Shakti 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat agrees to marry Nayantara

Shakti 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling Harman that he shall not take her name being a stranger and walks away from there. He tries to talk to her, but in vain. Harman says my Gulabo is still the same. He thanks Mata Rani for making this Harman Singh reach her Gulabo and asks her to give him strength so that she can believe that he is Harman. Soumya thinks why he was calling her Gulabo like Harman used to call her. Virat is still hiding with Heer in the cupboard. A goon looks inside the cupboard. Virat hits the cupboard on him and makes him fall down. He then comes out with Heer and makes her rest on the bed. Other goons come there, with whom Virat fights. Heer gains consciousness and sees Virat fighting with the goons. The goon picks the gun and aims at Virat. Heer comes and stands infront of Virat. Inspector comes and aims gun at the goons. He arrests and takes them. Virat holds Heer, who is still drowsy. He makes her rest on the bed.

Preeto, Rohan and Simran do the aarti. Soumya comes home and thinks of the guy whom she met in the temple. Preeto calls her. Soumya stops. Preeto tells that today is the navratri’s first day and tells that you made everything fine. Harak Singh says you said right, everything will be fine as Soumya entered our house again. She says Mata Rani will make everything fine. Preeto says I am sure that you will bring Heer soon, then everyone will stay here together. She asks what are you thinking? Soumya says Mata Rani will make everything fine. Mahi thinks what happened to her suddenly. Soumya goes to Heer’s room and removes the neckband and ring. She prays to the Mata Rani in the room. Just then window opens up, Soumya looks at the moon and asks how is Harman ji and if he talks to you about me. She thinks if he misses me or not?

Virat makes Heer get up from the bed and asks if she is fine. Heer says did you realize now that until I am with you, you can’t be safe. Virat asks her to have milk. He tells that he will protect her. Heer says you want to keep me with you forcibly, but we are not destined to be together. Virat asks what do you mean by force, asks if she don’t love him. He says I forget why are we talking again and again. Heer says our destiny will not unite and asks him to do as Parmeet says. She says why you dream of union with me, reminds that she is a kinnar and not a girl. She says she can’t give him anything, asks him to remarry. Sant Baksh and Parmeet come there with the latter’s friend and daughter. Parmeet asks if he is fine? Virat says yes. He tells that he brought milk for Heer, as she was unwell. Police Inspector calls Sant Baksh and tells that Angel, Shooter and Daljeet are arrested. Sant Baksh asks him to do the same thing with Daljeet which shall be done with the criminal. He tells that he shall not lessen Parmeet’s happiness. Parmeet tells Virat that she has chosen Nayantara for him. Nayantara tries to touch Virat’s feet, but he stops her. Virat thinks from where Maa brought her. Parmeet asks Heer to bring tea. Virat says she is unwell. Heer goes. Parmeet tells that the girl chosen by her is beautiful and also has good values. She says Nayan is different from today’s girls. She whispers to him and reminds him of his promise. Virat thinks of Heer’s request and agree to marry Nayan. Just then the temple diya is set off. Heer notices it. Sant baksh and Parmeet are happy.

She receives the call. Harman calls her and asks if she is looking at the moon? He says even me. He says we stayed afar from each other, but still our hearts don’t stop beating for each other. He says still I talk to the moon about you. Soumya asks who are you and asks him not to call her Gulabo. Harman says I have given you this name. Soumya says she don’t like to talk to the strangers. Harman says today you are calling me strangers and asks her to reach somewhere at 5 pm tomorrow, where she used to go. Soumya asks why do you think that I will come there. He says you will come, and I will tell your life’s biggest truth. Soumya ends the call and finds him standing downstairs. She goes out of room and then again comes to the window. She finds him gone.

Precap: Soumya comes to the place and finds teddy, balloons etc…she finds Harman beating the dhol and hugs him. She turns him and sees his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ek PLOT Bataataa hu:-> #Saumya ab bhi #Harman ko Identify Nahi Kar Paa Rhi. Right? #Harman ki Sachchaai yeh Hai – ke jis din when he fell off the cliff, tab kuchh anjaan bando ne uski jaan bachaai, par uska Chehraa Khraab Ho Gya Tha. Next, Jab Usko HOSPITAL Le Jaaya Gyaa Tha, wahaan pe Uski PLASTIC SURGERY Bhi Honi Padi. After Surgery, Jab Usne Apnaa Chehraa Dekha Sheeshe ke Saamne, #Harman was SO HAUNTED & TERRIFIED That Would He Be Able to Show his Real Face To Gulaabo or Preeto Family. HE was SO SHOCKED That He Decided To STAY AWAY From Saumya as well as His Family as Couldn’t Show His Same OLD Face (VivianDsena) anymore After PLASTIC SURGERY Because of His New Face (CezanneKhan). Maybe That is Why He Decided Never to Come Back with his New Face as His Preeto Family Wants To See His Old Face (VivianDsena) Only, Not New Face (CezanneKhan).

