Kundali Bhagya 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeta vows to move forward in her life

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Preeta is left stunned after seeing the news paper, Sarla seeing her face takes the newspaper from her, Bi jee asks her to read what is written Sarla reads that the loved star karan stars marriage has been arranged with Maira Khanna, Bi jee refuses saying that she will see the news, when they turn the television on, reporters are walking after karan asking if he will truly marry Maira, he also says that he will marry her and they are going to be engaged after two days. Preeta leaves making an excuse that she is getting late for her office.
She sits in the room, thinking that she never thought he would come to take her from her house as she was not interested in it but she never thought he would marry someone like this, she starts to cry, Shrishti comes asking how bad both Maria and Karan are looking, Preeta explains that she never wanted him to care for her but is rather happy as she will now move on in her life. Preeta gets up saying that she has to get ready, she also tries to get ready asking her to give advice on the clothes she should wear, Shrishti thinks that she has realized what Preeta is thinking.
Karan enters for the practice everyone including the captain, Preeta also arrives, Shiv ask her if she heard about the latest news regarding the it and ment of Karan, she also says that she saw about it and also that she wishes him greetings for his wedding, Karan responds that he cannot do the same for her as she was not able to marry the person she wished, there is an announcement explaining that they should avoid going to section c as there is some repair work going on, Preeta leaves, Shiv pleads with Karan to stay away from Preeta as he wants to befriend her, he also explains that if karan had not told that she does not wish to stay with her husband then he would have been forced to believe that karan was her husband because of how he talked with her and also looked at her.
Kartika comes down asking what has happened as Karina is working, she explains that she must know that her mother works when there is a special occasion, Kartika enquires the cause, she explains that karan’s engagement with Maira has been fixed after two days, so her mother and friend are coming which is why they are preparing for their arrival, they are still talking when Maira comes with her mother, they all greet her and she hugs Rakhi explaining that her name is really Ramona, but it was Rakhi who called her Bindia which is why everyone also called her Bindia, Sameer asks if the name changes but she refuses demanding that they all call her Ramona, karina and even Rakhi agree to call her by her real name.
Ramona explains that she is really happy as her daughter is going to get married to karan, so she can never ask for anything else, Rakhi explains that she has to talk with her regarding karan and that he has gotten married before but when she about to announce, Karina stops her explaining that Ramona has arri9ved and they should wait till she freshens up, Maira also introduces her friend to the family then asks the permission to talk with her in her room, they leave, Karina also asks Rakhi to take Ramona to show her room.
Maira lies laughingly in her room exclaiming that she has won, karan, her friend says that she has achieved what she desired since her childhood and that is to marry karan, she also presents Maira with a gift but Maira refuses to accept it saying that she would have accepted it but now she has to set her standards according to karan so cannot accept it, Her friend says that she has changed, Maira also says that she has not invited her other friends, Sonya feels worried seeing Maira’s attitude.
Karan says to Shiv to not think of Preeta, he explains that he feels there is an option for him as Preeta is facing troubles in her martial life so there is a chance for him, Karan says that he would not play the match if Shiv tries to take his chance with Preeta. Karan leaves for the room,
Karan enters the office, Preeta warns him to not enter without permission, she wishes him the best, he thinks that she has accepted the fact that she was the one who sent him the notice, Preeta agrees because she explains that he has decided she was the one who sent the notice without even asking her so she give the benefit of the doubt, she leaves the office and is followed by Karan.
Maira reaches the training institute of the cricket team, the watchman stops her asking if she works but when she denies any relation with the instate, he bars her from entering, she explains that she is getting engaged to Karan and has to show him the clothing samples, she walks in without listening to anything said by the watchman.
Preeta is walking in the hallway, She greets Shiv who is standing there, Karan comes shouting that he has to talk with her but she declines to hear anything from him, Shiv stops karan requesting him to not tease Preeta because of the issues she has with her husband, Preeta also bumps and drops a vase, she picks it up but Karan does not listen to anything that Shiv has to say, he takes Preeta by her hand saying that he will make her realize what he came to say, he holds her hand which Maira sees and gets angry, Shiv comes asking why he is doing this, Karan says that Shiv should stay out of the matter, Shiv explains that he feels that Karna has started to like Preeta which is why he is acting like this, Maira also gets shocked hearing these words.

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  1. Karan preeta preeta karan ????. Plz precap ??

  2. Preeta has a woman should stand up for herself and show Karan who obviously love her but too prideful to admit it so letting an aunt decide who they must marry while his mum Rakhi behaves as if adopted her sons and as such does not have say over them. Maira’s true character coming out and it’s sad though the truth that we women the cause of most problems in the world . It’s either an evil mother , mother in law , sister , aunt or the wife that causes the drama in homes . With woman writer , her imagination limited to her experience and sad to portray to all that evil will always prevail over good ???
    Such a loved series now turned to thrash

  3. dragging for long and annoying characters who don’t use there brain
    most of the characters are worst that the others the eldest and the youngest

    One of funny and foolish serial In gold star awards given best serial and t actor karan and pretta .Pretta is one dump character.

    Ekta kapoor now start doosara pidi .

    1. No precap for last few days. Please add.

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  5. The Concept of Hero And Heroine Being Separated Everytime- You can imagine meeting any two particular things, but the hero and heroine are never gonna meet. …
    There Has To Be One Present- Yes, the show is incomplete of the presence of Villian is not there. …

  6. Maira should ask for her original makeup artist. That makeup artist, hides her real face much better. And yes, she does a wonderful job behaving like an 11 year old with a big dreamy crush. Whenever I think of all the evil that lives in India the faces of Kareena, Aliyah, mini-aliyah, Priyanka, Meera, Sherlyn, tuna fish, Ekta Kapoor and Modi are imprinted deeply in my minds eye. Maira and mini-Aliyah are made for each other. Two pre-teen idiot nothings pretending to be women and not succeeding. Maira actress does a bit better acting than the hopeless reality star with the tacky tattoo. That one doesn’t actually act. She has only four expressions, two of them which involve grinning.

  7. This soapie is all about betrayal and it portrays that evil always wins over good. Thats why people’s lives are affected by these soapies. I’m so done watching this soapie as it teaches our children to lie and betray people.

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