Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Shivi’s bidaai

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying I got my answer. He asks Shivi to come. Ram takes Shiva with him. Ram and family leave. Priya thinks I wish Ram told this to me before, I wish he trusted me. Priya and family come home. Sarika scolds Priya. Akki and Mama ji defend Priya. Mama ji says this is Meera and my house, you can’t talk to daughters like this. Priya says I couldn’t see Akki and Shivi’s sorrow. Meera says I should have got Raj punished, I had no proof against you to take action. Ram says its my mistake, Shivi is getting punished. Nandini says its my mistake to give birth to such a daughter, Shivi cheated me, she got married by going against the family. Shivi says this is not fair. Neetu says Shivi is brainwashed by Priya and her family. Shubham says Neetu is right, Priya cheated the entire family, you think I m stubborn, I admit I say a lot sometimes, this time I was silent, see what happened, its my mistake to stay silent. Ram asks what happened. Shubham asks Shivi to tell Ram, was the paneer allergy planned. Ram asks what. Shubham says Priya had the paneer, Akki stated his sister is ill and came here, Priya has crossed the limit till time. Priya says I think Ram is being stubborn, I didn’t know Raj did this, else I would have not got this marriage done, its Mahender’s mistake, Mahender and his son always ashame us, Ram’s respect for me would be ended now, what’s left in our marriage. Sara asks what’s our mistake in this. Priya says Raj tried to kill Ram, but Ram didn’t tell us anything, I have to go. Ram says you promised Priya and married her, I love Akki, why are you asking me to step back, you have caged me. Ram says no. Shivi says Priya did a duty towards me, you know the pain of a heartbreak, why did you do this, you snatched my wish. Nandini says stop it. Shivi says I will take my life’s decision, I m not a toy, Ram didn’t ask me and fixed my marriage with Sid. Ram says I had broken that alliance when you refused. Shivi asks what did you do now, my love has no value, Akki and my relation doesn’t value to you, you judged Akki, I m so sorry, I want to go to my home now, you see if you want to give me blessing or curse, dad is watching, remember this. Nandini slaps her. Ram hugs Shivi. Mama ji says Shivi told about her dad, Ram is gone now. Nandini shouts apologize. Shivi says no, he doesn’t care for my decisions. Ram says I love you. Shivi says then give a farewell to me happily. Nandini says this can’t happen. Ram says marriage has happened, we can just bless her now, its my mistake, we will do her bidaai happily, do you want Shivi to get upset with us and go, we will regret all our life. Nandini cries. Mama ji says Ram is saying right, agree to him. Ram says look at Shivi once. Nandini hugs Shivi and cries. Everyone hugs Shivi and asks her to stay happy. Priya is on the way. She thinks of Ram.

Servant says doctor asked Priya to have medicines on time. He throws the trust quote frame. He says she was lecturing me on trust, she did a drama to fall sick. He thinks its my duty to take care of her. Priya thinks I m not like Mahender. Neetu asks Shivi to call them from Sasural. Akki, Meera and family come. Nandini asks Meera to forget everything. She says I promised Ram, we will make a new start. Meera says we should be a part of the children’s happiness. Mama asks where is Priya, she planned this. Meera says Ram, Priya went somewhere, I called her to tell about bidaai. Ram says we will keep it. Nandini says fine, so much happened in our absence. Priya comes to Rakhi’s house. She scolds Rakhi and Raj. Rakhi says he is your brother. Priya asks did he protect hi sister, no, but he tries to kill my husband, is this his duty. Shivi says stay happy in my happiness. Ram says you are my everything, I m happy.

Akki says whatever happened, our intention was not to cheat you. Ram says its okay, keep her happy, take care of her. Akki says sure. Nandini blesses Akki. Sarika blesses Shivi and hugs. Meera also blesses them. She says Akki take care of Shivi, its Karwachauth tomorrow, take care, give her respect. Akki says sure, don’t worry, I will take care of her, and respect her. Shivi asks him to keep a fast for her. Nandini asks Shivi to come home and break the fast with them, its her first Karwachauth. She says I can do anything for my children’s happiness, this is common between us. Meera says thanks, we will come. Sarika says as you say. Neetu says Priya doesn’t care for Ram, she won’t keep a fast for him. Shivi’s bidaai happens. Nandini cries and hugs Shivi. Rakhi asks what are you saying. Priya shows the video.

Rakhi says Ram wasn’t your husband when this happened. Priya says but he is my husband now, whoever tries to harm him, I won’t leave him.

Priya gets Raj arrested. Mahender comes and takes the blame. Priya says I will go to my room. She asks Nandini to give the papers. She sees the annulment papers.

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