Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Kartik succeeds in controlling the evil goat.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartik understanding the power of bracelet while retaliating with the evil goat’s fire & the evil is thinking this young man is very smart so need to use more powers while kartik retaliates & the evil gets attacked as he falls down & his helpers are shocked saying our leader has gone hence we cannot face him now while kartik & the evil goat are fighting with each other. Kartik says I won’t allow you to affect brahmand. The goat is moving towards where kartik is following him & also sun god from he getting thrashed on him. The goat turns on different way towards rishi’s stay & kartik is following him while all are watching how kartik will tackle. Ganesh says he needs to be stopped or destruction will happen. Kartik stops him & throws him with his hands blow while rishi’s praise kartik. The evil goat says world under my legs & moves some other side while kartik follows him again & indra dev says hes has to be stopped while ganesh tells him kartik wont allow him to destruct. Kartik flows powers with his hands towards him as he tries to run but kartik says I have to hold him & resolve the puzzle so kartik holds him with his powers saying now you won’t try destructing earth.
The evil helpers are trying to wake their leader.
Kartik says I have to resolve this puzzle while he see the place where I had come earlier & indra asks which is this place so ganesh says kanchi & kartik feels mata was also here with me.
Devsena tells mata paravati to help in performing this fast as per rituals.
The goat says world under my legs while kartik thinks what he is wishing to say & kartik jumps on him sitting while goat says world under my legs & my swami on me & kartik understands so goat asks to order me & he tells him you will be my vehicle henceforth.
Kartik & goat come in front of all gods & they praise him while dev rishi too praise him as ganesh gives kartik’s this form a new name. The goat thanks kartik for making him blessed & leaves.
Kartik asks ganesh this place is familiar for me so he explains him this in kanchi where mata had brought us & also did Pooja to perform for mahadev’s shivling.
Mata paravati explains devsena how she had performed Pooja making shivling of mahadev here & ganesh too explains kartik how mata had performed Pooja for mahadev as mahadev tells her I will give you test & mata explains devsena how mahadev opened his powerful hands.
Kartik praises mata about how she had performed Pooja of shivling & ganesh explains how mata had saved shivling with all kinds of storm as mahadev was testing her & ultimately came for help to mata seeing her so strong devotion so kartik says finally they got married which I remember she had told.
Mata paravati explains devsena this was kind of performance which also shows true relations within husband & wife.
Devsena thanks mata while she tells her I will help you in all sorts & whoever does Pooja of mahadev’s sixteen Monday’s I will be always besides that person & devsena thanks for getting blessed.
Ganesh says that time we were also witness for this & so marriage takes a big part in this while kartik tells ganesh you are trying to pressure marriage always why & ganesh turns his statement saying all these are making turn towards marriage & how this place is where mahadev’s shivling is situated whoever prays gets blessed & so you too have to meditate for mahadev here which will make you achieve all kinds of powers.

Precap: The evil leader gets up planning to get help from some evil woman & the evil plans to squeeze kartik’s bracelet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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