Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update – Shri Ganesh’s marriage celebration takes place.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mahaganadhipati blesses Shri Ganesh who prays him to show him the path towards marriage & he advises him this marriage has to happen which is written in his destiny & Shri Ganesh agrees with him accepting Mahaganadhipati’s blessings.

Mata Paravati along with all of them in Kailash are arranging for Shri Ganesh’s turmeric celebration while Shri Ganesh asks why this turmeric is used in this celebration but Mushak says to Shri Ganesh now don’t ask whom he is getting married & Mata Paravati laughs on Mushak saying she would be first to apply turmeric on Shri Ganesh & tells him he is getting married to Vishwakarma’s daughters Ridhi & Sidhi.

Vishwakarma is volunteering all arrangements instructing his workers in his excitement reminding them to speed up the work due to Shri Ganesh along with Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati will be arriving to perform this marriage of his daughters with their son Vignaharta Shri Ganesh.

Shri Ganesh along with entire Gods community are walking towards Vishwakarma’s palace while Shri Ganesh feels intuition of some devotee meditating for him hence he stops all of them saying he has to go somewhere but Nandi says this isn’t right time due to his marriage time will pass but Shri Ganesh says they are attached to their duties of this world hence his duty is first to attend that devotee who is calling him & Prabhu Mahadev also says Shri Ganesh is right so let him go but Mata Paravati intimates him to come soon before time & he assures her.

Shri Ganesh meets the devotee whom he tells he is impressed by his meditation but to introduce himself & he says his name is Ahintasoor who is born due to ego of Sun God.

Sun God asks request from Brahmadev who allows him but also alerts him & Sun God egoistically says nobody is such powerful than him in this entire God community who can destroy anything with his heat power & Brahmadev says he is speaking in his ego but Sun God sneezes while talking & an Asoor takes birth whose name is given by Brahmadev itself telling him this is happened due to his ego.

Shri Ganesh asks Ahintasoor to think what he wishes & dreaming about sitting on seat of Devlok he wishes to be an ultimate powerful person in Trilok’s whom no God, human, animal or any kind of live specie should harm or kill him & Shri Ganesh boons him accordingly leaving from there.

Shri Ganesh’s marriage celebration takes place with all rituals performed & Ridhi-Sidhi also arrive to perform the rituals with Shri Ganesh. Mushak intimates Shri Ganesh of some intuition he is feeling & suddenly Ahintasoor emerges in front of all of them especially Shri Ganesh so Nandi asks who he is & why he has come here so he says he wishes to clutch all of them but Nandi warns him to leave politely or will face trouble but he instead says in his ego that nothing will happen to him which he has achieved from Shri Ganesh itself & Nandi in his anger shoots his weapon but doesn’t harm him & he laughs saying he had told him then Shri Ganesh asks him he has booned him then why he is here & he says he is here due to his boon itself to use for clutching all of them & all Gods are trying to attack him then too he isn’t harmed then Shri Ganesh thinks he only has to do something & Shri Ganesh uses his power emerging from mud becoming a huge form & Mata Paravati praises the form giving name as Dhumravan Ganesh & Ganesh uses his powers to attack him who bends down pleading Ganesh for forgiveness & Dhumravan Ganesh forgives him saying now this wish he should use only for good cause & returns into his original form again.

Shri Ganesh’s marriage takes place while Prabhu Mahadev blesses him along with Ridhi & Sidhi who will have those qualities to support Shri Ganesh & also brings two sons Shub-Labh of Shri Ganesh due to whom Pooja performance will take place in future & also one daughter to be besides Ridhi & Sidhi.

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