Vidya 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Vidya and Vivek have an argument

Vidya 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with some goons coming in a truck. Vivek asks Vidya to save him if he falls in trouble. She asks are you joking. He asks why this blind belief when you are educated. The truck enters Devgarh. She says I have seen a dangerous dream. He says we have no relation, you don’t need to worry for me, work comes first for me, I don’t care if I lose life for my duty, even you shouldn’t care. She says you are right, why would you care, those who lose their loves ones get affected, I was very happy the day I got married. She recalls her marriage with Ram. She says my husband had to leave me alone on the same day, he went for his duty, after three days, his dead body came. She cries. She says my life got ruined, I do care for my dear ones’ loss, I can say this for sure, lives get ruined, dreams break.

She asks him to take care. The police checks the vehicles. Truck driver worries. He tries to fool the constable. The goons inside worry. Inspector asks what’s happening. Constable says I m checking load. Inspector says I will check, you go. Constable says sorry and goes. Inspector smiles and asks driver to go. He calls Nanku and says your truck left from here. Nanku says you will get the sweets box. Vidya says even your mum will worry for you. He says you don’t need to worry for me, I don’t need you and your help. She says fine, you proved that we have no relation, I was emotional since you said we are friends. He looks at her. She goes. The truck driver doesn’t see her. He picks the phone.

He sees her and gets shocked. Vivek runs and pulls Vidya aside. She looks at him and gets away. He asks where is your focus. Everyone looks on. Vivek scolds the driver. She asks him not to vent anger on others. She says its better that we walk on different ways, its not my superstition but belief, I will reach school on time, you also come. Vidya comes home and tells Maa about Meher and Sarabjeet. She prays for them. Vidya comes to school and worries seeing the kids working. Nanku comes and stares at her. Avtaar comes home. He meets Vidya’s brother and asks what are you doing here. Bhabhi says we came to meet her. Maa complains. Avtaar says you said right, Nanku is celebrating Ranjana’s birthday at school, something is wrong. Dharma says he is gaining respect again.

Avtaar says no, Nanku doesn’t care for his respect, he already got his post, he cares for his ego. Nanku asks Vidya is she surprised seeing the decorations, forget that Vivek. Vidya says I have no interest in your grand life. He says you started talking like Vivek. He asks her not to worry, he wants to know what strength Vivek gives her. He says I m the King here. Vidya scolds him for making kids work. He asks are you venting out anger, after a fight on Vivek. He laughs and says I don’t understand good and bad, I just understand power, Vivek lost his post, its special day for me, when the guests come, welcome them in English, remember this, get to work. He smiles.

Nanku says come Vivek, I will welcome you. Vivek comes in disguise. Vidya says I don’t know him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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