Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update – Banasoor is defeated & releases Anirudh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 10th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with evil Banasoor feels some tricky weapon attacks are happening it seems towards each other which isn’t harming his enemy hence shouts loudly to Prabhu Mahadev to attack those weapons which will kill him while Shri Ganesh feels if both of them use such weapons then terror will be faced by this entire world.

They are again using their other powerful weapons but saves each other from harming hence Banasoor again shouts Prabhu Mahadev loudly saying he isn’t using the weapon which harms Shri Krishna hence he demands to call Pashu Pashastra weapon which will kill him instantly & Shri Ganesh hearing this says if Prabhu Mahadev uses it then Shri Krishna has only one option remaining while Shri Krishna says Brahmastra & Brahmadev smiles but Shri Ganesh thinks if this happens then the entire world will be devastated which he won’t allow so he goes to tell Prabhu Mahadev he can’t use this weapon towards Shri Krishna & simultaneously tells Shri Krishna too that he mustn’t use this weapon or the world will be devastated & Prabhu Mahadev says he has no other option but to stick to his boons respect which he can’t betray & lifts the weapon to shoot but again Shri Ganesh plans a trick & goes to Prabhu Mahadev saying if any of his devotee meditates for him asking a boon then will be able to boon him & he says yes hence goes to Shri Krishna for asking that if a devotee of Prabhu Mahadev asks a boon from him then it’s possible to stop this usage of weapons so Shri Krishna understands his trick & he prays Prabhu Mahadev.

Banasoor laughs saying Shri Ganesh also can’t do anything so now it’ll be enjoyable to watch how both Gods will attack each other but Prabhu Mahadev stops putting down his weapon & asking Shri Krishna to ask any boon & Shri Krishna says he won’t use any of his weapon towards him but will only stand quietly watching whatever happening in this battlefield while Banasoor watching this becomes wild shouting this is wrong & Prabhu Mahadev tells Banasoor he can’t use his weapon towards any of his devotee & he understands he too is a devotee so Prabhu Mahadev boons Shri Krishna his wish. Banasoor wildly jumps in the battlefield saying if Prabhu Mahadev can’t use then he’ll use his powers which he won’t be able to face & he brings calling his thousand hands.

Shri Krishna watches & comes forward showing his Sudarshan Chakra but Banasoor is still displaying his powers while Shri Krishna shoots his Chakra by which all his hands are cut off & he is left powerless so Shri Krishna again uses his Chakra to cut off both his hands but Prabhu Mahadev advises Shri Krishna to give Banasoor one chance due to his devotee to keep him alive with his hands & Shri Krishna stops the Chakra while Narkasoor’s senapati leaves from there watching Banasoor being defeated. Banasoor runs to plead Prabhu Mahadev who forgiven him inspite he behaved evil with him & he says he achieved due to his devotion towards him & Banasoor orders Anirudh’s release also while Shri Ganesh tells him now fulfil his promise given to Anirudh & he reminds about Usha’s marriage hence he agrees saying she is infact lucky to become daughter in law of Gods & performs both of their marriage too.

Shri Krishna says now Narkasoor’s death is ultimate due to his evil deeds of clutching all those women’s who are to be freed hence has to move towards him now but Banasoor says Narkasoor was instigated due to him so let him also come along with them & also give him one chance for improvement so that he’ll explain him & Shri Krishna agrees so all of them leave.

Narkasoor’s senapati informs Narkasoor Banasoor’s hands are cut off by Shri Krishna hence they all are coming to attack him with a huge army but Narkasoor says he isn’t scared & will also develop such a huge army by which they won’t be able to reach till him.

Banasoor asks permission from Shri Krishna to explain Naraksoor to stop all this & he allows him. Banasoor meets Narkasoor explaining him about all what he faced hence he too must stop & plead for forgiveness but Narkasoor insults him saying he isn’t coward like him who is defeated but will face this with all his powers & orders his senapati to throw Banasoor away from him.

Banasoor returns while Shri Krishna realizes Narkasoor hasn’t accepted so a quake is created which shakes Narkasoor & Shri Krishna warns him to accept his mistake which is his last chance or to face his death but he becomes wild bringing huge weapon in his hand while his mother Bhudevi tries to clam him reminding about Shri Krishna’s warning then too he is adamant & leaves pushing her which shakes Satyabhama. Shri Krishna tells her this is due to some mother being insulted.

Precap: Shri Krishna warns Narkasoor to rethink about his decision of this war or he’ll face his death but Narkasoor shouts saying he is not a coward but a warrior who will defeat or get defeated & shoots his weapon while Mata Kamyaksh is watching him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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