Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop dances for Ishika for the hospitality test

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupesh bring tea for Ishika and says you are beautiful and Ishika. Ishika asks what he wants to say. Rupesh says you are young and shall do masti. Ishika asks what is the matter? He says she shall forget about the past night matter. He says whatever that gunda did was right and says he is king of hearts. He says Roop became bad and acts as drunkard to save her. He says he did what he thought right and asks her not to be judgemental always. He asks her to rectify her mistake. Ishika says you would have told me when he told you about his plan. Rupesh says I forgot. Ishika thinks did I overreact by telling Roop’s mother. She gets her friend’s call and she asks if she is judgemental. Her friend says no. Ishika thinks to go to Kamla’s house, but thinks Roop will be there. She sees Kamla going and stops her. She says I have realized that I have said so much that day.

Kinjal asks if this is miracle or conspiracy. Ishika says my Papa have realized that whatever he did was sensible. Kinjal says my brother is sensible only and asks do you want to really apologize or acting. Kamla says it is a matter of courage to accept our own mistake. She says Roop is mischievous, but he can’t hurt anyone. Ishika smiles and touches her feet. Kamla gives her Prasad. Hardik tells Roop that he was calling her. Ishika comes to him and says we both have done the mistake. She asks him not to mess with her. Hardik asks if she came to befriend you or threaten you. Roop says I will make you understand.

In Roop’s class, professor asks students to tell about hospital. Students tell answer. Professor asks Roop to tell. Roop tells that hospitality means be happy and satisfied, so that our customers are happy and satisfied. He gives Kamla’s example. Professor says today is your test and says he will call 2 students as judge from other dept and says these marks will be counted in final exams. He asks Judges to come. Ishika and her friend come there. Roop’s friend tells that Ishika will not give him marks. Roop asks Professor to change the judge and tells that this judge’s mental condition is bad and tells that she hates me. Ishika says he is disrespecting me in the class. Professor says she will be only judge. Ishika thinks she will Judge him. Roop thinks she will not give him marks. Professor tells that 2 teams have given their test and now it is Roop and his team’s turn. He says he will get atleast 9 marks. Ishika says your test will be different. She says if you stop me from going out of this room because of your good hospitality then I will give you 10 marks.

Roop sings song main koi aisa geet gawun…and serves her juice. He sings and dances around her. He offers her roses. She takes it and the thorn pierces in her skin. She shouts. Roop says sorry. Ishika says it is your work to check whether there are thorns in it or not. She says I am giving you zero in hospitality. Professor asks so you want to give him zero. Roop says you are humiliating me infront of everyone. She says whatever. Professor says no arguments. He says you have to keep your customers happy. He asks how can you fulfill your dream if you fail? Roop asks for a chance and goes to Ishika. He apologizes to her and begs infront of her for a last chance. He then tells her that if she don’t give him last chance then his mother and sisters’ dream will break too. Professor asks Ishika what is her decision.

Two men are fighting on road. One of them asks his girl to wear proper clothes. Roop says one has to change their mindset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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