangala comes there and asks if she has gone crazy? You are crying for that girl? Come and eat something. Vijiya tells Yashwant that Soni hasn’t eaten anything, talk to her, please. Yashwant sits with Soni and consoles her. Mangala says I am hungry, she leaves. Yashwant tells Soni to eat, nothing will happen to Sidhi. Soni says why Lord is not doing anything? Shiva comes there. Vijiya asks if he found some clue? Shiva says no. Soni says why? Yashwant taunts Shiva that it’s his mistake. Shiva gets Jalwa’s call who tells him to be calm and listen to him. Jalwa tells him that he was in the hospital and they have got a girl’s dead body, her look matches with Sidhi. Shiva is shocked and drops his phone. Soni asks what happened? Shiva takes his phone and leaves from there. Yashwant goes behind him.

Shiva runs to his car. Yashwant comes there and asks what happened? Did something happen to her? Shiva gets Jalwa’s call who says that girl is someone else, I checked the photo and she has been identified as someone else. Shiva sighs and tells Yashwant that everything is alright, Yashwant smiles and blesses him.

Scene 2
At night time, Shiva comes to his room and is worried. He looks at Sidhi’s luggage and opens it. He recalls their fights. Shiva opens the cupboard and looks at her clothes. He starts unpacking her bag and puts all her clothes in the cupboard. Shiva prays for her return. He says it’s my fault, I took her with me, I just left for work and got caught by the police. I didn’t even remember her phone number, what kind of a husband am I to not even know my wife’s number? I am useless and a fool. Why did I leave her alone? He hits the cupboard in anger.

Soni brings food for Shiva and says I didn’t bring it for you, I will eat this. She says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Sidhi. Shiva says you are sure? Soni says yes, when you went to the jail, I fought with God for your return and promised to keep the diya alive, Sidhi helped me in keeping the diya alive. I will trust God this time as well. Shiva says I don’t understand you sometimes. Soni says you don’t understand a lot of things, like it’s not your fault like your relationship with Sidhi might be weird but you care for her a lot, like you are hungry right now. She makes him eat and says baba loves you as well. Shiva says I have a weird relationship with Sidhi, when she is here then she irritates me and now she is not here so I am worried for her. I am very tired. Soni says everything will be fine, have some sleep. Shiva lies in her lap and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Bai calls the commissioner and says that girl needs to be found before this news gets out. I am waiting to hear back from you, she ends the call.

Shiva is leaving his house when he sees Sidhi’s missing poster placed outside. He says I thought nobody knew. Malini comes there with other women and blocks his car. All women start making noise with their utensils to protest against Shiva. Shiva looks on as the women start approaching him. He reverses his car to back away from them. Malini glares at him. Mangala says I will not spare this woman today. I will break her face. Kaka tries to calm her but Mangal throws their utensils away. She is about to slap Malini but Malini grabs her hand and glares at her.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Beverley martin

    Maybe the poster by Narpat or her mom.
    All finger point at shiva. This guy done nothing but everyone blaming him.
    Why is this happening to shiva.
    Is siddhi doing this on purpose to get her revenge on shiva. I wouldn’t put this pass her.

  2. How much longer do have drag this out? Poor Shiva is being wrongly accused..and I am sure even when Sidi is found she would blam him..please give Shiva a break soon. Sidi’s mom has a one track mind as her daughter

  3. Is siddi not in story line due to COVID-19,

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