Udaan 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Pakhi reveals Imli’s truth

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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Suraj leaving with Imli and Ranvijay. She stops them on the way. She asks Suraj to stop, she is his Chakor, does he not know her, stop the car or drive the car over me. Ranvijay asks Suraj to hit Chakor and send her to hell. Imli says if she dies, media will get after us, stop him. Ranvijay asks Suraj to stop the car. Suraj applies brakes. Ranvijay says move Chakor off the way. Chakor smiles seeing Suraj. Suraj lifts Chakor and takes her aside. She asks don’t you identify me, I m your Chakor. He leaves. Mahiya….plays….

Kasturi and Bhuvan see Chakor. She cries and walks. Kaka says you all did a sin. The man says we should tell everything to Chakor, just she can save us from this curse. Kishor agrees. Kasturi says no, she has just come, she is in a shock, let some time pass. Chakor recalls everything. She sees the goons beating an old man. She stops him and slaps. The goon points gun at her.

He says I will kill this old man in front of you. Someone shoots at the goons. Goon says she has come again. Goons run away. Chakor sees someone coming. The old man blesses Pakhi and goes. Chakor says Pakhi… Pakhi says its good you have come. Chakor hugs her and smiles. She asks where is old Pakhi. Pakhi says I m using this gun to save villagers from Imli and Ranvijay, I can’t become their puppet, I will fight with them alone. Chakor asks what happened to you, what did they do with you. Pakhi says this Imli is not your sister. Imli lies in bath tub and makes Girja do her massage. Ranvijay comes and orders Girja to leave. Imli comes to him. He shuts her mouth and asks what’s all this, you know its time for my coming, why did you keep Girja here.

She pushes him away. He pats her face. She says I did mistake, forgive me, this will not happen again. He asks her not to apologize, he doesn’t like this, she did many mistakes, she said something which he liked a lot. He lifts her and takes her to the bed. She smiles and apologizes. He says you know I like to punish you, you keep doing mistakes. She says I like whatever punishment you give. They talk of love. He says I have killed Vivaan. She says I m happy you did this.

Suraj knocks the door and says I did arrangements for your leaving. Ranvijay asks him to handle Chakor. Pakhi says Imli is the reason for your and Suraj’s separation. Chakor says this can’t be true. Pakhi says I have heard Imli myself. She tells everything. Chakor gets shocked. Pakhi says Imli doesn’t deserve to be called as your sister, Vivaan died and Imli wanted to become minister, she changed her colors and started torturing villagers, Imli and her new husband made the village a hell, you freed us but Imli made us bandhua again. Chakor cries.

Pakhi says Imli does many illegal crimes, she sells girls. Chakor goes to Suraj. He keeps a knife at her neck. He says you are my Malik’s enemy, I will not leave you alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode, if you ignore the romance of the crazy couple, I hop this is the last time they show their loving side, there was nothing steamy but I don’t like seeing them romancing each other.
    Happy that Pakhi is fighting, if there were more villagers like her, Imli wouldn’t have ruled over them.
    Now Chakor knows the truth of her disgusting sister.
    Hope Sukor scene is long tomorrow.

  2. Aleya.marzan

    nice episode.
    however i’m wondering y do they show so many miscarriages .i’m dishearted donno when we will get to see sukor child again as suraj doesnt even rem chakor

  3. Yeh cvs zoo pe hona chahiye isiliye yeh log animal ki romance dikhate kayi???????????????hamari sukor ko shirf trp kiliye yeh log rahte humein sukor ki honeymoon scene chahiye ush mein chakor wear hot honeymoon dress ???????ush mein sukor ki lip lock hona chahiyeeeeee i am always imagine that scene?????????????????

  4. ????? RV killed Vivaan n then they talk abt love how stupid is this????? Poor Sukor happy abt Paakhi great entry ????

  5. Disha kalyani as Paakhi…missing the little one though. Sukor scenes awaiting. I can’t believe he’s ready to kill her. ???

  6. Elizyeccentric minoz[minoz world works out]

    Good 2 Pakhi and Chakor cause they fighting against Imli and Ranvijay

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