RadhaKrishn 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Shalv Captures Nishant


RadhaKrishn 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna target practices and hits bull’s eye. Radha praises his skills and asks why is his practicing when his Vidhurath is dead. Krishna says he needs to be alert of other enemies. Balram enters saying he need not worry about enemies as their next generation Pradyumna and Nishath have taken responsibility of Dwarka’s security. Krishna says they are inexperienced. Balram says he need not worry as they are competent. Krishna says as he wishes and leaves with Radha.

Shalv walks to Shukracharya and asks if his blood is not boiling seeing Krishna killing his asur student Vidhurath. Shukracharya accompanies him to his place and exposes Krishna’s spy. Shalv tries to behead spy. Shukracharya stops him and says he knew about spy from the beginning and orders him to obey them if he wants him and his children alive. He creates Balram’s lookalike plough and asks Spy to lie Pradyumna and Nishat that Shalv captured Balram. Spy informs same to Pradyumna and Nishat. They both get worried for Balram. Nishat says they should verify the news first. Spy says shows them Balram’s plough. Nishant leaves to free Balram. Spy takes him to Shalv’s flying city where he is captured. He says fearing his and his family’s lives, he had to betray Krishna. Shukracharya reveals that they didn’t capture Balram.

Pradyumna is shocked to see Balram and informs what just happened. Balram gets worried for Nishat and decides to fight with Shalv. Krishna assures him that nothing will happen to Shalv. Balram says he doesn’t want to waste time in planning and wants to kill Shalv. Krishna thinks Shukracharya Nishat laughs on Shalv and says when Krishna killed all his friends, he will not spare even him. Shalv angrily orders soldiers to kill him. Shukracharya stops him and says they treat captives as guests, nobody will be harmed as their fight is with Krishna. He orders guards to take Shalv to the best guest room and serve him. Shalv asks what is he up to. Shukracharya reveals his evil plan and laughs. On the other side, Krishna decides to go alone and bring back Shalv.

Precap: Shukracharya thinks he will make Krishna’s dear ones against him.

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