Vidya 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Vidya finds a solution

Vidya 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidya asking for a chance. The people hit her with stones. She cries. Dharma smiles and runs to hide. Maa cries for Vidya. Inspector comes and shoots in the air. The people stop. Dharma asks Bablu how did the bullet get fired. Maa thanks Lord. Bablu says police has come. Inspector says if you all take the law in your hand, we have to be strict, the court has given her 24 hours bail, if she fails to prove her innocence, she will get punished by court, if anyone takes law in hands, then they will also get punished. Dharma says she got saved. Maa acts. Inspector gets Vivek’s call and says everything is under control, we did as you said. Vidya thinks I knew Vivek will help me. Inspector asks Vidya to go and stay inside the house. Anand says sorry, its my mistake. Vivek says this shouldn’t happen again, this is imp, I want to see what Vidya does in 24 hours, how she proves herself innocent. Vidya recalls everything. She thinks what to do, I have less time. She prays and sees Vivek coming.

Vivek says you just have 24 hours, did you think how to prove your innocence, I saved you this time, but next time… She says my mind isn’t working, I recall Chanda. He says you can study now, think if you lost that time, then would you be able to do this, would you have this confidence, you will surely win. She imagines him. She hides her face and goes to the village. The lady says my child’s life got saved, take prasad. Vidya thinks I will find some way. She goes to the school and opens the lock. She enters the school. She imagines the kids playing. She sees Chanda. The kids disappear. She cries and goes. She misses Chanda. She says I will make them believe in teachers again, I will get the lost respect again, I will win this fight. Nanku parties in the jail. He asks Jagat to prepare to welcome Vidya in the jail. He says Ranjana, I m very happy, ask me anything. Ranjana asks sure. He says yes. She says promise me.

He says I promise. She asks him to sign the case papers, she will apply in supreme court. Nanku says I love my life a lot, I won’t hang this down, the judge didn’t take money, so i have got him transferred, I will sign anywhere you say when new judge comes. Vidya reads the Gita. She reads she can rectify her mistakes by telling the truth. She smiles. Someone is there already. Avtaar comes there. The person hides. He runs away. Avtaar asks him to stop. He says don’t know who was he, why did he come here. He asks why did you come here alone, we already lost 6 hours, how will you get proved innocent. She shows the Gita. She says I found a solution. She tells her plan. He says you have got a right way, you have spent many months in the school and got knowledge. She says one believes in truth always wins, I won’t lose. She smiles.

Tripathi apologizes to Avtaar and says I will do what you say.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What do the writers want to portray.

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Renu isn’t it ridiculous? Which prison system does that? The writers are not doing a good job there. Nanku and his cronies are partying and having a good time while Vidya is being stoned for a crime that she did not commit…Unbelievable!!!

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