Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik returns home watching Malti & praises her beauty.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pundalik says he has to go but Chandrakala stops hugging him & he too hugs her tightly.
Malti is waiting for Pundalik watching the decoration feeling happy but depressed of Pundalik not available & feels sleepy but gets up after sometime feeling Pundali arrived but her grandmother comes asking her he hasn’t arrived yet while Malti also tells her you were right.
Malti’s Grandmother asks Pundalik’s parent’s where Pundalik is while Malti also asks pleading them to tell the truth about Pundalik & grandmother also blames Pundalik if he is at some such place where people mustn’t be. Pundalik’s nephew diverts her attention saying that he is such a person who gets devoted in his work so deeply that he does not bother about any other things but grandmother tells her to go & search him & he leaves intimating Pundalik’s parents to not to tell them the truth till I’ll bring him back.
Diwakar is searching Pundalik but finds the flower vendor who gives him his actual location details where Pundalik can be but takes gold coins in exchange of information from him & Diwakar goes to that place while the vendor comes to inform Chandrakala’s mother in wake of his selfishness. The vendor informs her about his nephew searching Pundalik while she intimates guards to stop him. The vendor demands the jewellery box from her in exchange of information in this case too & she gives her thinking he won’t find anything from it which is empty.
Diwakar is calling Pundalik shouting his name while Chandrakala hears & thinks of not allowing to go. Chandrakala’s mother informs Diwakar but then too he isn’t going from there saying that he won’t go without taking him.
Pundalik’s parents are praying Prabhu to help while Rukmini asks Shri Krishna that won’t you help them & he says that Prabhu has to help his devotee & Prabhu uses his his powers to make the flute fall & Pundalik wakes up hearing the sound while Chandrakala closes all doors. Diwakar is hit by guards while Pundalik tells Chandrakala that I have to go from here now but she isn’t allowing him while he sees the flute taking it in his hands & tells her that you can’t stop me & he leaves & stops the guards from beating Diwakar. Pundalik asks him why he is here & he instead tells him that today if you do not come home then your parent’s will suicide & he is shocked hearing this.
Chandrakala holds Pundalik’s hands to stop him while Pundalik’s parents are performing prayers in front their Prabhu Shri Krishna & Malti’s grandmother gets up hearing their prayers but sees Malti crying hence she stops them from doing prayers & cursing Pundalik who hasn’t arrived so to not to do such drama of prayers.
Diwakar tells Pundalik to leave all this & attend your wife who has come after so long years while Chandrakala leaves his hands feeling shocked hearing about his wife.
Malti is pleading Pundalik’s parents where he can be to tell the truth while Pundalik giving flute to Chandrakala promises her that he’ll come as soon as possible anyhow & Diwakar is shocked. Pundalik leaves with Diwakar while Chandrakala expresses her mother that it seems he won’t return again falling very deep in his love.
Malti is continuously pleading Pundalik’s parents of his whereabout while his father thinks to tell her the truth but Pundalik arrives & sees his wife whom Diwakar introduces him & he feels very delighted seeing her. Malti also gets happy seeing Pundalik while her grandmother is cursing him. Malti goes in their room while Pundalik follows her.
Pundalik’s parents praise their Prabhu & asks Diwakar about his where about.
Malti praises Pundalik’s looks while he too praises her beauty. Diwakar informs Pundalik about hot water ready for bath & Malti gives him dress & towel for bath but when he is going she watches his back which contains flower petals on his head & body which confirms her that he was with some other woman. Her grandmother comes to tell her that you didn’t see what I saw but she instead tells her what she saw & also smelled liquor from his mouth which confirms about his involvement with another woman.
Chandrakala’s mother tells her that Pundalik won’t return now because she is waiting for him to return holding his flute.
Malti tells her grandmother that you know my behaviour hence I won’t allow him to go out of the house & also won’t share him with any other woman while Chandrakala also takes oath that she will anyhow bring him back in her life.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Pundalik was getting more & more attracted to Malti which was changing his life again forgetting about Chandrakala but then life has some other things to arise also.
Pundalik sees the jewellery box & wonders how come the box here & he opens it finding the jewellery given to him to give it to Malti & remembers about the other box he took had flute in it. Pundalik gifts the jewellery to Malti late in the night.

Precap: Malti gets bugged hearing prayers of Pundalik’s parents while Pundalik shouts his parent’s to stop prayers but they tell him that you are aware we do this daily but he shouts telling them that such prayers which disturbs my wife is sound & nothing else. Shri Krishna intimates that disrespecting parents is biggest mistake which he has done & invited his punishment.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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