Vidrohi 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalindi learns the truth


Vidrohi 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalindi meeting Jagabandhu and Kalyani. She asks how is dad. He says he is fine, he has sent some gifts for you, which he couldn’t give you at that time. She says I want to tell you something. Everyone comes. Kalyani introduces Kalindi, Badamba’s Senapati. Kalindi says I m so pleased to meet Jamai ji’s family. They get puzzled. Radha says Maharaj regards me a daughter, so Baxi is his Jamai this way. Kalyani says dad didn’t get totally fine, right. The servants get the gifts and keep it there. Kalindi says Maharaj has sent these gifts for Kalyani, the situation was such at the time of bidaai that Maharaj couldn’t give any gifts. Maa says we are happy to get his love, we are taking care of Kalyani here as a family member.

Kalindi says you are still calling her Badamba Kumari. Maa says yes, she will always be the same for you. He says but she has now become of Rodang. Radha says he is right, one who comes here becomes of Rodang, I think she was of Rodang already. Maa asks but why so many gifts, any special reason. Kalindi says Maharaj has sent this letter for you, it has everything written. Kalyani takes the letter. She reads. Tilottama asks what’s written. Radha says its her dad’s letter, no need to read it in front of everyone. Kalyani reads Maharaj’s letter. Maharaj blesses her. She says all these gifts are for Radha, not me. Maa asks for Radha? Kalyani reads the letter by changing the words. Kalindi thinks. Kalyani says dad loves Radha a lot, I knew it, he will be happy knowing about the coming baby. Kalindi says but he doesn’t know… Kalyani says he wrote he will come here to meet you all when he gets fine. He thinks why is she reading wrong.

Maa asks how did he know that Radha is pregnant. Jagabandhu says I had sent a message from her, Kalyani wanted to inform this news to her dad. Kalindi thinks why are they lying. He says I have to talk to you. She says I also want to talk a lot, you should take rest first. She asks can Kalindi rest in the guest house. Jagabandhu says yes, why not. Radha’s mum says guest room is empty until you return there. Kalindi thinks what’s the matter. Jagabandhu says come with me. Kalindi worries.

Kalindi says Kalyani is staying in a guest room, why is she treated here like a guest, why did you hide about the marriage, she gave the gifts to Radha. Jagabandhu says we didn’t tell them about the marriage and our collaboration. Kalyani says I will just come. Maa says your dad has sent the gifts for Radha, you open all the gifts and give it to Radha. Gadadhar thinks why is Kalyani so worried. Kalyani sees the gifts. She looks at them. Radha’s mum says he has sent Suhaag gifts, its sent after marriage to a girl’s Sasural. Kalyani says I have to go and talk to Kalindi about dad, I will come. She goes.

Radha’s mum says the gifts are different, how. Maa says Kalyani’s mum isn’t alive, else she would have sent the right gifts, maybe Maharaj doesn’t know what to send, we should accept this. Radha’s mum says but anyone in his palace can know about it. Jagabandhu says we had kept this marriage a secret knowing about Radha’s life falling in danger, I hope you understood why we did this. Kalindi says Kalyani has a right to get a respect, she is staying here in this guest room, its a big injustice with her, you accepted her and made vows. Jagabandhu recalls the marriage. Kalindi asks what will I tell Maharaj when I go back, about this lie, what will happen when you tell this to everyone. Jagabandhu says Radhamani has a right to know the truth first. Kalindi asks why shall Kalyani pay a price for your emotions, I won’t let this injustice happen with her, at least I will tell this truth to your Maa.

Kalindi says Maharaj had sent one more letter for Radha, he wrote about your marriage also. Radha gets the letter and reads it. She faints down. Jagabandhu holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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