Vidya 22nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Vidya confesses love to Vivek

Vidya 22nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranjana coming to meet Nanku. Nanku scolds her and says I didn’t wish to meet you, just go from here. Lawyer comes and says you will be having a hearing in the high court soon. Nanku thinks. Vivek comes home to scold Vidya for skipping the classes. She tells him everything about Maa’s accident. He gets shocked. He asks her to go and teach the kids, he will stay with Maa. She asks are you not angry on me. He says whenever I think to prove you wrong, you shock me by proving me wrong. He asks how can you always listen to my anger, that’s because you are wrong to hear my scolding, why don’t you say anything. She says because I love you. He looks at her. He asks what did you say. She says you don’t worry, I know you are angry on me, the day you forgive me, I will ask you what’s the name of my relation. He asks her to go and teach the kids, he will take care of her Amma ji. She gives the medical prescription and goes smiling. She says I will come back in three hours, thank you. Dil lag jaye…plays… He gets glad. Vidya teaches the students.

Vidya sees a man studying from her class, by sitting far. She goes to Kaka and gives him a book. She asks him to learn, not be shy, he should always take knowledge, they can learn all life, there is no age for education. He thanks her. He works from Vidya’s home. Vidya teaches the kids.

Vidya continues to teach. She asks Kanni what happened. She goes to help. Vivek thinks of her words. Vivek’s mum comes there. She asks Vivek what are you doing here. Vivek says Parvati is not well, I have sent Vidya to teach kids, there is no one at home, so I m here, we can’t leave her alone. She says I will sit with her. Dharma and Bablu see Vivek’s car. They come home and see Vivek. Bablu says then Vidya would have gone to school. Dharma says Nanku will not spare us. They act like beggars. Nanku scolds Jagat. He asks Bablu what is happening, Vidya and Vivek are together again. Dharma says I didn’t know when they sorted the issues. Nanku says love these days is like electricity, like it comes and goes. He gets disturbed by Jagat and scolds him. Dharma smiles.

Nanku asks when are the exams, tell me. Vidya comes home and sees Vivek’s mum. She greets her. Vivek’s mum asks her not to worry for Parvati and teach kids well. Vivek says Vidya has come, we shall go now. Maa gets conscious. She says I slipped down the stairs. Vidya and Maa ask Vivek’s mum to have tea. Vivek’s mum agrees. Vivek says don’t know what happened to me, why can’t I tell Vidya’s truth to mum, what’s wrong with me. Vidya gets tea for him. He drops the tea. Her hand burns. He cares for her. She looks at him.

Vivek gets the education minister officer to the school. He says the results will come by evening. Vidya rushes to see the students.

Update Credit to: Amena

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