Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki returns cheque to Purab

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Purab if he accepts their marriage. Purab looks at Thapki and says technically we are married Thapki, and your forehead has the sindoor of my name, we stay in the same room. She says there are other meaning of marriage too. He says you are good with my family and I am good with yours, that is enough for us and asks her to stop talking about favors or returning the money. She gets sad. He walks towards her and asks her to go and meet her mom, and says you have celebrated Diwali without her, might be missing her. He says driver is waiting downstairs and asks her to go. He goes. Thapki thanks Mata Rani for giving a good damad to her family and says she can’t understand him as a husband. Dadi tells Vinod that Purab took a stand for his wife, and thapki and his relation with strengthen. Vinod is happy that Thapki’s name is cleared.

Thapki comes to Ashok’s house. Her mother asks do you think he has a bad guy and asks if he misbehaves with you. She says no. Her mother asks her to try to understand him and fulfill their marriage. Ashok says look at me, I am bearing your Mami. Sudha comes there and says tell me truly, what you was talking else you will not get food. Ashok praises her saree to divert her. Thapki asks Ashok to show the cheque given by Purab. Sudha gets happy. Ashok shows the cheque. Thapki takes the pic and says I am capturing it in my camera, so that I don’t forget. Sudha takes the cheque and says I will keep it safely. Ashok asks her to return and says Purab gave it for behna’s surgery. Sudha says we will get her surgery done in small hospital and will do FD of the half amount. Ashok takes the cheque and scolds her.

Priyanka asks Sapna if they need to do something big. Sapna says I have sowed the seed of doubt in veena’s mind. Sudha calls Priyanka and says you didn’t give me 5 lakhs, and Purab gave cheque for lakhs. Priyanka ends the call and tells Sapna. She tells that they shall call sagar and execute their plan. Sapna thinks I will fill your ears again, veena. Veena thinks of Sapna’s words and calls Purab, but he is busy on call. He is talking to the surgeon and offers to pay him extra. Sapna comes there and acts as back pain. She calls Sagar and asks him to bring balm. Priyanka comes there and says lets go. Sagar says we will get late for picture. Sapna says balm. He asks her to ask servants. Priyanka says I don’t want to miss the trailer. Sapna says today’s children don’t care about mothers, and says Sagar is slipping from my hand. She asks Veena if she knows that Purab gave cheque of lakhs to Thapki’s Mama. Veena asks when did this happen? Sapna asks her to save Purab from Thapki’s family, specially her Mami. She says they will make Purab account empty one day and says everyone are selfish, and says Purab used to call her selfish. She says he fell in wife’s love and doing this. Veena goes from there. Sapna smiles.

Thapki sees a guy selling filter coffee. She recalls her mother’s words and thinks he likes coffee. She thinks to make Purab have the famous street coffee. She asks the guy to pack 8-10 cups. She then asks him to pack all the kettle. He gives her kettle also. Thapki thinks to give him hot coffee. Purab thanks the doctor and ends the call. Veena Devi asks if he is busy? Purab says there is some problem in Thapki’s house. She asks why are you helping her so much. He says don’t start now, I am very tired. Veena Devi says we will talk now itself and asks why is he sympathizes with her. She says I might not know your favorite things, but knows that you flow in emotions seeing weak people, they have caught your weakness and taking your advantage. Purab says I gave them money for her mom’s surgery and not for anything else. Thapki is coming there. Veena Devi says they are fooling you, if you give them money today, then they will take your everything, says Thapki like girls has just one aim, to get money from rich guys. Thapki hears and goes and says I am not a child, that I don’t identify the truth. Veena says People get betrayed due to this overconfidence. He says you have chosen Thapki for me and asks her to look at herself. Veena Devi says you are proving me wrong. He says your way to look at people, lower them, humiliate them pointing at their weakness/flaws. He says it is your way, not mine. She says you are my child. He says thankfully I am not like you and asks her not to lecture him about relations.

He goes and collides with Sargam. Sargam says she is going with friends to post Diwali family. He says you are looking good. She says Thapki Bhabhi has done embroidery and is very talented like you. He takes her pic. Sargam goes.

Thapki thinks of Veena Devi’s words and cries. She looks at her bangle in her hand and says first, she had problem with my stammering and now she feels that I am behind Purab’s money. She cries and says I regard you as my Guru, and that’s why can’t take out the kada given by you. She says it is not your mistake, you don’t know me. I am not behind his money. She thinks Purab might have made you understand. She calls Ashok and asks if he is at home. He says yes. Thapki says I have to take something back from you, on which we have no right.

Vinod comes to his room holding the food tray. He says Amma said that you didn’t have anything since morning and asks why is she worried, as relatives apologized and video matter is solved. Veena Devi says what about the termite which is eating Mother and son’s relation. She recalls Sapna’s words. She says you know that I didn’t like Hansika, as she was a bad singer and bad person too, and had told me clearly that she will snatch Purab from me. She says I got rid of her, but get trapped by Thapki. She says I have lost in life. Vinod says your hatred is stopping you from seeing the diamond, and says Thapki will not take away Purab, but will bring him closer to you. Veena says your soft heart might drown this house. Purab sees the coffee in tea kettle. He drinks it and says it is so good. Thapki comes there. She says you brought all the kettle and says I am thinking to do this, and asks shall I serve you? Thapki gives him cheque. He asks if it is coffee guy address. He opens it and finds the cheque. He asks what is it? Thapki says learning for me,that I shall not have any hopes on anyone. He asks what happened to you, you was saying thanks in the morning. She says you gave this money as a duty. He says you will get chance to show attitude. He says your mom’s surgery needs to be done. She says she will get her surgery on her own. He asks if anyone told her anything. Thapki looks on.

Precap: Thapki tells Priyanka that all the food is made in 1 hour. Priyanka asks her to keep all the food in fridge and make this. She gives her list. Thapki thinks what to make, I didn’t hear the name. She again makes the food. Priyanka serves the food to the guests. Veena Devi says kadi patta in pasta. Purab hopes food is good, else client will go from hands. The guests taste the food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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