Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh’s birthday decorations are being done.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati telling ganesh no one has forgotten your birthday ganesh! We remember everything. Ganesh is happy. Mahadev, kartikeya and nandi with all gan come. Parvati says ganesh, nandi and all the gan are doing the decorations for the palace, there will be a huge feast with lots of celebration today. Parvati says kartikeya will invite all the guests and I will make all your favorite food items and everything you like, your father will supervise everything. ganesh is excited and says see mushak ji, no one forgot my birthday. Kartikeya says how will we? We all love you so much ganesh.
Chitragupta ji is in yam lok and he checks the kundli of ganesh ji and says how can this happen again? this same day ganesh ji’s head had been cut by mahadev, now again a threat seems eminent in his life on the same day he was born, I have to tell this to yamraj, who could possibly bring danger to ganesh ji’s life?
There nandi and all gan are decorating the palace, there is happiness in Kailash as everyone is busy in preparing for the ganesh ji’s birthday feast. Kartikeya goes on mayur ji and invites all gods, goddesses and tridev and other members for the birthday of ganesh ji.
Chitragupta ji goes to yamraj. Yamraj is talking to his wife devi Priyanka and says ganesh ji’s birthday celebration will be huge, we have to take a good gift for ganesh ji. Priyanka says I am always happy when I get to see ganesh ji, he is after all pratham pujya devta. Yamraj says we should get ready as we have to be in Kailash in time. Chitragupta comes to yamraj and says yamraj I have to say something important to you. Devi Priyanka goes to get ready.
Yamraj says yes chitragupta ji, tell me what happened? Chitragupta says yamraj, I saw the kundli of ganesh ji today and I have seen danger in his kundli, his life is at threat and some danger is going to come today on his birthday in the same way when his head was cut by mahadev when he was born. Yamraj says what are you saying chitragupta? Your eyesight must be weak, what can happen to ganesh ji? Nothing can bring a threat to the life of ganesh ji. Chitragupta says yamraj, I am not lying, I have seen the kundli of ganesh ji, something has to be done as I have seen a great danger come. Yamraj says that is not good, I have to tell mahadev and mata parvati but how will I tell them? Yamraj goes to depart for Kailash.
In Kailash, the decorations are almost finished. Lord Vishnu and devi laxmi appear as guests and ganesh and kartikeya welcome them. Mahadev and parvati come out as all preparations are done and they welcome everyone. Brahma dev and saraswati come and all gods start coming one by one as they are welcomed by flowers.
At a distant place, a divya person with powers is meditating and has 4 hands, as he meditates his mind is disturbed by his thoughts and the sky turns red and cloudy and it thunders.

Precap: yamraj and devi Priyanka come to Kailash and yamrja thinks how will I tell mahadev and devi parvati?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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