Vidrohi 19th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Kalyani pacifies Jagabandhu

Vidrohi 19th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalyani meeting Jagabandhu. He thinks how to tell her about Radha’s condition. She asks him to see the room, Tilotamma has decorated it for their first night. She laughs. He asks what happened. She jokes about the first night. She asks will you help me in removing my jewellery. She says its easy, I will teach you. She asks what happened, why do you look worried. He says Radha… She says you are worried for her, its right, I can understand, she has let us unite. She pacifies him. Radha recalls Jagabandhu’s words. She gets restless. She goes to Jagabandhu and Kalyani’s words. She says I m sure that he would have told Kalyani about it. Manthara comes. Radha argues with her. Kalyani gets Jagabandhu to the terrace. She says I thought to tell you something about me which you don’t know, you know I had always played with war weapons, I used to get sad when any weapon broke, dad used to bring me here and show the stars, he used to say that one should see the stars at night and know about the huge universe, person thinks of the big problem as a small one, then its easy to find the solution, right. He says amazing, I never saw the stars this way, its amazing perception. She shows him the Dhruv Tara. She says its said that it never changes its place.

Jagabandhu says you are my Dhruv Tara. She says I will always be with you, we will go and sleep now, I will sleep on the couch, you sleep on the bed, come. He stops her. He says you sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the couch, go now, I will come. She goes. He thinks I can’t break her heart.

Tilotamma comes to Gadadhar. She calms him down. She says even I don’t like this, Maa asked you to stay outside the house, she is angry, calm down, have this drink, don’t worry, everything will get fine. He says you are right. Amba looks on. He lies to sleep. She asks him to get up, something is wrong with him. He asks her to leave. She checks the drink. She says this has some drugs in it. She asks him is he fine. She says it means someone is intoxicating him to keep him calm. Its morning, Maa asks maid to see Kalyani woke up or not. Radha says I will go and see Kalyani. Amba thinks to find out who is giving the drugs to Gadadhar. She asks the maid about the drink for Gadadhar. Maid says Tilotamma made it, she takes care of his food, why are you asking, do you want to get him back. Amba asks her to go. She says Tilotamma is giving him drugs. Jagabandhu wakes up and sees Kalyani sleeping. He says I m surprised seeing her so innocent, when she is a sharp person skilled in war, who will not fall for you. Radha opens the door. She sees them. Kalyani wakes up and sees Radha.

Jagabandhu comes to Kalyani. She says I was getting halwa for you. He says I love you, but I can’t give you a child. She gets shocked. She asks are you saying this in someone’s pressure.

Update Credit to: Amena

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