    That is My Plot for the Shakti Story.

    What about yours, Guyzz??

  2. Guyz Aap Sab Log iss plot ko achhe se, dhyaan se, bina kisi dabaav ke padh lo. And Please Tell if you guyzz are Excited for the Plot where HARMAN Tells His Truth to SAUMYA For Where He Has Been Through For SO LONG TIME.

    1. Hey aisa bhi to ho sakta hai ki Harman ka Dil iss ladke ko donate ho gya ho. Kyunki jab kisi ka face jal jaata hai tabhi uska face change krne ki zarurat hoti hai, yaha Harman pahadi se gira tha..I don’t think usko koi burns aaye honge.
      Ya it’s something different aur vo to aage ke episodes dekh kr hi pta chalega.

    2. The First Lines You Just Mentioned Just Made Me Feel Happy. Ki puraane Harman ka HEART Kisi aur ko Donate kiya ho.😀😀😀.

      Aane Waale Episodes mein hi pataa lag jaayega.

      Agar Face ki Plastic Surgery Ki Baat ho toh, woh Severe Accidents mein bhi Face par INJURIES Zyaada Ho Jaati hain ke Uss Victim ko pehchaannaa bahut Mushkil Hota Hai. That is the Fact Too.

  3. It seems Harman had a plastic surgery to change his face and it’s natural that he’ll look older since it’s been about 20 years but what I don’t get is that the others don’t look older even after 20 years, it’s only Harman. I’d have wished Vivian Dsena came back but he doesn’t want to so there is nothing to be done.

    1. Koi Baat Nhi. We should Keep Watching (if anyone interested for sure LOL) The Episodes of Shakti to figure out the Reason behind New Harman chasing Saumya all the Time

    2. Good old plastic surgery! It will take some time, but eventually we’ll get used to the new Harman. Although, what about the voice? How do they explain that his voice is different? Oh, TV!!! And I’m still trying to figure how Soumya is allowed to walk around like a 20 something year old instead of being a mature woman, one old enough to be Heer’s mother. And OM, you’re still misunderstanding me. I wish the TG and the kinnars peace and happiness. If there are any of the kinnars who wish to have the surgery to become ordinary people, then they deserve to be given that chance. Harman coming back, you’d think he’d be running to his parents, “I’ve come back to you. You don’t have to cry for me anymore!” What does he do instead? He runs around in circles with Soumya. The writers need to get out of that silly box they’re in and present a better story. Enough prolonging and enough nonsense. I’m going to watch something else on telly.

    3. Buddy, I m Not Misunderstanding you anyway. I felt that the plot I mention in my comments could be the reason for why New Harman (CezanneKhan) has Come around Saumya (RubinaDilaik). Aage Episodes mein hi pataa lagegaa. But buddy, i m not misunderstanding any thing that you said on my previous episode comment. We Respect everyone Own Views on the show, but all we need is stay Calm, Postive, have some Patience and Wait for the Right Moment to come in the Show. That’s All I say. I have No Objection for your Ciews, Buddy.

    4. Really sad. Would have been a bonus to watch Vivian reprise his role as harman.

  4. It will take time to get habited to new harmanji….don’t know where the story will go….

    1. Haan It Will Take Some Time. But Kisi na kisi Episode mein Harman ki Sachchaai Saamne Aa Jaayegi, Uske Naye Chehre ka Reason Bhi Saamne Aa jaayega For Sur

  5. Though Harman has returned, he is not the same anymore, his face and voice have changed and it won’t be easy introducing himself to his family, they won’t believe him so I think he wants to meet Saumya first and tell her what happened to him and convince her that though he looks different he is the same Harman and his feelings for her haven’t changed before he can meet the family. Let’s see what happens

    1. What’s with the Nayantara angle? She seems too good to be true, the perfect bahu and every mother’s dream daughter-in-law. Do you think it is a set up? She and her mother bumping into Virat’s parents and they way she behaves so respectable towards them. Something is afoot. Soumya is not the only one going around in circles. We have Heer and Virat and now Virat and Nayantara. The new Harman rescues Soumya from getting shot and he gets a cold thank you and a suspicious glare. The Jeet goon gets a warm welcome and gets to be taken inside their home. Hey, I was thinking that perhaps Jeet was going to change and become the nice guy and that would be a match for Soumya. How come she is allowed to dance in the temple, by the way? Poor Heer is being upstaged and she’s such a nice kid. Hopefully Harman takes Soumya and they go off into the sunset. and Virat marries Nayatara and he is happy pleasing mama and papa. I hope Heer gets that operation, becomes a famous Bollywood star, marries Ranbir and lives a happy married life and has a couple of babies. And they all live happily ever after. The end!

    2. She did try to get that surgery but was mercilessly shot by angel.
      I don’t think she will dare to think of any surgery again!

  6. This programme needs to end, its the same thing going around in circles,
    we have seen it all with Harman and Soumya and now
    Heer and Virat

    same sh!t ,,, different day

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