Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha stops people from leaving.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gargacharya and kanha in the ashram. Kanha says how can kalkey be defeated this time guru? If he brings a flood then everything will drown. Gargacharya says kanha to kill kalkey in the floods, once again you have to repeat history. Gargacharya says kanha you have to take the Matsya avatar again to kill kalkey finally for all. Kanha says if I take the matsya avatar then it will be when kalkey brings the flood, still many living beings will die and I cannot let that happen. Kanha says first I have to be a human being, I have to think like one and do the karma that a human can do, after that I shall be the god who I am! Kanha says I will build a huge boat, in satyug I told raja manu to build a boat so that he could save all beings and now even I shall do that, with

the help of brother balram and all my friends I shall start building a boat for the flood, we will save all living beings and if the flood comes then I can think about taking matsya avatar.
Kanha says if I think like a human do karma like that then in future if a calamity like this happens then the people would come together and would too work towards finding a solution together. Gargacharya says prabhu whatever you will think will be best. Kanha smiles and heads back to vrindavan.
Kansa is with bhadraksh and bhadraksh says bhagwan, kalkey has a part of your body, but is he that powerful can he kill matsya avatar? Kansa says don’t doubt him bhadraksh otherwise I will kill you, I have given a part of my body to kalkey but not just that he has 10 times the more power than he had before so he has all the power to defeat matsya avatar and kill him.
In vrindavan, all people are worried and they talk to each other. One man says look at entire brij mandal, we are getting news from everywhere that the water is not seeping into the ground, the ground is not soaking it and kansa has his new plan! He has set a demon kalkey to kill everyone, he will bring floods everywhere and then we will drown. The people say we have to leave vrindavan then, we have to abandon this village otherwise we all will die. Everyone agree and they start packing their things and loading it on bullock carts.
Balram and all friends come and balram says what are you all doing? The people say we are leaving this village because if we stay here longer than we will drown in the flood that kalkey brings. Balram says please listen to me, don’t leave the village because prabhu Vishnu is with us, believe in god and nothing will happen to us. Kanha comes and says believe me, and trust in god because no one will die. Kanha says people, we are humans and people have to come together and work towards preventing destruction or minimizing it, if we don’t do our karma then even god cannot do anything to help us. We have to do whatever we can do in our power to save ourselves, running from the situation wont help us. The people say kanha is right, we will stay and fight the problem. Kanha and balram smile.

Precap: kanha and his friends start building a huge boat. Matsya raj comes to kanha seeking help as kansa attacks to kill all fish.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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