Vidya 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Vivek gets caught by Nanku

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Vidya 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidya and Vivek’s moment. He says I have made great tea. She tastes it and says its sweet like your words. Ishq ka rang…plays. They have an eyelock. He tastes it and says I forgot to add the sugar in it. Kalindi says Jagat sat with Nanku in puja. Vivek asks her not to worry. The kids are sad that their school will break. They think to pray to Shiv ji for their prayers to get fulfilled. Nanku asks Jagat about Vivek. Jagat says we are finding. Vivek asks them to have tea. Jagat refuses. Vivek makes the tea fall. Jagat goes to clean his clothes. Nanku warns Vivek. Vivek apologizes. Vidya looks on. Kalindi goes to Jagat.

She says you also handle the baby sometimes, she is your niece. Jagat says she is my life, I can sacrifice my life for her. Vidya comes there. She signs Kalindi. She keeps the tray there and goes. The tray has a mic fixed under it. Vidya records them. She thinks Jagat should tell truth once. Nanku asks Dharma not to worry, he didn’t leave any proof this time, they can’t do anything. Dharma says Vivek is smart, he may enter your house and find proof, didn’t you see, how he changes his colors, he entered my house as my wife’s relative, think, he maybe here as some Sadhu. Nanku recalls the helpers. He gets angry. He gets up from puja and goes.

Kalindi says I m afraid that my daughter will live without Nanku and you, when you get punished, how will we live, evil will end some day. Jagat says Nanku made such a great planning, no one can do anything, we have hidden the proof. Vivek sees Nanku coming. He signs Vidya. Vidya sees Nanku and hides. Jagat shouts when water falls on him. Nanku asks Kalindi about the helpers. Kalindi says they are in kitchen, they are doing good work. Nanku asks will you fool me, you are acting smart, now save Vidya and Vivek and show. He asks where did you hide them. Vidya and Vivek worry. Vivek tries to run. Jagat points gun at him and asks him to stop. Nanku stops and goes to see him. Vidya gets saved from Nanku.

Nanku stares at Vivek. Vidya worries. Nanku says this time, you chose a wrong place to do the drama, he will get shot here. Vivek signs Vidya to go. Vidya thinks I will save you and also find proof against Nanku, I won’t let the school get demolished. She runs away from the window. Nanku asks will you expose me. He laughs. Nanku asks Kalindi where is her friend. He asks Jagat to send his men after Vidya, none should know what’s going on here, tell the men about Vidya’s Rajasthani attire. Vidya goes to the ladies and ask them to just do as told before, Vivek is caught, mislead them. She goes away while the goons get confused seeing the women wearing Rajasthani clothes. They look for Vidya.

Nanku says I will kill you if anything goes wrong. Jagat asks who will find Vidya now. Nanku says don’t worry, Vidya will not leave Vivek and come back here. He says Amma left but don’t know what she taught you, you have become my enemy, what shall I do to cure you. Kalindi says you need a treatment, you stop it, please let them go from here. He threatens to kill her and end the chapter. Vivek shouts. Nanku says I won’t do this. He warns Kalindi. He asks her to just keep standing all night and not sit for a minute. He asks Jagat to keep an eye on her. He says I will bring Vidya out now.

Vidya prays to Shiv. She gets caught by Nanku. She is taken to Vivek.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    I used to enjoy this serial, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous in recent times. I am appalled with the injustice. Nanku is getting away with his evil and Vivek and Vidya went to his home and their disguises being so minimal, maybe a little scar, a limp, etc. but their features are as plain as day for the whole world to see. Maybe when I watch it later I will get a better sense of it. Thank you, Amena.

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