Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 19th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Chiku gets misled by Mini

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 19th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mini getting worried. Chiku goes to some class. She sees Dimpy with Aarav. Dhanush asks Mini why do you look so weak. She says nothing, I want you to win. Dimpy asks how did you find us here. Chiku says yes, I was looking a loser in every video. Aarav asks her to try the walnut cake. Chiku says I m in a hurry. Aarav feeds the cake to Chiku. Chiku says its mindblowing. Aarav tells about the child prodigy, he is a genius, he has come in college at a young age. The boy Appar Shakti says we can help you in quiz. They praise Appar. Chiku says principal madam has given his quiz address envelope, I will open this tomorrow. Mini’s friend sees her and says one more loser in their losers gang. Chiku calls them a cool gang.

Dimpy jokes. She asks Chiku to take Aarav’s cake. Chiku says Aarav. Dhanush asks Mini to just chill. Nivaan says she always wants attention. The girl comes and says Chiku is superstitious, she was saying she will open the envelope given by principal tomorrow. Dhanush says it just has the quiz event venue. The guy says she was talking to Aarav and Dimple. Mini worries and goes. Chiku asks Aarav his full name. Aarav says Aarav Joshi, do you know any Aarav, I also knew a Chiku in childhood. She says I m Chiku. She gets Mini’s message. Chiku goes. She asks Mini why didn’t you let me talk to Aarav. Mini says they don’t regard you family. Chiku says I will tell Aarav about me. Mini says they won’t accept you. Chiku says you don’t want me to meet them. Mini starts lying to her and apologizes. She cries and says trust me, just I can understand your pain. Chiku hugs her. Mini smiles. She says if Aarav introduces you to Joshi family then they will never accept you, wait for the right time, focus on your scholarship, okay, sister promise. Chiku promises.

She says Dhanush will need you when he loses tomorrow. Mini says we shall go to canteen now. She says I wish good for you, have the cake. She drops the cake. Chiku goes to clean it. Her friends come and change the envelope. Chiku comes back. Chiku sits studying at night. She recalls Mini’s words. Sameer comes and encourages her. He says you will be the best. She asks are you praying that I lose. Dhanush’s mum takes him to his dad’s pic and makes him promise that he will win. She asks him to break the other person’s courage. Dhanush says I promise, I will do my best. She says promise your dad also. He promises his dad. Sameer asks how can you think so, I can’t even think so, if you win, then you will get a smile on your face, I want your smile, so you have to smile, believe in yourself. He goes.

The guy says Chiku isn’t here. Dhanush waits for her. Aarav asks Chiku why are you crying, why didn’t you come. She says I m scared, I don’t know where I m. Dhanush hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Esther Musimbe

    Rubbish after vthis chiku is very dumb why is she still trusting moni after all she did to her last time I wish this drama have to end because its Rubbish

  2. Chiku she’s really dumb how she can’t make her own division she knows min since childhood so it seems Josh they don’t know anything about chiku???? So they never look for her and why kamini accepted min and not chiku what’s the secret???? So it rather josh live with mini and not chiku??? Nonsese drama

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