Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya fights negative emotions.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tarkasura and kartikeya playing snake and ladder. The gods slowly are turning into trees.
Ganesh tells raja devodas and devi sarla, every time kartikeya ji played he was eaten by a snake and he had to cross each level placed by tarkasura. Tarkasura was using his tricks and changing the number on his dice the way he wanted, he got the numbers he wanted and got ladders each time as he went on the higher number. This time kartikeya ji had landed on the number where he had to defeat his anger.
There kartikeya is in front of a form of tarkasura. Tarkasura says kartikeya, I had given you a chance before, why did you play this game? You should have taken my offer and shut up and gone back to kailash and played games in front of your father and your mother. I tried

to stop the birth of your mother many times, I tried to kill parvati by sending so many powerful demons but each time they failed and I failed, I also could not stop your birth but I can definitely kill you, I attacked your mother many times. Kartikeya gets angrier as he has stepped on the angry block and he gets affected by anger. Kartikeya says just shut up, I want to kill you. Tarkasura laughs and says that is what I thought, you want revenge right for what I did to your mother and also to the gods through your journey. Tarkasura removes a sword and says take it and kill me, come on. Kartikeya is about to take the sword when skand mata appears. Kartikeya says mata? Mata skand says kartikeya, you have stepped on anger and it is affecting you, this is your test because here you have to bring peace into you, if you use anger then you will lose this game and also the gods as they turn into trees. Skand mata says this is not only a game, but also your test kartikeya. Kartikeya says thank you mother. Then kartikeya calms down and says tarkasura I don’t want the sword, because I want to end this game and I wont attack you because you don’t have any weapon and I will fight you there in the battlefield. Kartikeya says om namah shivay and he gets back in the game.
Tarkasura is shocked and he says he came out again? The gods are saved. This way the game continues.
Ganesh says the game continued and even now tarkasura played as he cheated and put the numbers he wanted on the dice. Mata skand threw the dice for tarkasura with the numbers she thought appropriate, but she did all this to test kartikeya ji because mata was making kartikeya ready so that he would be ready after fighting all the negative things that could take control of a person, first he overcame kaam and moh, then he overcame anger. The game continued.
Skand mata throws the dice and kartikeya comes on number 50 while tarkasura is on 80. Kartikeya gets a ladder and he comes near tarkasura, but again a snake appear. Vayu dev how is this possible? Kartikeya ji got a ladder but still a snake came? Kartikeya is eaten by a snake and he comes in front of a clone of himself. He sees another warrior practicing sword fighting. The clone says kartikeya look at you, you are powerful and look at that warrior, he knows nothing. The clone says kartikeya, you can defeat that warrior because you are more powerful and strong and are son of mahadev. Kartikeya says yes and he challenges the warrior and sees it is another of his clone. Kartikeya says I can defeat you because I am more powerful than you, I am the son of mahadev and you can do nothing to me. kartikeya fights with his own clone using a sword, then he stops and looks at the clone as the clone stops too. skand mata appears and says kartikeya this was the test of ego, this was your ego that spoke, remember never let your ego get control of you because it brings on destruction with it, you should be confident but not egoistic and over confident, which is what you became today. Kartikeya smiles and thanks his mother and then the clones get inside kartikeya and he comes out of that level too.

Precap: kartikeya comes at the gates of hell. Tarkasura reaches ahead. Kartikeya continues playing game with tarkasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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