Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Tripurasur attack a demon arrow on mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with brahmadev riding the chariot and all gods say har har mahadev. Rishi shokracharya does the ritual as the gods power go at a faster rate now to Tripura. Ganesh is worried.
There tripurasur enjoy the dance of women and enjoy madeera. Tarkaksh says this is the true happiness. Arihant ji was right and I enjoy this dance of women, madeera and fun. Tarkaksh says I don’t want this to stop, I want more madeera and more dance, lets enjoy. They all laugh. Mahadev is coming near to Tripura. There suddenly a laughing sound is heard by tripurasur and they remove weapons and become alert. Tarkaksh says who is it? come in front otherwise I will kill you. rahu appears laughing. Tarkaksh says what happened rahu? Don’t laugh so much. Rahu says I am laughing because you all are going to be destroyed with Tripura itself. tarkaksh says what? Rahu says mahadev is heading towards Tripura with brahmadev, with a chariot that is not a chariot, a bow that is not a bow and an arrow that is not an arrow. Tarkaksh is worried then he starts laughing with kamlaksh and vindhurmali. Rahu says why are you laughing? Tarkaksh says because mahadev wont be able to do anything, even though we had put the conditions to brahma dev during the wish only when Tripura would align itself. rahu says why is that? tripurasur take rahu to rishi shokracharya and tarkaksh says we have been helped by rishi shokracharya from the start and he has made something no one can defeat. Mahadev there removes the arrow and aims towards Tripura and waits for it to align itself.
Tarkaksh says he made us the demon army. Rishi shokracharya gets up and says yes, this demon army is the most powerful demon army ever powered by the urjaa and powers of the gods which is in this eye of fire. Tarkaksh says to defeat the demons only this eye of fire shall be destroyed and no one will come here, the demons will destroy the chariot of mahadev. Shokracharya says tarkaksh kamlaksh and vindhurmali, when you will command them, they will be alive and then do what you will say. tripurasur command their armies and they become alive. Tripurasur say demon army, all of you turn yourself into a giant strong arrow and then destroy the chariot of mahadev. The demon armies act as said and together they fly in the air and turn into an arrow and go towards mahadev.
Indra dev says if we had our powers, we would have helped mahadev but we cannot, someone has to help mahadev as he cannot attack that arrow on the demon arrow. There brahma dev says mahadev we are in danger because you cannot attack the Vishnu arrow on the demon army arrow as it can be fired only once but if the arrow hits us then the chariot will be destroyed and you cannot even take another arrow as you have already taken Vishnu arrow at aim and keeping it back will be adharma. Lord Shankar thinks I will not leave my aim and attack on Tripura when it aligns itself.
There ganesh says I know father, he will not waste the arrow by attacking it on the demon army arrow, I have to go and help. Ganesh says mother give me permission to go and help father. Parvati says yes and then she prays and a rudraksh mala appears in her hand. Parvati says ganesh wear this mala as I and your father mahadev have blessed this mala, you will know how it helps you when you go to Tripura. Ganesh wears the rudraksh mala and then heads to mahadev.
There tarkaksh, kamlaksh and vindhurmali stand very huge taller than mountain on each of their land. They all laugh looking at mahadev and kamlaksh says now the arrow will hit and destroy mahadev’s chariot. there from behind ganesh comes on mushak and then he steps out and stands very huge taller than mountain. Tarkaksh says ganesh you can do nothing, this arrow will kill you. tarkaksh says rishi shokracharya will be proud of what we are doing here.
Shokracharya is on his planet and says my plan will work, mahadev’s chariot will be destroyed and the demons will rule forever, I am successful.
There the arrow heads towards ganesh and hits his stomach and a loud bang happens. All gods are worried. Tripurasur laugh. Upon looking, the arrow is destroyed and all demons fall down here and there. Tripurasur are shocked and all gods say jai ganesh! Jai ganesh!
Tarkaksh is angry and says ganesh I still have my army, they will come and attack on you from all sides and destroy mahadev’s chariot, you will not be able to do anything. Tarkaksh commands demons and they get up and turn into arrow and head towards chariot from all sides as ganesh protects it.

Precap: mahadev’s chariot breaks as the gods lose their power. Ganesh says how did this happen? Parvati says I knew some difficulty will come, she says to mahadev you did not do Pooja of ganesh before this battle. Mahadev says I am ganesh’s father, should I do his Pooja? How is that possible?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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